One Word Meme

Raise your hand if you're Sure!

Raise your hand if you're Sure!

Watched more Olympics last night. I was very proud of Michael Phelps again but I completely had a blast watching the men’s Gymnastic team finals. USA took Bronze! It was fantastic to watch. Did you see it?



Today’s post is a meme. It’s all about the beauty and clarity that comes with brevity. You are supposed to answer each question with just one word. Let’s see if I can do it! It’s not about your favorte FOREVER, just your favorites right now, right this minute.

Sport: Olympics!
Game: Rockband
Color: (Colors of) Quartz
Movie: Abyss
Broadway play I have seen: Barefoot in the Park
Broadway Musical I have seen: West Side Story
Song: “Tick Tock Boom” by The Hives
American city I have visited: San Francisco, CA
Foreign city I have visited: Barcelona, Spain
Book: “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer
Children’s Book: “Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling
Classic television show: M.A.S.H.
Recent television show: Dexter
Actor: Gary Oldman
Actress: Kate Winslet
Perfume: Dislike!
Food: Cheeseburgers!
Dessert: Ice cream
Chain Restaurant: Olive Garden
Local Restaurant: Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers
Car: Nissan Altima
Condiment: Mayo
Kitchen Appliance: Coffee pot
Home Appliance: 52″ HD Sony LCD TV
Beauty Product: Moisterizer
Piece of clothing: Gauchos
HGTV Show: House Hunters
Food Network show: Diners, Drive-ins & Dives
Author: George R. R. Martin
Male Songwriter: Paul McCartney
Female Songwriter: ?
Holiday: My Birthday
Ballet I have seen: Nutcracker
Disney character: Aladdin
Flower: Rannuculus
Alcoholic drink: Margarita
Non-Alcoholic drink: Diet Coke
Magazine: Rachel
Animated movie: Aladdin
Television network miniseries: Battlestar Galactica
Season: Summer
Male vocalist: Napoleon
Female vocalist: Rukia
Day of the week: Friday
Household Chore: None
Ice Cream: Mint Chip
Candy: Dove Promises
Artist: Max Beckmann


~ by Nevis on August 12, 2008.

11 Responses to “One Word Meme”

  1. Fun factoid: I can score 100% on Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers on Rockband.

  2. I should have said Olive Garden…I love it! I love your male and female vocalist too…they’re cute! 😉

  3. I always hit submit before I’m ready. Oh yeah, I am loving the Olympics. The men were so excited to win in gymnastics. The Chinese were really awesome.

  4. hi allison!
    cool post!

  5. I have come across top secret information that states that Micheal Phelps is infact a pterodactyl.. and that because of this you are a bunch of cheater faces!!! 😀 I cannot believe his wing (arm) span is over 6 feet! That is incredible!! And I am severely neglecting the dogs.. i just bought guitar hero!!

  6. I saw that last night and it was fantastic! I’m enjoying the Olympics!

    Your list of favorites was fun!


  7. The Men’s gymnastics was awesome! Michael Phelps rocks too! BTW-I have a Nissan Maxima and a Nissan Sentra…I love Nissans.

  8. Me too! Dad has an Xterra. It’s kinda hard for me to get into, but thankfully it has running boards that give me a leg up.

    I like this list of favorites! I also like stealing your ideas, so I might do that with this one too!

    BTW, Dad is obsessed with RockBand/GuitarHero. wierdo…

  9. Fun meme!!

  10. We love Battlestar Galactica too!

  11. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite too. I have a coupon for a free birthday scoop at my favorite ice cream parlor burning a hole in my pocket and it has mint chocolate written all over it. Mmmmmm.

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