Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Manicdote turns one. I'm optimistic about potty training.

What does manicdote mean to me?

Well, I like to think of it as many things, actually. It’s a form of diary where I can reflect upon thoughts. But it’s also interactive because I have friends and family all over the country who can view my thoughts and make comments.

Don’t you love comments..? I love comments! I’m totally a comment whore. I love making comments on other peoples blogs and I love reading comments on my own blog. (hint, hint. nudge, nudge)

Mostly, manicdote is a way to keep in touch with family/friends. I know, I know, emails are easy – right? Just jot off a quick note to people. But when you’ve got a bunch of different people to remember…sometimes it’s actually easier to make one post here and then whenever they’ve got time they can keep up with what I’ve been doing.

Also the blog allows me the ability to post pictures (or even the occasional video) of what’s going on in my life. How cool is that? I can even blog directly from my cell phone, and have it update here. Very 21st century. No, Terry, we can’t upgrade to iPhones. They’re so overpriced!

A lot of people give away things or have contests for their Blogiversary. But I’m not going to because I don’t want to cheapen this special occasion with the materialisitic trappings of society. And I’m cheap. But thank-you to everyone who reads me, puts up with all the many pictures of the puggadoos, and who listens to me complain about the lack of any edible mexican food in Alabama.

In closing, here’s a list of our most popular posts; call it the “Greatest Hits” at manicdote.

  1. Richards vs. Doom: The Interview (2,503 hits!)
  2. Mission Kick Ass (818 hits)
  3. Michael Phelps Pants (795 hits)
  4. Biography (437 hits)
  5. Forrest Hump (406 hits)

What does this data tell me? Well, obviously I need to talk more about comic books, kicking ass, Michael Phelps pants, humping and myself. 

And I say…Bring it on!

You’re in for another fun year, guys.


~ by Nevis on September 13, 2008.

16 Responses to “Happy Blogiversary to Me!”

  1. hi allison!
    i love your blog! i love checking in with you everyday to see what you, terry and the pugadoos are doing. you always make my day!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Yea, one whole year! I have enjoyed reading your posts this year and viewing any pictures you fave of the puggies! They are so cute! Looking forward to more Manicdote.

    Sharon (Rusty’s mom)

  3. Happy Blogiversary!

  4. hello nevis its dennis the vizsla dog hay congratulations on yore OOOOHHHHH a cupcake!!!!! can i hav it can i can i can i??? wot wer we tawking abowt agin? wuz it food? i cant remember oh well ok bye

  5. Happy blogiversary.. I think you should make cupcakes and mail them out to us.. yep sounds like a good idea!! lol
    And yes we need more posts about humping Micheal Phelp’s pants! lol

  6. I’ve left an award for the puggies.

  7. Congratulations for your anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Mine has been up for 3 days only… thank you for your kind comment!
    Sandra & Coco

  8. Happy Blogoversary!

    Roxy & Lucky

  9. Happy Blogiversary! Here’s to many more!
    Shanny, the girl who cheapened my recent special occasion with the materialistic trappings of society. 😉

  10. Well happy blogiversary!

  11. Happy Blogiversary!! I am looking forward to another year and really enjoy reading your blog. Your blog cracks me up and I love seeing pics of the puggies!

  12. Hi! Their bones are busy bones/begging strips. they look like giant strips of bacon and are wavy, they come in a yellow package. 🙂

  13. Happy Blogithingy to you! George Bofur wanted to thank you for the birthday greetings as well but when it comes to typing, he is all paws….

  14. Happy Blogiversary!

  15. And I’ve enjoyed every minute of this year with you! Looking forward to the next.

  16. Also, thanks for grabbing Tuffy’s presidential button!

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