I would like to thank the Academy…

I’m so excited..! I won the December Guest Designer spot for the scrapbooking spot that I frequent, Paper Popsicles. I love their monthly kits, their prices, and the forum is a fabulous spot to chat with like-minded individuals, get inspiration, have crops and challenges, etc. Here are pictures of my winning submission…I had to create four christmas cards.

ALSO this weekend we went to a Weezer concert up in Atlanta. I love Weezer, I have ever since their first album…and technically Weezer was the very first concert I ever went to, way back when I was 17 years old in 1994. We drove up to Atlanta (a little over an hour away)…I took this picture of Terry singing along to the radio:

Once we got into Atlanta we had dinner at ‘On the Border’ which is a yummy Mexican food restaurant chain that we don’t have near we live. We took some pictures while we were eating, of course. Here I am!

And here is my food. YUM! Too much, though. I didn’t eat it all.

Here’s Terry eating his Fajitas and margarita!

Then we’re at the concert. Angels & Airwaves opened for Weezer. I’m not a huge fan of them, but they were really great live.

Then Weezer came on, opening with ‘My Name is Jonas’ which is probally my favorite song of theirs. It was a really great concert. Here’s a picture of Weezer’s stage show:

Here’s a picture of everyone doing the Weezer symbol in the crowd…

Here we are, enjoying the show. And of course, we are, having a great time. And yes, Terry is making a pirate face in the photo. In his defense, it was really late at night (concert was almost 5 hours long and totally awesome)…we sang along with every song (everyone was) and it was totally awesome.


~ by Nevis on October 27, 2008.

16 Responses to “I would like to thank the Academy…”

  1. Yay! I love concerts! I can’t remember my first, probably Peter Frampton…I’m old ;o) My favorites? Bruce Springsteen and the Who. Both are awesome live. Your cards are beautiful! I love them. Congrats on the honor!

  2. Allie

    Congratulations of the cards they are beautiful, you deserve it. Glad you both loved the Concert. And dinner too.

    My first concert concert was seeing Elvis Presley. Your Dad and I saw him at the Cow Palace in San Franciso. It was great. I think the years was 1971 maybe …


  3. The concert looked like total fun!! Yay! “Oooh eee ooo I look just like buddy holly” lol sorry..
    Your cards are amazing.. I need to start thinking about what I want to do for my christmas cards…

  4. Oh and Scream is my favorite scary movie… does that one qualify?? Although watching season 2 of supernaturals is scaring the bejesus out of me!

  5. Great pictures. Oh I love On the Border!!!

  6. It looks like you are on a roll – check out my latest blog for a big surprise (!!!)

  7. congratulations allison and i see your puggies are finalists in project dogway!
    you are on a winning streak!
    m & e

  8. Eeek! I hate scary movies!

    Which is how I voted. No thanks. What’s the fun of checking under your bed for the next 3 days, or being afraid to go in the shower, or jumping at every little sound? I’ll get my adrenaline from mountan biking, thank you very much.

  9. The cards are wonderful! We didn’t get to go to Howl-a-ween 😦 even after I got us ll matching T shirts to wear! Youngest son had a soccer game so we froze our a$$es off watching him! He was very impressed with your concert!

  10. So did you guys ‘Guitar Hero’ along with “My Name is Jonas’?

    We’re going to see Madonna on Thursday! I’m not a huge fan of her new stuff -I’m going in hopes of some 80s classics!! And c’mon, she doesn’t tour that often and she’s gettin’ up there. I’m tempted to dress all 80s style for the concert but I think Tony would disown me.

  11. Congratulations on your win, and — wow, a five-hour concert? You got your money’s worth!

  12. Congrats on the cards, they are great! Yum, I love On the Border; thankfully they are plentiful around here! Nice to meet you too!

  13. The concert looks awesome! I love “My Name is Jonas” too, you just made me bob my head while I thought about that song.

  14. Your cards are so very pretty!

  15. I love your cards! They came out so great!

    I didn’t know On the Border was a chain all over. You know there’s at least one here…and I’ve never been!

    Weezer looks so fun. I love that song too. I actually tried a few times to get Jon to consider the name Jonas, just because of that, but he won’t! Oh well…:)

  16. First of all….I have to say, “CONGRATS” on your win!!! I’m so excited for you!! You will LOVE that goodies you’ll be getting in the mail!! And girl, why don’t you do cards more often?? These are AMAZING!! Actually STUNNING is more like it!! CONGRATS, CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!!!

    I’m not sure who Weezer is (sorry), but it looks like you two had a total blast!!!!

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