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Had a great time over weekend. Played a lot of this new game that Terry and I are addicted to, Warhammer Online. We also watched Entourage, Dexter and True Blood on TV. All-in-all it was a very calm, relaxing, do-nothing, lazy weekend. Just the kind of weekend I love! I was so lazy, in fact, I don’t even have any new pictures. Camera didn’t even come out once!

Here’s a silly little meme for this Monday. It’s about the magazine subscriptions we have! Please be honest! What magazines do you get every month? (List & short explaination): I’m going to list all of both Terry and myself’s magazines.

1. Lucky: I go through phases in life where I’m more INTO shopping…but I always love this magazine because it always inspires me to dress better; to put together the clothing that I already own in creative ways.

2. Scrapbooks, Etc: My favorite scrapbooking magazine. Love all the articles and layouts (i.e. Can you say scraplift?!)

I can no has Halo 4?

I can no has Halo 4?

3. Everyday with Rachel Ray: I have an on-again, off-again subscription with this magazine. I love it but sometimes it annoys me that there aren’t more recipes and less silly shopping or travel articles.

4. EGM: I think that stands for Electronic Gaming Monthly. This is Terry’s magazine although I read it. It’s about video games. 🙂

5. Knights of the Dinner Table: Another one of Terry’s magazines. It’s about D&D and comics or something. I’ve never really read this magazine at all. Sorry!

6. Official Xbox Magazine: I don’t actually subscribe to this anymore (subscription ran out a few months back) but they keep sending it to me. And I’m all for free magazines!

What do our magazines say about us? I’m not sure. I suppose that we like video games, and that a guy and a girl with some disposable/discretionary income live there? *laugh* I’m not sure. What sort of magazines do you get?


~ by Nevis on September 29, 2008.

11 Responses to “Everyday with Manicdote!”

  1. I’m jealous you are getting to see Dexter right now. I have to wait until DVD. =(

    right now I’m only getting Real Simple and Martha Stewart. I’m going to drop Martha though. I use to get RR’s mag and a couple fitness ones but I didn’t renew because I never got around to reading them. Real Simple is the only one I care about any way.

  2. I had Martha Stewarts mini one called Everyday Foods. I am surprised that I actually used al ot of recipes or ideas from it. The 4 year subscription I had ran out and the hubby suggested I not continue it as a I have most of a single shelf cupboard filled with the magazines. I may buy it again cause I miss it!! lol
    I love Dooce, she is who I want to be with my writing and my blog and after reading a bit of her stuff I started mine.. but mine is heavy on the pugs! lol. I am currently reading her archives so when I finish I will continue on with the Pioneer woman (i have read some of her stuff before and I love her!)

    Isn’t True blood awesome!! I started watching Greys half way through season 2 when christina ricci guest starred and there was a bomb. I got hooked. I may go back watch season 1 but you don’t really need to, to know what is going on. 🙂

  3. Mom has a subscription to Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting and that’s it, no others. She used to get People and US and In Touch and Entertainment Weekly and I think that you are getting the picture here – Mom likes trashy star news – but she gave them all up about a year ago.
    Dad doesn’t believe in magazine subscriptions.
    Jemima Jones Beck
    PS: Mom says thanks for the scrapbooking websites, she ordered some stuff from each one, I think!

  4. HALO! Dad spends WAY too much time playing that and not playing with me.

    He doesn’t do magazines, really. Not sure why, just doesn’t.

  5. Automobile, Car & Driver, Motor Trend. Mom used to read Vanity Fair, but she was having trouble reading the whole thing before the next one came in. She loves Dominic Dunne.


  6. Wow! That’s a lot! I get Real Simple. That’s it.
    I tried to get into Dexter but couldn’t. His lips creep me out. They don’t have enough color or something. It’s like his whole face is just one color. I’m sure it’s a makeup issue, but it annoys me.

  7. Since moving stateside I have gone nuts with mags! They are much cheaper here so I get:
    People, Star, Runner’s World, Parents, McLeans, Good Housekeeping, Lucky, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Consumer’s Report, Self, and oh my gosh—- I am an out of control magazine addict. It started with a few but then they send me a chance to get a year of something else for 8 or 10 dollars and I say well sure why not and now it appears I have a problem— hee hee

  8. Mom gets Rachael Ray too! She always shows me the doggie recipe page in the back of the magazine!

    Daddy gets “Time” (but never reads it…they just pile up)

    Holden gets “National Geographic” and the Lego Magazine.

    Thanks SO much for our award! We posted it and thanked you on our blog!

    Love and kisses,

    S-Dog and Laura

  9. Hmm, let’s see … we get The New Yorker, Newsweek, Smithsonian, Locus (“the magazine of the science fiction and fantasy field”), Entertainment Weekly, Tastes of Italia (recipes), Zoonooz (the San Diego Zoo magazine), Backyard Living (was a gift), Home Handyman (also a gift) … I think that’s it.

    If I could only get one magazine, it would of course be The New Yorker.

  10. Hi! I get:
    Everyday With Rachel Ray cause I like her shows

    Cooking with Paula Deen cause I love that kind of cooking even though I try to avoid it,

    Guideposts as a gift every year from my best friend

    Time, just cause

    Budget Travel because I want to travel but live on a budget

    Readers Digest again just because

    Mailbox (for grades 2-3)
    Teachers Helper (grades 2-3) I like these two magazines a lot, they have lots of very usable stuff for school.

    Texas Monthly

    Ok, I can see from writing this out that I get way too many magazines!


  11. JUST GOT BACK FROM MIAMI… WATCHED DEXTER ON DVR… OMGGGGG!!!!!! Thank God he found the tooth. But this whole thing is like, SUSPENSE!! And… baby? OMG. I bet this will break them up, I think Rita is destined to be cut out of the show.

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