Too Human

Too Human

Too Human

Today I am excited because this game, Too Human, comes out tomorrow and I have been looking forward to it for about 6 months or so. Terry is going to pick up our copies after work and then once I get home…I’m going to make us some quick Boboli pizza for dinner and then we’re going to have a blast playing it.

In Too Human, the Norse gods are cybernetically enhanced humans. Baldur, son of Odin, is one of these gods and it is his duty to protect the human race from an onslaught of an advancing machine presence determined to eradicate all human life.

Last night I scrapbooked. Just a fun page to get me back into the feel of it. After finishing that scrapbook for the 4H Camp last week I hadn’t been feeling too much like doing it at all. That scrapbook wasn’t a huge undertaking, per se, just 20 pages, but I did them all in just a few days. That really wiped me out.

Beauty has nothing to do with skin.

Beauty has nothing to do with skin.

So I did a page about me last night. I really liked how it came out. It’s a page talking about how I don’t see myself as beautiful. Let me know what you think of it.

Oh, and as promised…more pictures of the PUGGADOOS! (That’s my pet name for them as a collective entity). I took pictures of them as I walked out the door this morning. And I played with a bunch of features and filters in Photoshop, which is why they look like old photos. Or crappy photos, depending on your point of view. The photo captions are from Rukia’s point of view.

The first picture – you can see little Rukia with her paws on the edge of something. That is a coffee table turned on it’s side. That is what we use instead of a baby gate to keep them in the kitchen. This isn’t because we’re cheap or lazy. Although we are both those things. We actually do this because that’s a diagonal opening and it’s like 7 feet. We have yet to find a baby gate that spans that. It’s not actually that tall. Poley can easily jump over it. But he won’t. I think he likes staying in the kitchen because Rukia’s in there.

What? Poley, I'll get you!

What? Poley, I will catch you!

In the next shot you see her taking off, like Michael Phelps from the wall. Quick as lightening she’s attacking him. That’s just how she rolls. See her new collar? That’s her FIFTH collar. I don’t know if she rips them off, or Poley does. But we keep finding them on the ground all chewed up. But this one, has actually lasted the longest; turquoise leather with dainty little studs. We thought it befit her badass chick vibe. If she were a human, she would totally be Angelina Jolie.

Ha ha ha! I caught you!

Ha ha ha! I caught you!

Here’s my babies again. Poley looking adorable like usual. Look how big he’s grown! All grown up at nineteen pounds. And Rukia was last weighed in at 9 pounds, but I think she might be closer to 10 by now. Here’s she’s licking her face. I don’t know why. Pugs do that a lot. Probally food caught in her face folds! Ha!

We're done playing now. I'm so cute.

We are done playing now. Nom. Found some Peanut Butter.

Last photo. The pugs looking very serious here. Giving me the very INTENT stare that only pugs and dictators can manage. In this photo you can see the deepening sorrow that filled their tender little hearts as they realized I would soon be walking out the door, crushing them with the gnawing emptiness that surely must overcome them while bereft of my presence.

Mommy? I love you. Don't go to work. Poley is stupid.

Mommy? I love you. Stay home with us all day. Poley is stupid.

Just kidding, guys. No hate mail. I tossed them each a beef-flavored rawhite chew and they ran off. Rukia dropped hers and promptly stole Napoleon’s. Thus ensued a crazy pug fight and I slipped out of the house completely unnoticed.


~ by Nevis on August 19, 2008.

13 Responses to “Too Human”

  1. Hmm… Rukia as Angelina Jolie… I can see it!


  2. Don’t you just love that look? The one that says why do you abuse me so? I’m heart broken that you are leaving and I will pine as I have never pined before?? lol

    I like the table idea, Roxy’s mom gave me a good idea to use particle board (that way its the exact size you need it to be) I haven’t done it yet but I am seriously considering as Gus dumped the litter box out everywhere last night. Want a 3rd dog? lol

    I love the page layout, But can you do a close up on the words? (if it’s too personal, thats cool)
    Gotta love the insecurities we as girls have in life.

    Pop by my blog, you won an award.. and ooh I just got a new game too.. The wii Fit!! lol

  3. Hi Allie

    Now of course I’m very prejudice but I think you are beautiful. I love the page that you did. And the pictures of the Puggies are adorable, as usual. Can’t believe Poley is almost 20lbs. I remember when we went and picked him up and tiny he was, just like kids they grow up.


  4. hi allison!
    i LOVE your page! you are such a talented artist and story teller. your pugadoos are the cutest ever!
    great pics!
    m & e

  5. I LOVE your scrapbook page! It looks like it came right off one of the pages of “Scrapbooks Etc.” Beautiful!

    And your pictures–especially the last one–of the pugs are so cute!

  6. James Spader? WHAT? I don’t get that one at all! Love your layout though 🙂 Dana

  7. Yes! I think there should be a pug meet-up/swim ! In fact we have already ordered 2 life jackets -XS for Bitsey and S for Eli- so all we need is water!

  8. Allie,
    I’ve known you for a long time, and I know you are beautiful, and I got the pictures to prove it!! You are such a creative and talented girl, you must of got it from your mother. When I think of all your personal accomplishments, and what a beautiful women you have become I only can say you’ve made me proud to be your father. I do not have a clue what the TOO HUMAN game is but have fun. . . .

  9. Your page is SO pretty! Love it.

  10. Your layout AND you are pretty. The puggies are cute as usual. Thanks for my pug fix.

  11. I love the layout, you are so creative with these. In every picture of you I’ve seen here I think you are pretty!

    Love the puggie update!


  12. You can get a baby gate that will span that, they usually have them at Babies R Us (or maybe they will have them at Toys R Us), we had to get one, although it was for the baby this time!

  13. LOVE your scrapbook page! Gorgeous design!!
    Your pugs are WAY too cute and the Mickey Mouse ears are priceless!

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