Dexter Season 3

This weekend, I’m (SO) happy to finally sit down and watch Season Three of Dexter on Showtime. I’ve loved the show since it premiered in October of 2006. It’s truly fantastic. Gruesome, introspective, quirky, funny and so well-acted. I also love the twists and turns of the plot. The first season was perfect. The second was slightly flawed but still so much better than almost all of network television.

If you haven’t seen the show – you can rent it, catch it On Demand, possibly Showtime will do a marathon? But it’s really a great show. Here’s a fabulous review of the first season if you’re still on the fence.

Season Three airs on Sunday, September 28th at 9:00pm on Showtime.


~ by Nevis on September 26, 2008.

15 Responses to “Dexter Season 3”

  1. OH MY GOD WE LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE SHOWTIME JUST FOR THAT REASON!!!!! How crazy was Lila in the 2nd season… so glad that’s over. No idea what Season 3 will bring. Can’t wait- I’m glad we can chat about it!

  2. I got half way through season 1 and I missed a few episodes so I stopped watching. It was good, interesting but I am not sure. I read the books and the show is WAY better.

    But I ordered HBO just for True Blood.. have you seen that yet??? WOW
    Oh and I am stealing your meme…lol

  3. I am soooo lost with TV shows. Can you believe that I BARELY watch TV? The last time I watched TV was about 2 weeks ago, H&GTV (which I love – but still never watch) I do watch movies sometimes, though.

  4. I never got into that show, but I loved that guy in “Six Feet Under!”

  5. Haha yeah I didn’t get into that show until the last season had already aired. My ex-boyfriend and I rented all the seasons and watched them over a few months. The only reason I didn’ like the last episode was because I knew there’d be no more! 😦 I thought it was great though!

  6. Hey there, I just remembered that you do a lot of scrapbooking. I am having trouble finding ANYTHING for my Alaska scrapbook (paper, stickers, etc).
    What online retailers do you use to find your themed stuff?
    Rachele Beck (Jemima Jones Beck’s Mom)

  7. “Dexter” sounds like exactly the sort of show that I would enjoy writing for, which of course means I’m too embittered to watch it …

  8. I saw the first season of Dexter and was hooked. We don’t have Showtime so I didn’t get to watch the second season, but intend to rent the DVDS. I did read the books after seeing the first shows and really liked those.

  9. I love that show! I just watched season 2 on DVD.

  10. love this show!
    check out this spoof of the intro -

    jewish version, since Season 3 coincides with the Jewish New Year (rosh hashana)

  11. We did go to Howlaween last year and dressed up- we were all law officers! We got a lot of cheers but did not win. I think it was rigged by skunks! Seriously- Eli and Bitsey were very well behaved and only barked once -at the group dressed as skunks that beat us! Jill, the owner of Canine America, is a friend. See ya there! I left you another award on my blog!

  12. Rukia is a lil devil! 🙂 She is so cute though. No Indy was sleeping and she peed in her sleep. She’s down it twice now. And then the sample I took this am, was pretty reddish.. my poor little baby.

    No you have no idea how bad these were, these are like 10 times worse then normal and they weren’t silent. So he was walking around farting complete with sound effects!!! It was so nasty and so very funny all at the same time. I have been banned from giving him any more peanut butter kong! lol

  13. Hahaha I aim to please 🙂

    It was the kong toy, I bought them both one yesterday and put some of the kong peanut butter spray in it. They loved it!

  14. I have to watch this show still….

  15. Dexter is an awesome show i liked season 3 a lot I liked all the seasons really.

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