All Hands on the Poop deck!

Today is National Talk like a Pirate Day!  Hooray!  I’ve known about this holiday for the past three years and I always celebrate it. So in light of the holiday, here are some fun, cool little pirate things you can do to pass the time and amuse yourself.

First of all, you can read about Piracy on Wikipedia and learn something. Did you know that a Privateer was basically authorized by their country’s government (by letters of marque) to attack foreign shipping. Cool, huh? Legal pirates! And a Buccaneer is specific type of pirate who attacked Dutch, Spanish and the French while in Caribbean Islands during the late 17th century. See, history is cool stuff, huh?

Now that we’ve learned some stuff, here’s some pointless fun.

Find out your Pirate name (click here): I’m “Pirate Aurora the Black”. Hotness.

You can even get a randomly generated Pirate Ship Name (click here): I’m captain of “The Screaming Executioner”. Neato.

Pirate-speak translator (click here): This is the coolest link, because not only can you translate English into Pirate-speak, but you can type in the link to your own blog and it completely translates the ENTIRE thing into piratey goodness. Ha!  My favorite part that it translated was a caption on a recent photo of the pugs (Sept 17, 2008 post). It said, “Nay only does Rukia keel haul all o’er Poley…She sits on th’ lad.” Ha ha ha ha!

Have fun today and may the Arrrrrg! be with you.


~ by Nevis on September 19, 2008.

8 Responses to “All Hands on the Poop deck!”

  1. hi allison!
    oh my! what a a fun post!
    my pirate name is…
    Melancholy Audra Bellamy

    and Emmitt’s is…
    Cap’n Conroy Knifenose

    no kidding! i did not even tell them he is a pug!
    still laughing over here!

  2. “^Above post by Napoleon… ” ???

    Oh Really!? I dunno about that, something about all the comments you leave about Dixie makes me think that it was ALLISON not POLEY that left that comment… LOLz!!!!!!!

  3. Ahoy Matey!

  4. Ahoy!

    Where do pirates like to eat?


  5. Your pirate poster reminds me of Giovanni Ribisi. Arrrrrrrr!

  6. Hi! We found our pirate names also.
    Mine is Blind Joan Drake and Coco’s name is Dancin’ Rupert Smythe.
    I finished Coco’s story already. I realize that it is kind of sad (those were hard times) but at the end, Coco is fine and very happy, and has been so for the last 2 years. I will post our latest adventures next, so stay tuned!
    Sandra & Coco

  7. AHOY!

    I am Smilin’ Rachel Hornigold of The Sad Whore of the Sargasso Sea!

  8. Ahoy matey!
    I am celebrating with you!

    from Jessie the Engorged aboard the Howl of Hades


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