The Two Faces of Thursday

The veiw as I walked outside door this morning.

The view as I walked outside the door this morning.

It’s a Twofer Thursday!

First of all, it’s “Literary Thursday” and that’s a meme that I created where you talk about what you are currently reading, with the lofty goal of promoting literacy out there! I know you know how to read, because honestly, how many illiterate people would be reading a blog? Although I guess they could be here…drawn by the cute pug pictures? Do illiterate people get on the internet at all? I have no idea, actually. I should google that. Hmm…Sorry, tangent over. Wait. What was I talking about?

Ah yes. Currently I’m reading “A Fistful of Charms” by Kim Harrison. This book has been recommended to me numerous times and I’m about 160 pages into it. I’m still not sold on it, but let me finish it before I give it my verdict. Heck, I had to finish “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer to even like it. What can I say? I’m a hard sell. I think it’s because I’ve read so many books…makes me jaded and a touch overcritical.

Train that I saw during morning commute to work.

Train that I saw during morning commute to work.

I’d also like to do this really cool meme called that I saw on Purs n’ Snorts, “Thursday Thirteen: Things My Pugs do that make us go hmmm…” 

  1. Snore louder than most humans.
  2. Lick each others faces clean after eating.
  3. Bark when someone knocks on the front door (Rukia).
  4. Bark when someone knocks on TV (Rukia).
  5. Whine insesently until I pick him up, then squirm until I put him down (Napoleon).
  6. Fart some of the foulest odors I’ve ever smelled (Rukia).
  7. Eschew most treats for a small peice of cheese.
  8. When you’re sitting in the kitchen (the Pugs domain) on the computer, Napoleon will sit right next to you. But Rukia will sit accross the room, pouting. Unless you pick her up and hold her in your arms.
  9. How on earth does Napoleon have THAT much hair to shed? Why isn’t he bald by now?
  10. Plain, simple, brutish stubborness. Why?
  11. They are terrified of beach balls.
  12. The insist on being really good about potty training. And then occasionally forgetting, just to mess with my head.
  13. They love to lick and/or attack my bare toes with the ferociousness of a thousand wombats.

~ by Nevis on October 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Two Faces of Thursday”

  1. Oh the styubbornness kills me. I think in the last 2 weeks (in order to curb gus’s pooping on my floor) I have stood outside in the backyard chanting ‘go poop gus, go poo’ atleast a million times. the sentence doesn’t sound right anymore.
    Indy was a BAD toe biter, I couldn’t leave my feet on the floor when i sat down at all.
    I love the colors in that picture!
    I am readnig some of Charlaine Harris’s other stuff (not sookie stackhouse stuff) and they are horrible horrible books.
    Yea I wasn’t sold on twilight either but as a whole, the series was quite good.

  2. I loved the picture that Napoleon posed on the duvet posted in ” While the cat’s away”.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, yep, love is in the air, life is so beautiful!

  3. hi allison!
    i am half way through the last harry potter and really need to sit down and read. i think it has been 6 months since i have done that.
    what a great post!

  4. I’ve read all the books in that series and liked them. They were different for me. Now I see a lot more like them out.

    The puggies do those thirteen things and then you say, “Aren’t they cute!” And they are.


  5. I’m just finishing up “Watchmen” … I’ve been meaning to read it for like 20 years and finally got around to picking it up!

  6. They sound so adorable and definitely have their own personalities.

  7. Hi! I am currently reading “A dog about town” that Amanda sent me a while ago. I have to do a book review when I finish.
    I laughed at Lex’s commentary because I have to walk Coco outside of the apartment premises for him to do his “business” and he takes sooooo long to poop, I end up cheering him up (go poop, poop poop /pee pee – but in spanish) every day. People must think I am crazy. I don’t care!

  8. Silly pugs! Sounds like they have a few things in common with a certain french bulldog…

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