Olympic Shedding!

The Grumpy Knight

The Grumpy Knight

Well, it was an exciting weekend, watching the Olympics. Well, exciting for sports – I personally just sat on the couch all weekend. Well, I did get up for a few hours and go to Target. But that’s pretty much it.  See? We even took this picture (See Terry posing with an air of patronizing grumpiness? Yes, that’s what I have to put up with. My pugs don’t give me such attitude. Granted I usually give them treats. Maybe I should’ve offered Terry a snausage?)

Anyways, if you watched the Olympics – what was your favorite part? I think the swimming was the best for me. I was SO excited to see Phelps win two golds! I totally want him to win all of the ones that he’s in races for. That would be so cool! Were you cheering him on over the weekend!?

Showoff! I can do that, too.

Showoff! I can do that, too.

In other news, the pugs (well mostly Napoleon) are shedding. They always shed a little bit, but for whatever reason this apparently is pug-shedding TIME OF THE YEAR! You can’t pick up darling Poley without coming away looking like a mangy wookie.

It’s bad! In fact, it’s gotten bad enough that I’m going to break out the big guns. I’m going to brush him. I’ve heard that by brushing hair off him, then supposedly he won’t shed as much. I am not sure if that’s circular logic, but I’m willing to take a stab at anything.

Also, regarding the lovely pugs…they aparently have decided that they are either bored or angry at us for leaving them alone for too long during the day. Because Terry and I came home on Friday to find part of the edge of our (wooden panelling-covered) kitchen island chewed up. Actually it was missing entirely. I have not found it, except for some wood shavings. But considering they pugs didn’t eat their dinner that night…I have a pretty fair idea where the wood went. And have no idea if it’s one of them, or both because we didn’t catch them. They don’t do these things when we’re home.

Mommy...I has blog!

Mommy...I has blog!

We read somewhere that if we give them more appetizing toys they won’t get destructive. So we covered up the chewed parts with cinder blocks (yeah, that makes my kitchen look so homey) and then according to someone’s suggestion – put a few drops of cooking oil and garlic salt on their chew toys.

Of course….they LOVED these, but will it stop them from attacking the kitchen island? Time will tell.

Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas?


~ by Nevis on August 11, 2008.

17 Responses to “Olympic Shedding!”

  1. I love all of the events that I watch so I guess I love them all. I has been so exciting to see Michael Phelps doing so well, and he seems like such a likeable young man, and he has such a great Mom and sisters cheering him on in the stands, even the Pres… I really look forward to the games each night.

    So happy that you like them as well.

    Those puggies must be bored for sure if you can find the edge of the kitchen, Lets hope it is just good roughage… I was so glad Patches never shed, I don’t think I would have liked that at all. I think thats why they tend to breed poodles with so many breeds, they don’t shed.

    Enjoy the games tonight…!!


  2. I enjoyed the swimming, especially when they won the relay that France said they were going to win. 😉
    I really love the gymnastics though.

  3. I am enjoying the olympics but everytime i turn it on (CBC or NBC) it is volleyball! Now I like volleyball but one can only handle so much!!!

    My friend Richard is competing in the mens 400 freestyle on thursday.. well that is the rumor.. so maybe you should cheer on canada for a few minutes? lol
    Phelps has done wonders.. yay!

    Hmm let me know if you come up with anything, Gus is slowly chewing off the molding around the livingroom window.
    In the old house he chewed the floor molding and any surface of the cupboards he could put his teeth on. sigh…
    I bought a furmiator but I haven’t used it yet… I always look like a mangy wookie… 😦

  4. Hey, I want one of those Batman masks! 🙂

  5. As your little pugs get bigger they will shed more. We found by the time Pyrite hit 1 1/2 years she was a shedding machine. We use something called the Zoom Groom on her and it tends to help. Best of luck with the chewing— you should probably get call CSI-Pugami to help with the investigation!


    Pyrite’s Peeps

  6. hi allison
    too funny! emmitt is an olympic shedder too. the furminator has really helped. i just got mine on drugstore.com for 50% off.

  7. hi allison!
    emmitt is an olympic shedder too. the furminator really seems to help. i just got mine on drugstore.com for 50 % off.

  8. Hi there! Thank you for dropping by. I love swimming and gymnastic.

    What cute pugs you have! Mine used to chew off one corner of my tv rack. But luckily that was during puppy teething time.

  9. Came across your blog for the first time. I enjoyed reading several posts. You have a nice blog.


  10. One word, Furminator!

  11. I’ve found it to be really helpful! Harry has been shedding a lot lately (like overnight he became super-shedding pug again). The furminator gets rid of a lot of that extra fur – just do it outside!

    There’s also furminator shampoo and stuff, but I’m not sure that contributes more to the process.

  12. All I can think of are a lot of “wood” jokes …

    Tucker sheds quite a bit when he’s feeling stressed or when his whatever-it-is-he-has is acting up.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my bloggy. My canine advice is: never ever leave your dog, always, always take us with you hoomans! I’m a firm believer in separation anxiety and bored games!
    Love n Snuffs George

  14. a very cute pug indeed 🙂

  15. Thanks for visiting our website. Your blog is very fun to read! It’s normal for Pugs to shed…especally more so during the change of seasons. I have the furminator but I don’t use it. I personally like to have my two Pugs, Porky & Brownie shaved down with 10-12″ blade cut.
    In regards to the chewing on the corners, it’s not uncommon for puppies to chew, especially on wood corners. Porky destroyed some ofmy door frames and Brownie made a hole in the wall. I got the bitter melon spray from Bitter End and sprayed it everywhere. It does help to spend more time with them as they are extra needy when they are young. Dogs get destructive when they are left alone too long nd often. That is why I have two Pugs. 🙂

  16. yes, yes the furminator is a must. just remember to do it outside because hair will be everywhere. my pugs have a twice a year shedding issue where it is BAD. I think it has to do with the seasons, but unfortunately, it doesn’t get better as they get older.

  17. Man, you need Dinovite

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