Van Redd’s Holiday Ratings Guide

I blame my lack of posting on video games and the economy because you can blame anything on that and get away with it right now. I have had two video game obsessions going here lately and I would like to talk about them. As an added bonus to Nev’s blog followers who have kids I am going to be doing a holiday buyers guide today too so you will know just how right some of these games might be for your kids.

When it comes to game ratings on games you have the following:




eC: is for Early Childhood. Basically they are games for kindergartners and really young children with nothing that would be considered violent or disturbing.

E: This means for everyone. There is a lot of wiggle room in here but generally there will only be mild violence like in a G rated movie and it usually of a comic nature rather then realistic.

E10+: Think of this like a PG movie. There may be some violence and a few grown up themes but nothing that would offend anyone. It is perfect for people ten and up basically.

T: These are for people from their Teens and up. Think PG13. They can have some violence and some more grown up themes but there still won’t be anything you need to worry about usually. There also may be mild foul language in them.

M: This is bascially the R rating. When it comes to these games you really have to be careful. I have seen so many kids who are WAY too young playing M rated games because their parents still think all games are for kids. M rated games can be just like R movies in the sense that some are rated M for language, some are rated M for realistic violence, and some are rated M for VERY mature themes.

When it comes to M rated games SOME could be passed down to younger kids who can handle it while others should NEVER be played by kids who are too young. Halo for instance is rated M, but you spend all of Halo killing weird aliens and there is only a little bit of bad language, its basically a summer blockbuster movie. Compare this to Silent Hill: Homecoming which is basically a horror movie with very mature themes and realistic death in it.

In the end it depends on your kid and what you are comfortable letting them play. At any rate here are my recommendations:

 Awesome game! It is perfect for a family game. The only thing you would need to watch out for is that a few songs have mild lyrics in them but nothing you won’t hear on the radio. Don’t be fooled by imitators like Rock Revolution! You want the real thing.

Mercenaries 2 is a fun but short game which is great for anyone 13 or up. There is a little bad language and there is a lot of human on human violence but it is not very bloody. If I were to compare it to a movie I would compare it to a Bond movie in that while lots of people get shot you never really see much blood. I had a lot of fun with this game but it is by no means a classic. It will last most people a good month or so and then you will be done with it. 


Fable II Boxshot

Fable II is a great game for Xbox 360. It is a fun RPG with a lot of deep elements to it. You can play as a boy or girl and be a great hero or a terrible villain. However, this is not for kids. You can get married and have kids in this game and you can decide to have sex with pretty much anyone that likes you. That being said you NEVER SEE ANYTHING!!! It is all just impiled. That being said it is a fun action RPG with a lot of beutiful graphics and a pretty good story. It is really is for kids who are at least 16 in my opinion.


Lego Batman is a great game for people of all ages. Like Star Wars and Indiana Jones before it you play as Batman and Robin and all their crazy villains in a fun little adventure while you collect lego studs. Anyone can play it and all will love it. Though to be honest after playing a lot of these Lego games the formula is getting a little stale.



Dead Space Boxshot

This game was amazing and fun. It was very much like if you could play the movie Aliens as a video game. This game was really fun but it is rated M for a reason. There are some gruesome scenes of monsters that will scare little kids. There is not that much bad language and there is no nudity or anything like that. I would describe this game as Resident Evil 4 in space and that is a very high compliment.



These are just a few of the games I have been enjoying and that you might be considering for Christmas gifts. Hope you enjoyed it.


~ by vanredd on October 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Van Redd’s Holiday Ratings Guide”

  1. Rockband is the greatest game EVER!

  2. Hi Allie and Terry

    Glad you’re both home safe and sound and had a good time. This would be an interesting list if there was something I could even get you but since you get everything the moment it comes out it doesn’t help me at all.


  3. Hi Allie & Terry,
    Rating Guide was interesting & informational, in that, the last video game I remember playing was Space Invaders. . . . . . Glad to hear that Terry is feeling better, it sounded as though he was a pretty sick guy. You feed him very well, and all the meals you showed looked very tasty. Your drive home looks nice, the highlight of our trip up and down Hwy 15 is Lake Hodges (I will not show a picture). . . lol
    Take Care & I Wish You Both The Best!!

  4. Hello! This is Puddy’s dad. Man, I’ve wanted to do a Thoughtful Thursday for a while now on video games and kids and whatnot. My wife teaches 5th/6th grade, and some kids there talk about how they play GTA4 and the like. NOT appropriate. Maybe I will around Xmas time just as a heads-up for those with ankle-biters. But thanks for yours now!

    As an avid Halo gamer, I agree that it falls into a grey area. At least, the offline play does. That’s another thing to consider for parents in addition to the ratings. Some of the online smack-talk? Yikes.

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