Comfort Food

Well, we had a good weekend, relaxing and such. Watched a lot of TV, mostly. For the past week or so Terry has been fighting a cold or something and it really came on full-force on Friday. He felt terrible, coughing, sore throat, weak & tired, congested, etc. We stocked up on meds and he pretty much spent Friday & Saturday proped up in bed resting. Yesterday he actually felt worse. Everything just seems to be getting worse. To me it almost sounds like he has Bronchitis or something. When he gets back from Urgent Care later in the day, I’ll know for sure what’s the matter. I feel terrible for him, as he feels just miserable. Poor guy!

One thing that fun that we did was watch tons of TV while he was laid up. We watched an entire marathon of “I love the 70’s” on VH1, we watched Aladdin on Disney and finally found time to watch Iron Man on Blu-Ray. Wow, that was a great movie! Probally the best comics adaptation Sin City, although Sin City might still be my favorite. Robert Downey, Jr. was really great in it…and of course…The Dude, Jeff Bridges, was awesome in it. Great movie! Highly recommend it to everyone!

I did cook a little to cheer him up. Here’s a picture of some homemade potato hash, bacon & eggs that I made him for dinner. Don’t you just love breakfast for dinner? It feels comforting for some reason. To me, breakfast…specifically eggs. My favorite way is when they’re scrambled up with linguica (a spicy portuguese sausage) if possible, but I’ll take regular sausage or bacon. Any kind of pork fat is good, right?

And this makes me curious…what do YOU think of as comfort food?


~ by Nevis on October 13, 2008.

18 Responses to “Comfort Food”

  1. Iron Man was a great movie, and I know that Mom thinks that Robert Downey Jr. is really HOT!!! What do you think?
    Jemima Jones Beck

  2. hi allsion!
    i hope terry is feeling better!
    he is so lucky to have you. 🙂
    m & e

  3. I like beef stew or a nice pot roast…mmmm
    So which one do you like better, WoW or Warhammer?

  4. Cat poop! Oh.. I bet you wanted my mom to answer this question.

    Mom says “chicken & dumplins, jalapeno cornbread, chili and anything with pasta”

  5. Must… have… bacon… now…

    That’s good comfort food, that is. Dad loves his own special lemon chicken recipie (it’s really bad for you), and I like any food in a can. Yum!

    BTW, yes I am an apricot pug. Technically, I am an apricot-fawn pug (apricot is considered a sub-set of fawn by AKC). Even more technically, I am considered a deep apricot-fawn pug (apricot-fawn runs the gamut from my end [pretty much as red as a pure pug gets] to only the slightest hint of orange [actually, my Mom’s color]). TMI, huh?

  6. I liked Iron Man a lot (including RD Jr, he is soooo handsome!).
    When I eat fast food I like to order breatfast for lunch or dinner. I also order breakfast everytime I go to Crackel Barrel.
    Comfort food for me would be white rice with sunny side up eggs… mmm the best dinner ever!
    PS Terry: get well soon, and don’t pass the flu to Allison!

  7. I too had a lot of love for Ironman. Downey Jr is on perfect wise cracking form. I didn’t recognise the dude for about half an hour. Watch the new Hulk movie and look out for a bit of crossover action after the credits…

  8. I made some comfort food tonight, actually – well, Outer Banks, North Carolina comfort food – blue crabs from the bay in front of my parent’s house (my dad actually caught them in his crab pots), friend green tomatoes, steamed shrimp, and sweet potato chips.
    That is NC dining at it’s best.

  9. HEY WOMAN! Thanks for commenting – please pm me your addy on Sistv for a gifty from moi! HUGS!

    PS love the bacon and bangers and mash! YEA!

  10. Comfort food? Pizza! We loved “Iron Man” but thought “Dark Knight” was even better.

  11. Herbert is an awesome name!
    Iron Man was awesome! I haven’t watched it on blu-ray yet though. I was surprised to realize it was Jeff Bridges! I didn’t recognize him!
    I cannot wait to see the Watchmen or Max Payne. 🙂

  12. How is Terry doing now? I hope it isn’t too serious!

  13. Hope Terry feels better fast! I’m sure urgent care will hook him up.

    My comfort food of choice is definitely mac and cheese!! though chicken soup comes a close 2nd.

  14. The only good thing about being sick is that you can get pampered and do nothing but watch TV.

    Mommy thought that “Iron Man” was ok, but Daddy loved, loved it! I think Mommy liked the “X-Men” movies better (she likes strong female characters).

  15. Comfort food… my mom says home macaroni and cheese (NO kraft dinner), and pot roast. She shouldn’t have read this post while hungry!!
    Hope Terry is feeling better soon – my dad just got over bronchitis… it was not pretty!
    Love Clover xo

  16. i think of macaroni and cheese (the homemade kind), stew, mashed potatoes…anything like that. and i LOVE breakfast for dinner. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and i could eat it anytime!

  17. Iron Man really was a great movie. I was so against seeing it originally though because I thought it was going to be really bad. I gave in and went to see it and well, I had to eat my words.

  18. Oh YUM!!!! Feel better Terry.

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