Alien-Free Post

According to the “Galactic Federation of Light” a giant Alien spaceship is supposed decloak over Alabama for three days, starting today. And, reporting to you as someone with a brain and eyes, I can tell you…NO, there is no spaceship hovering over Alabama. Sorry to dissapoint you, Galactic Federation of Light wackos. Yes, insert me rolling my eyes sarcastically here.

Let’s see, what else is going on around here…well, last night we watched “Baby Mama” with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. We lounged on couch with the puggies and had a movie night. That was a fun movie! I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s worth watching on cable.

Oh, I just remembered, in 11 days, we’re going to see Weezer in concert up in Atlanta. I’m totally excited about this, as Weezer is one of my favorite bands. Hooray!

Update on Terry’s illness! Well, he went to Urgent Care and they believe he does in fact have bronchitis; he’s now on antibiotics. He felt better this morning than he has in a few days and he went back to work…hopefully he continues to feel better each day.

In closing, here are a few more cool photos I’ve taken recently. The first is of a historic building near where I work in Columbus, Georgia. The last two photos are ofLake Harding; they were taken (from inside my car) as I drove over a bridge on my commute home. I pass that gorgeous view twice a day. It is the highlight of the commute.


~ by Nevis on October 14, 2008.

17 Responses to “Alien-Free Post”

  1. Yay no aliens!!
    I haven’t really had an urge to see that movie..although loved Tina Fey as Palin. Very funny. Have you seen forgetting sarah marshell? I thought it was super funny, the hubby didn’t enjoy it that much.
    Love the pictures, especially the one with the road in the middle. It looks so cool!

  2. No aliens? and what is that small round thing in the sky in your third picture?

  3. hi allison!
    i am so glad terry is feeling better!
    great photos!
    🙂 melissa

  4. Hi, We watched Baby Mama over the weekend too. I liked it, hubby, meh. Thanks for visiting the blog…I grew up in Redwood City and lived in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara before moving up north to WA. I play WoW but have been bored lately.

  5. Hey! Your babies are on Pug a Day!! Totally cute photo too.

  6. Interesting, Dad has Bronchitis as well so it must be a thing that pug daddies are catching from each other! Thats bad.
    No aliens huh? Well….I guess I had better go tell Mom to put the tin foil hats and the super big antenna away…its just embarrasing to have those about if there arent any aliens!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  7. Aw, too bad about the spaceship. hee

    Great photos!

  8. Good to hear Terry is getting better.

    So you mean the “X-Files” season was just a dream sequence?

  9. Sadness! It’s great that you get to go see Weezer but we’re sad that you won’t be at PugFest. There are some pug friendly hotels in the area… hint hint 😉

    We understand and hope we can meet some other time.

    This weekend is Pugs ‘n Pumkins for Alabama Pug Rescue, it’s fun but not quite the extravganza that PugFest is.

  10. The Pugfest page of SEPRA’s site ( has a list of hotels. I would imagine most of them have locations closer to the concert with the same policies.

    Pugs ‘n Pumkins is a festival for Alabama Pug Rescue that’s held at Oak Mountain Park. Their website is

    Harry and I went last year – it was a nice little outing.

  11. Maybe the aliens are just using their advanced technology to make you think you don’t see them, and meanwhile they’re loading up on Alabama Sunshine hot sauce …

  12. well, thank goodness for that! don’t want you guys getting kidnapped by aliens anytime soon.

    have fun at weezer–that will be a great show–and hope terry feels better soon!

    your photos turned out so well! what camera are you using and did you alter them a little?

  13. I saw Baby Mama with some friends and we were laughing so hard. I love the scene where she was tryingto give her the prenatal vitamin.

  14. Next year you need to come to Bloggy Meetup 2009- what a great bunch of girls and pug lovers! There were cat people, too! I think you read most of the same blogs, but it was advertised on AM’s and Girlville’s. Do you read them?

  15. The Galactic Federation of Light LOVES your blog! Sorry that we missed on scheduled visit on the 14th, but we promise to re-schedule after football season.

  16. What a gorgeous view. Glad Terry feels some better.

  17. Aliens??? Are they on something? It’s good for a laugh anyway. I’m glad Terry found out what is wrong and got treated for it.

    I like those pictures, esp. the first one. It looks like an old fashioned postcard.


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