Homemade Chili

Well, I’ve been craving chili a lot lately. This is mostly due in part to the fact that I cannot get any good mexican food here in the South, and they do not sell my favorite canned braned (Dennison’s) at the supermarket. So I’ve been experimenting making my own. I did find this pre-made sack of chili spices and I use it as a springboard. It also cuts down on the cooking time. I guess you could call it “semi-homemade” but that makes me think of Sandra Lee and I hate her.

I’m pretty sure this stuff is available accross the United States since I used to buy it in Los Angeles and you can also get it here in Alabama and Georgia. I would highly recommend it. Good flavors!

I pretty much make it as it states on the back, and doctor it up. For one batch, instead of 2 pounds of ground beef, I use one pound of ground beef and 1 pound of sweet Italian sausage (casings removed). Yes, you read that right. Italian sausage. Trust me, once it’s simmered in the chilli – you cannot taste the Italian edge…it just tastes good. But you could also use any kind of other sausage that you like. I’ve also used bulk breakfast sausage and it tastes great. But my favorite is Sweet Italian sausage. That’s my secret ingredient. When I add in the liquid, I usually also add in some hominy.

I cook it per the package and it comes out great. If I’ve got the time, I top it with crumbled bacon or sliced sauted hot dogs. And definatly cheese and sour cream. In a little over 30 minutes, you’ve got a delicious bowl of chili.

Do you make your own chili? Mix up a batch and post it up! I’m hosting the great Chili-cookoff!


~ by Nevis on October 7, 2008.

9 Responses to “Homemade Chili”

  1. That looks damn good.. mmmmmmmmm chili.. 🙂
    But I am a wuss, a picky wuss. Can’t do spicy.. not at all and it cause my husband great agony. Oh well. I also pick my beans out! It’s sad really.
    Sour cream on chili? That sounds good! Mmm cheese and sour cream!

  2. Mmm I have to try that! my husband likes chili and we both love spicy but sincerely, chili from fast food restaurant is not appealing to me.
    I will prepare this one and let you know!

  3. mwahaha – it is on!! The chili is in the crock pot and I’m takin’ pictures as soon as I get home. I will make sure to post my recipe also. Yay!!

  4. mmmm. chili! I actually posted about mine about a year ago. Here’s the link to the post, with photos. I make mine in the crockpot.


  5. ohh, that looks SO good! i love hot, spicy food 😀 i doubt that i’d be able to buy that brand in Australia though 😦

  6. Mmmm, it is starting to get toward chili season isn’t it?

  7. That looks awesome! I am going to make chili this weekend and I will post about it!
    Thanks so much for your advice on yesterday’s post. 🙂
    Jess & Clover

  8. Thanks for the tips. That sounds great, I’ve never tried making it with Italian sausage but now…….

    Sharon (Rusty’s mom)

  9. Oh that looks good. I LOVE chili and Cliff makes some pretty good chili so I’ll have to post it later on.

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