While the Cat’s Away…

Well, it was finally that time. I dropped Rukia off at Vet on Friday Morning so that she could have her spaying surgery. We got a call that evening that everything went well and we picked up baby girl Saturday morning, around 11am. She was tired but mostly the same. Well, and a row of stitches on her belly between her little girl-puppy teets.  Is that how you spell it? Teet? It’s kind of a funny word.

As of this morning she seems perfectly fine. There isn’t really any swelling but there is a little redness. The vet staff had explained that there might be some redness but I’m slightly worried…I’m keeping my eye on it. If it’s not better later today I will definatly call the vet. I’ve heard some horror stories about spaying.

As the title of today’s post suggests, we had some fun with Poley while we had just him. We thought he might be feeling especially lonely without his partner in crime, the Robin to his Batman, the Turk to his J.D., the Chewie to his Han Solo…..so of course this meant we had to have a photo shoot.

First Terry had to show off his Boba Fett helment. Why do men like Boba Fett so much? I don’t get it.

Van Doom and his Awesome Pug!

Van Doom and his Awesome Pug!

Yes, he owns two pairs of the exact same sunglasses. Yet, surprisingly, he can never find them.

Too Cool 4 School

Twins 2: Too Cool 4 School

A close up shot. OMG, how cute are they?


We had to get into the photo action, too.  I smirked…because I’m not that great a photo subject. It makes me laugh. I’m a much better photographer than subject.

Right Said Manicdote

Look at him posed on the duvet? With that rich broacde pattern he looks so royal, as befitting his name and title.

Napoleon! Super King of the Pugs!

Napoleon! Super King of the Pugs!

Then, as a special treat for you…we took a video!


~ by Nevis on September 22, 2008.

17 Responses to “While the Cat’s Away…”

  1. hi allison!
    oh those pictures and video of poley are too cute!
    i know rukia will be back to her usual self today and her stitches will heal quick.

    happy first day fall!

    m & e

  2. I’m so glad all went well for Rukie, and the video of Poley was adorable.

    I love seeing all that goes on with you guys.


  3. Great. Now you’ve got Dad wanting to put sunglasses on me. Thanks a lot.

    But it’s all cute!

  4. awww…. glad to hear Rukia is doing well. Poley, hope you enjoyed being the only pug for a day. I’m always the only pug but never an only child, that cat’s always around.

  5. What a treat for Poley to be all alone on center stage with Mom and Dad. And he has learned his basic commands EXACTLY the same as Bennie! I loved the video of him on what is obviously his new bed! So thoughtful of you to buy him such a comfy, large bed!!!

  6. Oh was he ever enjoying all that attention! Cute video.

  7. Good to hear the operation went well…I think this past weekend must have been international spaying weekend. One of my friends had her puppy spayed and the other had both of her kittens spayed! LOL

    Love the photos! The one with Poley on the bed looks like a calendar shot!

  8. Glad Rukia is ok! I hope she heals up well.

    It looks like you guys did a good job of keeping Poley from being lonely.

    Mea goes in for her spay surgery tomorrow. I’m so nervous!

  9. How can he not want to walk around in that helmet!

    Glad the operation went well!

  10. I’m not such the big Boba Fett fan. As far as minor characters go, I always liked Wedge. Cool helmet though!

  11. Glad to hear the surgery went well! As for a kitty on leash… I’m not sure how common it is anywhere (We’ve seen blogging Devon Rex Daisy in her harness and leash and she lives in Florida, so at least it happens on both sides of the Atlantic), but if you want to take an indoor cat outside it’s the best (safest) way to do it according to Mom. I don’t go running off with or without my leash!


  12. Napolean is so cute! I hope Rukia is doing well with her recovery, Indy was mopey and what not the first night/day and then she bounced right back. She had to where her collar to keep her from leaping on and off the furniture!

  13. We are glad everything went well for Rukia. Your dad does look pretty cool in those sunglasses. Your smirk is pretty funny. Mom feels the same was as you about being a subject.
    As for cats and their leashes, there are a lot of cats blogging that have leashes or strollers. It is pretty funny to see more than one cat in a stroller, if I a may say so myself.


  14. Loved the pictures and the video. Poley sure anticipated your wants where his tricks went! Smart boy! I’m glad Ruike did fine.


  15. Aw man, no video showing up for me. But LOVE the double sunglasses pic of Poley & Terry!

  16. Men love Boba Fett so much because he looks so cool. And he is a bounty hunter. Bounty hunting is also cool

  17. I was hoping the dog was going to take a dump on the bed. How disappointing………

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