Wordless Wedensday

Ruki enjoying our Brand New Couch!

Ruki enjoying our Brand New Couch!

Allie hoping Ruki doesn't pee on new couch...

Allie hoping Ruki does not pee on new couch...


~ by Nevis on August 27, 2008.

12 Responses to “Wordless Wedensday”

  1. Hi there Kiddo

    I sure hope she doesn’t pee on it either, bet you guys love the new couch…


  2. hi allison!

    thank you so much for the restaurant suggestions . you are the best!
    i love your new couch!
    🙂 melissa

  3. Oooh, the couch looks very soft. Don’t pee, Rukia!

    BTW, Dad says he sent you a friend message or something on the Xbox stuff.

  4. Ooh new couch! It looks awesome.
    Does she still do that? Random furniture pees?

  5. Mommy has discovered that I don’t pee on leather couches . . . I’m not sure why I don’t pee on leather because I will pee on just about everything else!

  6. It looks like Napoleon’s hair will blend nicely. Eli’s hair is all over the house so now we think of that when we pick out rugs and furniture. Bitsey’s hair does not stand out as much or maybe she just does not shed as much!

  7. Nice couch, I bet they are itching to get their scent all over it! Good luck and here’s hoping to no messes.

  8. Ha Ha! Mom knows just how you feel.


  9. he he….I just tagged on you on my blog.

  10. Funny!
    I LOVE your new couch.

  11. Nevis, I’m actually responding to your question you posed today at OBP. My Bennie is almost four, and last week at my son’s house he peed and pooped. *sigh* But that is atypical. Usually he’s dependable, but it was slow going. And what he did last week was not an accident–it was a deliberate choice. He was trying to send a message to my son’s cats. I can’t decide if that makes me more upset or less upset that he did it on purpose. Hang in there with your two babies, but be careful of your pretty new couch!

  12. I remember when Pooh Bear decided our leather couch was a big green litter pan … oh, sorry, I’m not helping, am I?

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