Fairing Well after Fay

Rare double rainbow spotted Friday night!

Rare double rainbow spotted Friday night!

Well, we weathered (ha) the storm. It was my first brush with a “hurricane” and we did good. According to Wiki, the Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1st through November 30, so we’ve still got a ways to go. I hope this was it for this year! By the time Faye reached us it had been downgraded to Tropical Depression Fay but it was still the biggest storm I think I’ve ever been in (having grown up in California). I swear, no kidding, it rained for over 24 hours straight between late Friday night through all of Saturday. According to the news reports, we got four inches!

On Sunday, it was dry but overcast and super cloudy, but it has already started raining again this Monday. We’re supposed to have thunderstorms almost entirely between now and Wedensday, receiving another 3-4 inches of rain. Right now it’s thundering outside. I have to tell you, this weather is so different from what I’m used to in Los Angeles/San Diego. I’m just not used to all this rain. I do like it, though. You really get a sense of the different seasons.

Oh, hey, not sure if you’ve noticed but over there on the right is a new feature of manicdote. It’s a poll! Last week’s question was which of my pugs was cuter. Surprisingly, Napoleon won! I thought for sure my little baby girl Rukia was going to steal the show with her little pouty face. But she didn’t! Poley snarfed away the competition with 67% of the votes! Go Poley bear! In honor of that, here’s a cute picture from the archives of him. Enjoy!

Poley resting after his victory lap.

Poley resting after his victory lap.

And don’t forget to vote in this week’s new poll.

UPDATE: Right now we’re under tornado watch until 4pm tonight. Crazy. I was actually just told to avoid windows. And they weren’t being sarcastic or over-exaggerating. Terry’s school is all in lockdown preperation like they practice during their Tornado Preparedness Drill. I can hear the wind outside howling and the rain pounding. Wow. Very surreal.


~ by Nevis on August 25, 2008.

16 Responses to “Fairing Well after Fay”

  1. Oh jeez!! That is kind of scary! I hope you stay safe!

    Apparrently there was some storm that came up the west coast, Oregon got hit really badly and further north we have been pelted with heavy heavy rains. Today we finally see some blue sky! yay!

    Poley is so cute! And of course Rukia is with her attitude! 🙂

  2. Oh, yes, having grown up on the coast, I’m so used to hurricanes….I actually look forward to them! ha! Anything to get me out of work! In school, we used to pray for a tropical storm or hurricane to hit so we’d a day off! Although I LOVE California and San Diego in particular, whenever I visited I missed not having any weather….so, I agree with you, that this weather makes in feel more seasonable.
    Oh, and I’m coming up to steal your pugs ’cause their so darn cute. Just so you know…

  3. Hi Allie

    As your Momma I will be worried till I hear about the all clear, in Alabama. And in in San Diego it is sunny and going to get hot and hotter throughout the week, and I don’t envy you having to think about tornados and all that rain. I will be giving you all my good thoughts to have them just passs you by.

    Luv Mum

  4. Don’t get too comfortable. As a gulf coast native I can tell you that most of the big storms come in August and September.

    Harry and I are still laughing from the mouse ear pics, by the way!

  5. hi allison
    i am so glad you are doing ok after fay hit you. i wish we could have some of that rain here in Boulder. 🙂
    i love that picture of poley! so cute!
    🙂 melissa

  6. Stay safe there!
    I use to live in SE GA near the coast and I hated dealing with hurricane season.

  7. I’m back!

    SO GLAD to hear that you’re doing fine with the rainstuff. My NOMS friends Sam and Mr. Tigger got caught in that nastiness as well. Dry off soon!

    Also, Dad tells me that being from IL, he is used to the loverly sounds of tornados on the rise and he actually kind of misses it. He’s wierd– he LOVES storms. I say we plop him in the middle of FL and see how he likes ’em then, eh?

  8. Wow, that double rainbow was pretty.
    I bet you guys are sick and tired of rain over there. Hope the weather gets better your way.

  9. Scary!! Stay safe.

  10. Wow! I think mom is glad we are up here in New Hampster. I know I am.


    Keep safe

  11. Mommy grew up in NY, so she knows about hurricanes. Tornados are another thing entirely . . . that and earthquakes sound scary!

    Go Poley!

  12. Hope the tornado warnings pass quickly. Glad to hear that all is going well so far. Stay dry and safe!

  13. “Avoid Windows”? So they want you to get a Mac?

    Hope things have settled down by now!

  14. I live in KY and have been through a tornedo before, very scary. Hope you’re all safe.

  15. “Tropical Depression”? Sooo… that’s what? A condition in which grass skirts, piña coladas and girls in bikinis make you sad? That’s horrible!

    Yeah, tell people it was a hurricane. Sounds more dramatic.

    Seriously, though… glad to here it wasn’t too serious for you guys.

  16. After seeing Napoleon’s winning picture, I can see why he won!

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