Brace yourself, Dear Readers

Today your head might explode from the cuteness. Seriously

As you can see we bought these mouse ears at Disneyworld. Finally got around to taking pictures with the puggadoos and them. Little Ruki is our princess and Poley has his cute little matching mouse-ears.

This first picture makes me laugh for so many reasons. Firstly, the dogs were squirming and refusing to look at the camera, so I did this high-pitched scream kind of noise to get their attention and it worked. Look at Napoleon! Ha ha ha! And Terry is giving his fake-smile because he’s trying to hold up 30 lbs of squirming pug. Can you tell that he’s gritting his teeth and telling me to take the damned picture! *laughing* But it made for a great shot.

What is up with Poley in this picture?

What is up with Poley in this picture?

Here’s the next picture…Pugs scrambling around. Terry juggling, telling me to take the pictures before he drops them. Can you see Curious George?

Everyone gives Mommy the Stink eye!

Everyone gives Mommy the Stink eye!

Omg, my little baby girl is so cute! I looooove these photos!

Mommy, can we take these off now?

Mommy, can we take these off now?

Oh, and I got the COOLEST thing in the mail the other day. My good friend and fellow blogger, Shanny, makes the coolest jewelry and you can buy her stuff on her Etsy site, Bellatini. Check her out if!

Here’s a picture of me wearing my new earrings!

Look! My new pretty earrings!

Look! My new pretty earrings!

And then of course when I wasn’t looking Rukia totally borrowed my new earings and took silly pictures of herself posing with them.

Rukia doing her famous Capn Jack impression

Rukia doing her famous Capn Jack impression

P.S. Don’t worry about her…I didn’t impale her with the earring. What do  you take me for? It’s actually on a black string that I put gently around her ear to make it appear like she’s wearing it.

~ by Nevis on August 20, 2008.

31 Responses to “Brace yourself, Dear Readers”

  1. How cute! They should be in the Disney Parade!

  2. Well that made my day.. The funniest thing Iv’e seen in some time.. Thanks for the laugh. They looked adorable, Poley looked absoulely like the ears were made for him. I loved the pictures so much thanks for sharing them with all of us.


  3. Oh my word…they are adorable!!!!! hehehe I love that first picture of Poley—too funny! Love the earrings! Rukia is so cute in her earrings.

  4. Rukia looks so proud of herself with the earings! They are very pretty! lol
    The pictures with the ears and the hat are so cute.. especially the first one with Napolean and that look he has!

  5. [sound of head exploding]

  6. OMG!
    Laughing out loud over here! Toooooo cute!
    I love the hats you got the pugadoos!
    great photos!
    m & e

  7. awww your doggies are the cutest~

  8. Hi Ms. Allie,
    Were you the one who asked how much I weighed?
    I weigh six pounds but mom says I need to lose a pound or two.

  9. Such funny and cute pictures! Poley looks a little stoned in the pics . . . . Rukia looks tough with that one earing on!

  10. I’m disappointed that there’s no picture of Terry wearing the new earrings. 🙂

  11. OMG I am DYING at the puggies in their Disney ears! SO cute! And I’m loving Rukia being a fashion model. Will she be available for my Fall line? 🙂

  12. LOVE the photos. Very cute.

    And it’s nice that you and Rukia can share jewelry.

  13. OMD!!!! Those pictures are hilarious! I just had a pretty crappy conference call and this is JUST what I needed.

    I may have to buy some mouse ears for Harry!

  14. Mom says she knows both ends of that photo. ha ha


  15. oh my gawd! They’re huge! And they’re morphing into Disney characters!

  16. Those pictures are PRICELESS

  17. Well, I hit enter before i was finished! I laughed out loud at Poley in his ears and worried look. Rukia Is just cute in all of them, precious! The next picture looks like he is going for cute. I could tell Terry was trying to say something,,,..


  18. Hahahaha! Poley looks hilarious in that first picture – actually he looks like he was worried about you after you screamed! What a nice pair o pugs!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  19. LOVE the pictures!

  20. too cute! I love the princess hat. I need one of those for my girl cat. haha. I can hear her practically cursing me already for the thought.

  21. OMG! I Have never ever seen anything cuter!!! I just want to give them hugs and kisses!!!

  22. Woooooooooooooooooo! I LOVE the mouse ears! These pictures need to be framed and hung in a place of honor in your home!

  23. Thanks for the comments on my blog! I’m so glad you stopped by. The pics of your puggies really brightened my day!!

  24. OH how cute.

    Do you mean capn jack hargness? From torchwood? I LOVE that show.

  25. SO CUTE!!

  26. What a couple of cut pugs you’ve got! They look like they are real muggers in front of the camera.

  27. What cute pugadoos!!

  28. Ha, love the pugs! Terry looks like Rob Corddry in those pictures; I half expected him to be conducting a sarcastic mock-interview with the pups …

  29. Oh my goodness, that’s too cute!

  30. Cute pictures! I want some Mickey ears!

  31. OH MY God!!!! I love those photos too!

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