Literary Thursday

Edward & Bella

Edward & Bella

I have been a reading machine lately. I think it’s because of something Terry has been encoraging me to do. He knows that I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 7 years old, and he’s been pushing me to actually do something about it instead of just look at books wistfully. Of course, I’ve written lots of stuff; I’ve got a a screenplay or two collecting dust, notebooks full of poetry and drawers crammed with fan fiction (no jokes, please).

Well, as you know I love the Twilight series. And I just finished it’s most recent chapter – “Breaking Dawn”. It was much better than the others. Not that the first three books were bad (because they weren’t), but you can definitely tell that the auther, Stephenie Meyer, has…blossomed. Her writing has more depth, maturity and insight – this is possilbly because the main character herself, Bella, is less insecure, less immature. Nevertheless, it made this latest book leaps and bounds better than the others. 

Secondly, I’m finally getting around to reading Watchmen. It’s a graphic novel that came out in the mid-to-late 80’s. Basically it’s about superheroes as real people who must confront ethical and personal issues, who struggle with neuroses and failings, and who – with one notable exception – lack anything recognizable as super powers. I haven’t finished it yet (about half-way through) but it’s very engrossing and engaging. It’s also going to be a movie next year, directed by Zack Snyder (the guy who did the remake of “Dawn of the Dead” in 2004 and the film “300”). 

If you haven’t yet heard of this graphic novel (Watchmen), or the upcoming movie – get ready. It’s going to be big. And of course, so will Twilight.

Oh, and coming soon – pictures of the pugs and Terry’s classroom. I promise.


~ by Nevis on August 7, 2008.

9 Responses to “Literary Thursday”

  1. hi allison!
    and i always love to see the puggies and terry’s classroom! i am looking forward to your pics.

  2. Good luck on your writing. I always wanted to be a writer but was not talented enough. Looking forward to the pictures!

  3. We are happy to hear that we will be seeing photos of the pugs AND the classroom. We were waiting for both. Mom read Watchmen back when it came out. She’s not sure she wants to see the movie. Maybe she is getting old. ha ha


  4. I’ve got Watchmen on the shelf for when I finally get through Quicksilver. My God that’s a huge book!

  5. Watchmen was just recommended to us by a friend and we were planning on picking up a copy too.

  6. I just started Breaking Dawn and so far it is going well.. the reviews I read where either screaming adolescent girl praise or that it sucked.. so I’m glad that I found somebody that isn’t a screaming adolescent girl that gave it a good review!! lol I am not sure I like the way “Edward” looks in this magazine cover…

    I recently saw the trailor for the watchman and it looks good! I have personally never read the graphic novel though.. I wonder if my brother has it? Hmm… lol

    Yay puggy pictures!!
    That’s cool about the writing, I never had the imagination to do it… so I think you definitely should keep going with it!!

  7. Oh yes and it is a cheeseburger! The little colored triangles are the cheese, lettuce and tomatoes! 🙂

  8. I’ve read a lot of good things about the Twlight series but haven’t read it myself. You are the first person I’ve read though that liked the last book so much!

    You should just go for it, start writing. I bet you’re good! Would you share some poems of stories?

  9. oh, I didn’t think they were going to color that actors hair for the movie. I thought his hair was still black in the previews I saw. Can’t wait for the movie!

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