What your Music says about you!

I can hear the ocean!

I can hear the ocean!

Today I’m doing a “music meme” that I recently saw on That’s What She Blogged, and I thought it was very interesting. I’ve modified it because I thought the original was a little too long, and slightly confusing.  The meme is done while looking over your iTunes music library, or by going through your iPod.

What song are you obsessed with right now?

“Frontier Psychiarist” by The Avalanches.

Is there a song on your player that is only there for someone else’s benefit?

“Elvira” by The Oak Ridge Boys.

My mom and I were driving cross-country from San Diego to Alabama last October and I made a playlist for our road trip. She loved this song when I was a kid (I have vivid memories of her singing along to this song, while we drove around the town in her old crappy Ford Granada) so I put it on the playlist as a surprise.

What are the names of your playlists and what are they playlists of?

80’s Music (Title states the obvious), Festerville (A few friends and I were exchanging mixtapes last year and this is the mix that I sent my good friend Paul “Fester” LaFleche), Peartini (Fun, pop high-energy music), Road Tripper (music created for my road trip with my Mom last year), Rum Jungle (rock music) and Terrill (a mix of Terry’s favorite crazy Japanese music that he likes).

What is your favorite song on your player that is from a Movie?

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell (Casion Royale). This isn’t my favorite movie song, but it’s actually the only one I’ve got in my iPod. Weird!

What did you most recently add to your player?

“The Black and White Album” by The Hives. I love them and I love this album.

What is the silliest song on your player?

“Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me)” the Pirates of the Caribbean song (from the ride, not the movie)

What is the longest song on your player?

I don’t have my iTunes to look at, so I can’t say for sure. But I’ve got a lot of long instumental things…mostly stuff from Final Fantasy video games and from my favorite composition/opera, Carmina Burana by Orff.

What is the sexiest song on your player?

“I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by The Beatles. 

What are the most “atypical” songs on  your player?

Probally all the crazy Japanese music that I have. When I was dating Terry, he introduced me to a lot of really cool music that he discovered that were soundtracks to various anime liked, such as Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop.

What song would you be the most embarassed to have other people find out is on your player?

None of them, not really. I am not embarrased by music because it’s all so subjective. I really have quite a varied taste and I pretty much like every genre, except really hardcore gangsta rap or something.

I suppose the closest song I have to embarassing is “Crank That” by Soulja Boy. And it’s only really embarassing because it’s such a bad song. I don’t even remember downloading it?

Without cheating, start your player and list the first 10 songs that come into random play:

  1. “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd
  2. “Squealer” by AC/DC
  3. “Parallel Universe” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head
  5. “Foolin'” by Def Leppard
  6. “Bendable Poseable” by Hot Chip
  7. “Crawl Away” by Tool
  8. “Start the Fire” by No Doubt
  9. “Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots
  10. “And Your Bird Can Sing” by The Beatles

Now, after all of that…I’m not sure what my music says about me. That I’m eclectic? A latent hippie? What do you think it says?


~ by Nevis on August 28, 2008.

16 Responses to “What your Music says about you!”

  1. Hippie!! ) No, it sounds like you like a large range of music.
    I hate to say this but Soulja boy is my ring tone on my phone! I need to change is badly but I keep forgetting! 🙂

  2. I know, isn’t that sad? lol I am lazy… and it’s so catchy!
    I am so sick of stronger right now.. I like the song that Kanye did with Chris Martin. Homecoming.
    Have a Chris Cornell/Audioslave question for you… I heard him or the band on the radio the other night and it’s a song that has been out for awhile, a bit mellower, with the lyrics ‘lay your/my head down now’.. and I can’t find it anywhere! Help! lol

  3. Very eclectic. I haven’t even heard of some of it.

    I don’t have a food touching phobia..promise. 😀

  4. Eclectic is my vote! I also think there’s a strain in there of “counter-culture”, both from what you put in and what you leave out.

    And trust me, that can be a good thing!

  5. Cool! I’m counterculture. I looked that up on Wiki and I like it. Maybe next month’s header will involved tie-dye.

    Actually, this reminds me that we call Poley the “Hippie Pug” because his coloring looks like he was tie-dyed with coffee. 🙂

  6. Awesome, thanks I will check them out tonight! 🙂

  7. That is very interesting. Neither mom nor dad have an ipod. But they do have over 650 cd’s.


  8. Anybody who has “One Night In Bangkok” come up in their first 10 random songs is okay in my book.

  9. Uh, Mommy doesn’t have an iPod. Daddy has two iPods. We have tried to bring Mommy into the 21st Century, but she is resisting . . .

  10. “Elvira” by The Oak Ridge Boys.

    Okay, can I just tell you how many times I had to watch this song sung by the Statler Brothers on their show when I was at my grandma’s? Priceless.

  11. First song that comes up is “I Will Dare” by The Replacements. LOVE them!

    Most embarrassing? Has to be “Alfie” by Lilly Allen. Cute song, but makes me think I’ve lost my edge in my old age! (hahahaha)

    Since you asked about Salinger’s doggie door…we installed it last summer when he was about 5 months old and had already mastered house/crate training. We left him alone a few times and when he didn’t make a mess or tear anything up, we decided to give it a try. It was VERY easy to teach him to use….I sat on one side of the flap and my son was on the other and we kept enticing him through with tiny pieces of hot dog until he figured it out (maybe 20 minutes tops). We got ours at Petco, but you can get them at PetSmart or online too (all different styles that work with almost any door). Good luck!

  12. What a fun blog entry! You’ve given me a scrappy idea…

  13. Isnt’ it amazing that we put music on our playlists for others to benefit…not us!! I guess that’s why I don’t have one!!

    Hey girl, I just wanted to let you know that’s I’ve nominated you for an award…go check out my blog for details!!!

  14. I found your blog on Gina’s and thought I’d drop by and say hi! Also, I too have Crank That on my IPod too.

  15. Have you checked out my blog? There is a new contest that you might want to check out. :o)


  16. Nevis! You won the books! Please send your address so I can mail them to you:)

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