Calendar Pugs!

I love the website, Owned by Pugs, and they produce a calender every year. Well, this year when they asked for people to send in the photos of their pugs for the calender, I submitted a few of the puggies. And one of them made it in! One of my favorites of Napoleon wearing a smart green sweater made the cut. He’s september if you want to take a look! And if you want to buy, the calender is only $19.99! A whole year full of adorable pugs. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from each calendar sale benefit Central Florida Pug Rescue.

Rukia’s photo didn’t make the cut, but that’s okay, I still love her. Aparently she has a face only a Mother could love.

Update: Corrine advised me that Rukia is actually on the January page and I just missed her. And she’s totally right! Hooray! Both Pooh Bear and my piglet are in the calender. I’m so happy!


~ by Nevis on October 18, 2008.

21 Responses to “Calendar Pugs!”

  1. Love it! Yay Poley!

  2. That is so cool! How exciting! We will check it out.

  3. Pawesome!!! Congrats on your calendar photo! Mom says we’s gonna have calendars in every room since I made it into the SEPRA calendar and now you’re a star too!

  4. hello napoleon its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow yoo luk dynamite in that swetter and dont wurry rukia im shoor yoo wil git in the calender nekst yeer ok bye

  5. Ahh I love Rukia’s face! She is so sweet and smirky! lol
    Yay Napolean!! Yay for Mr September

  6. Congrats Napoleon! I had 3 pics in the calendar last year, but I totally forgot to submit them this year. Oops!!
    Love Clover xo

  7. YES you won a rak! send me your addy!

  8. That is so cool. That is such a nice photo. Too bad about Rukia, but maybe they didn’t want to give two spaces to one family.


  9. Congrats to Poley and Allison! I wish I could get his pawtograph on the calendar. I hope Rukia reminds you to concentrate on extra-cute pics of her during the coming year so she gets in for 2010! (Gotta have goals, Rukia.)

  10. That’s so cool! My Mommy wishes she could find a website like that, that does the same thing with puggles, do you know any? Maybe Rukia could get in on another calender!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  11. Have a look at January. Cute little Rukia in a bowl is in Jan.


  12. Corrine – you’re totally right. How did I miss that? Hooray!

  13. And now a big congrats to pretty little Rukia! Whew! Now she doesn’t have to contend with Poley lording it over her. Wish I could get her pawtograph too!

  14. ahh she is so cute in the bowl!! 🙂
    and yes it does smell.. its not really gross.. but she goes apeshit for it.. i will have to get a recording of her whining for her soft food!

  15. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations. That’s wonderful. I’m going to buy at least one calendar!

  16. of course they are both in there…they are too cute not to be! i love that picture of napoleon so much! that green is really his color!

  17. Congrats!! I love that picture of Poley…he is so adorable. Going to visit the calendar now!

  18. Hi! Selling the truck on Craig’s List worked out very well. If you leave your cell phone number, make sure your last name is spoken. The second guy googled mom’s name to get the home phone number to call because he was all hot to trot then he insulted mom with the offer. Mom sold it a week and a half later for what she wanted to a very nice young man whose car had been stolen out of his driveway. It was running, warming up.


  19. Congrats to both pugs! I am suscribed to Owned by Pugs and receive daily pug pics on my work e-mail. I start my day happy! (except if I come too early…)

  20. Congratulations! I love that picture of Poley and I know that picture of Rukia is just as sweet! Is it from the Pug Bowl?


  21. I love this photo! I have five pugs myself. Congratulations on making the calendar. I am actually trying to make my own calendar for Holiday Gifts.

    Congrats again…
    Rob Cluxton

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