Literary Thursday

Hey everyone! Lots of various literary stuff to talk about. First of all, in case you didn’t know this about me…I’m a huge reader. I have been all my life since my very first Dr. Seuss book as a kid (Go, Dog, Go!) to my beloved Nancy Drew, and then all sorts of horror, sci-fi, romance, sci-fi, classics, magazines – I love it all. Back when I lived in Los Angeles and took the bus and subway to/from work, I used to read 5-6 books a week. Now that I don’t have so much dedicated sitting time I don’t get to read nearly as much as I would like, but there are a few things going on the book world that I thought I’d share:

A. The new Harry Potter film, “Half Blood Prince” comes out this Thanksgiving and here’s the trailer for the new film (in case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t seen it!)

B. J.K. Rowling (sorta) has a new Harry Potter book coming out called, “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” – it’s a collection of short childrens stories that were pivotal during the final HP book, Deathly Hollows. Check it out here if you’re interested!

C. I have recently become enamored with the Twilight series of books. If you are not aware of what these books are, they’re a series of books about a high-school aged girl, Bella Swan, and what happens when she meets (and falls in love with) a vampire named Edward. At first, I thought they were too angsty and slightly immature, but I don’t know how to describe it…it just sort of works. Hard to put it into words. Good books! And….In case you did not know, they’re turning this very popular series of books into a movie, as well. It comes out this Christmas. Here’s the poster for the movie. And yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The vampire Edward was the same kid who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies.


Release Date: 12/12/08

D. Another series of books that I love is the Anita Blake series by Laurel K. Hamilton about a vampre executioner. Although lately the books haven’t been that great and almost seem like the auther herself is tired of writing them…I still read them. Which is why she probally keeps writing them. Must need a house payment or a new yacht or something. Nevertheless, her newest is out, called, Blood Noir, and I picked it up. I actually still have to finish half of the last book, Harlequin before I can even start it since I never finished the last one. Or maybe I’m just burned out of Anita Blake since there are like 16 of them so far and I’ve read all of them multiple times. Maybe I’ll enjoy them now that I’ve had time to step away from them.
Oh, and lastly, I won a cool blog Award from my friend, Shanny! Thanks!!!


This award means: I'm the COOLEST!


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2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
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And I nominate:

1. Missadventures of Pug & Bugg: Wonderful blog that’s always hilarious! Seriously the author is hilarious. She always cracks me up, from when she’s discusing mysterious bumps on her dogs butt or putting

2. Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug: Frances is adorable and her Mommy write a great blog. I also particularly love hearing about their adventures. They went on vacation to ANTARTICA! Who does that? They do, that’s who.

3. Checker’s World: A humorous blog writen by an hip artist guy and his corgi. Also he updates it with pictures every day! Always something new to see.

4. A Day in the Life of My Pugs: These pugs are adorable and remind me so much of Poley & Ruki.

5. Chronicles of Pugs: Not only did this little lady name her pug after Indiana Jones (don’t let her tell you otherwise) but she’s got another pug who resembles the ball that rolled after him! Just kidding, Lex. You know you’re awesome.

6. Owned by Pugs: First of all, great name for a site. Secondly she is always updating her blog with logs of pictures of her pugs (including Luna, my fav!) but she also has these ‘caption contests’ that always make me laugh.

7. Seperated by a Common Language: Lastly I choose this blog because she cracks me up with most posts and her new header has two of my favorite things: Cheeseburgers and pugs.


~ by Nevis on July 31, 2008.

19 Responses to “Literary Thursday”

  1. Oh my goodness!! My friend just gave me the twilight series! I just finished the second 1 today!! I was surprised how much i loved them. I’m starting the 3rd tonight and the 4th one i preordered 🙂 Being a humungoid Harry P fan, i’m so excited Cedric will play edward..cant wait to see it!

  2. Ahh poor Gus he isn’t fat at all! :p He is just big bones.. seriously big boned! Thanks for choosing me!

    I am tired of the Anita Blake series.. and i am getting that way with the Merry Gentry series too. She needs to give it up and start writing softcore lol.. sorry.
    I like Stephanie Meyer’s books.. I find Edward to be slightly obssessive about her and not in a good way. I think Jacob is better for her!

    You need to check out Charlaine Harris’s books about Sookie Stackhouse – they are turning that into tv show this fall with Anna Paquin. They are good and there is only 6 of them so far!

    HARRY POTTER!!!!!! AHHHHH!! lol

  3. Haha I know! I was laughing the whole time! 🙂
    Its called True Blood and it starts in the fall.
    I think with Edwards its more of an obssessive love… I don’t know.
    Also.. canadian author.. Kelley Armstrong – Women of the otherworld, you have werewolves, witches, demons and a necromancer. Very good series and they are all tied in to each other!

  4. Thought you guys might like to check out this article done in the Seattle Times done on the Twilight series. What tourism it’s brought to such a tiny little town!

  5. Congrats on the award. Mom must live in a cave, she did NOT know about the new Harry Potter movie. Have you ever read Anne Bishop? Try her Black Jewels Trilogy. Mom thinks it’s awesome.


  6. I agree about the Kelley Armstrong series, very fun to read. I like how all the characters have ties to others in the series.

  7. Hmm…you may know what my feelings for Daniel Radcliffe are (he is saving himself for me until pug/human marriages become legal), so the prospect of another movie featuring my future husband has me all atwitter!
    Thanks for adding the video!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  8. Daniel Radcliff? Pssh. I think Rupert Grint is much better looking!

  9. I’d heard the trailer was out but hadn’t seen it. Thanks for posting it!

  10. Hi There! Mom forgot about the concussion she got in college (from rollerskating). She is sort of amazed that PlusOne hasn’t broken any bones, yet. She had several broken by his age.


    Glad you like her answers

  11. Tks for the award!!! I will blog about it soon! Also coming soon: Pugs @ Taco Bell!

  12. hi allison!
    thank you so much for the birthday wishes.
    you made emmitt’s day!
    m & e

  13. hi there, nevis! thanks for dropping by in my blog 😀

  14. So did you go the midnight madness book release party? lol

  15. Cedric is the quidditch captain, right? I thought he was the best young actor in the Harry Potter films.

  16. Thanks for always stopping by our blog. We’ve tagged you for the name game. Please come and check it out!

  17. Wow, thanks for the award. Mommy loves your blog too — it is witty and irreverent!!

    We are a divided household: Daddy has read all the Harry Potter books/seen the movies and cannot wait for the new movie to come out; Mommy is probably one of the five people on the planet who has not read a single Harry Potter book. At this point, she has refused to read any of them (I think it is mainly to piss my Daddy and her brothers off), although she has seen all the movies.

    Mommy has read only three books of the Anita Blake series, and that’s probably why she still likes them! She thinks there are too many vampire books out there . . . why is it such a popular theme? Although she has started a new vampire series by Barb & J.C. Hendee — The Noble Dead series — which she says is engrossing enough.

  18. Hey, thanks for the questions! Actually, both girls came from the puppy mill environment. Sophie is much worse off for it though. She is much less quick to trust and can sometimes feel like she’s being cornered, and turns to velcro when other people are around. Dixie is a little “special” though which protected her from some of the bad reactions. Hers are much more like, that she walks in circles when she is anxious and only goes in one direction. We also know she has nibbled poop and probably eats it when given the chance, since that is common among puppy mill dogs. But she is much better off behaviorally than Sophie is.

  19. Oh, I love all those books! I just got Breaking Dawn today finally. I ordered it and I think it was being shipped by goat.

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