Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today’s post is all about the pugs. Yes, we dressed up the pugs. Yes, apparently we’re those people. Don’t you judge me! I mean, honestly…could anyone resist dressing up these adorable poochies? Napoleon is a Pugkin (pumpkin costume) and Rukia is a Bumblepug (bumble bee costume). And they really don’t mind it at all. They like it.

Okay, Poley didn’t particularly like it.

But Rukia loved it. She preened like a little princess in her costume. She’s such a little ham!

Here’s a cute picture of Terry and Napoleon. See the grumpy face on Poley? Yeah, I don’t think he minded the pumpkin costume. But he really hated the hat.

And the final shot is what they looked like when I wasn’t making them sit still and pose nicely for the camera. In truth, most of the shots were variations of this. The key to photographing pets is to take LOTS of photos and hope that one of them turns out!

Happy Halloween from everyone at Manicdote!!!


~ by Nevis on October 31, 2008.

19 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Oh My Goodness they are as cute as I thought they would be. Hope they have fun on Halloween as I hope you do too.


  2. Oh how precious!!!! They are adorable. I love the last picture.

  3. It’s so true! Just snap snap snap pics and pray that there is a decent one in there! The puggies look ADORABLE! Winston has a pumpkin costume as well and HATES the hat, too. Actually, he hates all hats. Sela doesn’t mind as much either…must be a girl thing.

  4. Happy Halloween Allison Terry and puggies!Great costumes and photos!
    Have a wonderful, spooky day!
    m & e

  5. Winston was a “pugkin” for Halloween last year and I have many many similar photos of him making the same face that Napoleon is. I think you’re right – it was really the hat part that he hated, more so than the body suit part.
    This year I didn’t dress him up – I can’t handle that face and his “silent treatment” that he gives me for the rest of the day.

  6. Happy Halloween! The puglets look super cute!!

  7. hahaha in my house it is Gus ignoring me and preening and Indy hiding and ignoring me cause she hates dressing up!

    They are completely adorbable!!
    Happy Halloween!!

  8. Awesome costumes!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
    P.S. Happy Halloween!

  9. happy halloween!

  10. Cute! Eli has consented to wear a Halloween T-shirt. Bitsey loves to wear clothes, but I haven’t found a hat they will keep on long enough for a picture!

  11. happy Halloween. Great photos and costumes of the pugs.

    Roxy & Lucky

  12. they are so cute! i love those little puggy expressions. charlie loved her costume…ollie? not so much. Have fun!

  13. “Hold still while I’m pollinating you!!!”

  14. Those two make me smile!

  15. Go Girl, Rukia! You won the BEE contest!

  16. we understand…one of the funniest things about having a dog is getting to dress them up in silly outfits! and they look so cute…rukia really does look like she’s proud of herself and poley’s expression is too funny!

  17. I adore that you are “those” people! It means we are not alone in this world! The puggy wuggys look awesome:) Py agrees with Poley that costumes are blah but we make her wear it anyway!!

  18. So cute!

  19. NEVIS…you doggies are so darn cute!!! Especially in their costumes!!!

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