Bangers and Mash

In response to my current poll, apparently people want to see more recipes and food stuff. So, yesterday I posted about the chili I made Monday night. And today I’m posting about what I made for dinner on last night.

I made Bangers and Mash, which is a staple of British pub grub. And…contrary to popular belief, all English food isn’t terrible. And, of course, I did Allison-ize it a little bit.

The ‘bangers’ (sausage), I grilled bias-cut kielbasa slices in some rendered bacon fat. Yum.

And for the ‘mash’ portion, it’s my loaded smashed potato recipe. Those are a really loose mashed potato with tons of flavor. I roughly peeled some yukon gold potatoes, not bothering too much if I got all the peel off. Cubed it, boiled it until done, then mashed slightly with a masher. Added in some salt, pepper, butter, milk, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and cumbled bacon. Totally yum.

It was very good. I highly recommend it. Terry highly recommends it. The pugs recommend it, too.


~ by Nevis on October 8, 2008.

23 Responses to “Bangers and Mash”

  1. Looks delicious!

  2. Hmmm mashed potatoes.. I usually add in some sourcream, cream cheese, garlic (finely chopped garlic put in a bowl with butter then microwaved so its cooked) and the other night I grated some cheese in too.. .. oohh so hungry now!

    You know what the best thing to do with leftover mashed potatoes?? Add some pepper and flour until its like dough, roll out thin-ish and then cut into squares and place them dry in a hot pan. When they are golded brown on each side, take them out and cover them with butter. Yay! 🙂 Its artery hardening goodness..

    Yea I am so used to it with Gus by now. the worst part is we ran him hard when we got home, knowing full well he was going to puke, but he wouldn’t. So we finally came in, sat down and hey he puked! lol It happens every other week (the table eating, not the puking!) we forget something on the table. Sigh…

  3. Oh. My. Dog.

    In my belly. Now.

  4. Yummy!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  5. Don’t do this to me!!! I am STARVING!!!

  6. That looks totally delish! Mommy loves sausage and potatoes of any sort (except for tater tots — odd, huh?). Daddy is a vegetarian so we have had some compromising in our household.

    Mommy says you totally need to go to Bora Bora at some point in your life (the other islands are also pretty, but not like Bora Bora). It is somewhat pricey, especially with the current exchange rate. Hamburgers on the resort were costing like $30 (meal plan is key). The main language spoken there is French, although almost everyone speaks passable English.

    If you go to Bora Bora, you MUST stay in an overwater bungalow — only way to go! You can literally jump in the water at any time and go swimming/snorkeling. Depending on where the bungalow is located, the water depth will be between 1 foot and 16 feet, and it is crystal clear, with very tiny waves and no current. There are sharks there, but they are usually just reef sharks and they are small and leave humans alone. My parents and uncles were able to see sting rays, tropical fishes, Moray eels, and octopi while snorkeling.

    Unfortunately, it is kind of expensive (especially when compared to the Caribbean). My uncles took a direct flight from NYC for about $1500 per person; my parents paid about $1000 from LAX. The resorts are expensive; the total package (including bungalow, airfare, transporation in Tahiti) was about $5000/person. But so totally worth it!

  7. Dinner looks soooooooooooooo good!

  8. hi allison!
    your recipes are wonderful! I bet your house smells yummy!
    m & e

  9. those mashed potatoes sound divine… although I would subsitute something like fake bacon for the bacon, since my boy and I don’t eat meat. Fake bacon is a poor substitute for real bacon though. Eating it just makes me want the real thing. Lol…

  10. That looks pretty good. :o) I never peel my potatoes anymore. I just use the thin skinned kind like you did…just smash ’em up! Lots of good nutrition in the skins. Yummy!!

  11. How about Inka Trail for your honey moon? hehehe 😛

  12. mmm – looks good! Jeremy is Polish so kielbasa is a staple in our house – this looks like a good new way for me to cook it. Thanks!

  13. Wow, I think P would love this too. I’ll have to try it!

  14. Yum! Your recipes look delicious. It’s cooling off here and this is the perfect time for chili, which is one of our favorites.

  15. Mom loves Bangers and Mash it is one of her favorites!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  16. Scrummy! Want some!

  17. That sounds great!! I’m coming over to your house for dinner beacuse I know mom won’t let me have any when she makes it!


  18. mmm looks yummy! bangers & mash is my favorite thing to eat when we go back to england. i crave it–that and a big fry up breakfast and maybe a chicken and mushroom pie. delish!

  19. Looks delicious!

  20. Oh dear, your mom took the picture like a pro!
    My mouth is drooling, I wish I was there.
    Please come to my blog to pick up your award, choose your favorite one, it’s my pleasure to pass it onto you.

  21. Oh YUM!!!! That looks so delicious!

  22. Hi! Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes!
    I am making chili today so I will post it up on the blog tomorrow.

  23. Hi! Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes!
    I am making chili today so I will post it up on the blog tomorrow.

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