Michael Phelps Pants

Countdown to Wardrobe Malfunction

Countdown to Wardrobe Malfunction

Wow, the weekend is here again. On Monday it seemed like the week was going to drag on by…but here we are. I think the Olympics helped make the week go by quickly because most everyone has been glued to the television set. Mother, Father – avert your eyes.

Frankly, I’ve been glued to Michael Phelps’s pants.  But c’mon…have you seen this? I know you have. How can you not be looking…? Seriously. How are they staying up? Those pants deserve a gold medal! Thats some crazy physics, right there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a wardrobe malfunction. In fact, I would enjoy it! And most of the coverage is live, so there is always the hope that if something slipped…it would even make it through network sensors!

Oh, and don’t feel bad for Terry or men in general because all the women in the world are oogling the male swimmers. Yes…I’m sure that men watch the women’s beach Volleyball just for the thrill of competition.

Terry's Royal Pugjects

Our Royal Pugjects

Okay, back to reality. This weekend we don’t have any major plans. We might go bowling with some friends. Depends on how far we get on our chores. I need to clean the kitchen, do some laundry…you know, those basic chores around the house. Boring, right? Also, we’ll probally play some Rockband, I’ll scrapbook, and we’ll walk the puggies.

Oh check out the picture of Terry with the pugs. It CRACKS ME UP! Sorry for the quality of it, I took it with my cell phone. I looooove, love, love the look on Poley’s face. He looks so disgruntled, kinda like…badass gangsta pug. (Can’t you picture one of his paws coming up and forming a gang sign, “I’m the Notorious P.U.G. West Side 4 Ev-a. Pug Life, yo, yo, yo.”).

And somehow Ruki’s ear got flipped back when she was wrangled into that pose. Which, if you have dogs…you know the very instant after the photo was snapped the dogs squirmed and scrambled out of position. Awww. This is actually the wallpaper on my phone right now. Ha ha ha!

Oh, and here’s another picture of the pugs because I promsied earlier in the week that I’d post a few more recent photos of the dogs.

Mommy...can we has Cheeseburger?

Mommy...can we has Cheeseburger?


~ by Nevis on August 15, 2008.

24 Responses to “Michael Phelps Pants”

  1. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog! Phelps is definately hot! So are the men’s v-ball players too! 🙂
    Your puppies are SO darling!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. According to some online article I read the other day it takes him 20 minutes to get into those pants!! I wonder how long it takes to get out??? I mean…. oh well… Girls volleyball huh? So far the cutest girls I have seen have been the americans! lol
    There is a picture http://www.ctv.ca/gallery/html/beijing_events_day7/photo_21.html
    Look at his shoulders compared to the other guy.. wow.

    I love the looks on their faces! Rukia has some of the best stink eyes around! And they are getting sooooo big!
    Yes facebook facebook!!

  3. You didn’t know?? Crack and facebook get me through my day… it’s sad understandably. lol

    Besides I can send you so many messages on this thing before people start going who is that lex person and what is their problem???

  4. aww, cute doggies!

    ‘designing your life’

  5. My theory is that Phelps swims so fast, the friction from the water pulls his bathing suit down. I pray that Justin Timberlake does not arrive to complete the “wardrobe malfunction.”

  6. Yeah I’ve been wondering the same thing about Phelps’s pants too. They are about as low as they can go without falling off. A cute picture of the puggies as usual. I’m glad you posted one…I was having pugdrawal.

  7. As long as he’s not performing any duets with Justin Timberlake, Phelps should be safe.

  8. I too have been following Michael Phelps…and his pants-lol! Give the doggies some love from me!


  9. Is it me or if Terry were to shave his head, he’d look like Dr. Evil?

  10. Nevis, mom has something for you.


  11. Those pictures are adorable. They look funny with Terry because they looks so unhappy. It’s funny how Pugs can look so unhappy one moment and thrilled the next.

  12. Opps forgot to put my website.

    Yes Michael Ps pants and most of the other swimmers have nice bodies. But yes I just watch for the competition *wink

  13. Those puggie poos are the cutest!

    Love your comments on the Phelps pants…ha!

  14. Well actually I was sitting on the couch for those pictures.. :p but when I leave and return to the house they are in the window. :p

  15. Too Too cute! …The Puggies of course.

    Swimmers do have nice bodies but it’s hard to completely say sexy because they have no body hair. Hehehe.

  16. By the way, thanks for your comment on our Adore Le Pug Meme…don’t forget to blog about why you Adore Le Pug!

  17. Thanks for visiting us at SYC.. those pugs are just complete snuggle bugs!!

  18. I just love your pugs! They make me smile!

  19. Dad isn’t of the persuasion to enjoy looking at men’s pants, and he’s not watching the Olympics, but he wholeheartedly offers his congratulations to Michael “Albatross Arms” Phelps-Pants!

    And by the way, Nevis, I have a surprise for you at my blog!

  20. Oh my how you pug babies have grown!

  21. I bet that it is tiny – so much blood going to so many other places – plus any man that is that good looking has to have SOMETHING wrong with him – nothing good to look at down there is my bet! Hehehe
    Jemima Jones Beck

  22. PS: Nevis, Mom wants to me ask if you are on FACEBOOK.com. If so she says that the two of you should be friends search for Mom’s name (located on blog) if you are on facebook and want to be friends! Or email us your last name and we will search for you!

  23. I agree on the pants situation. I don’t know how they are still on him! Frankly, it’s about time the pants came off, if you ask me ;0)

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