Proud owner: Nissan Altima

Posted by ShoZu


~ by Nevis on July 28, 2008.

12 Responses to “Proud owner: Nissan Altima”

  1. By Golly! we Both are proud owners of a Nissan Altima! I bought a new one in April! Mine is silver with Black interior……
    Mine looks identical to the one you have posted! ha!!!

    HaPpY Driving! Now i wil think of you each time I get in mine!

  2. Looks so good can’t wait to see more pics. You guys must be thrilled.


  3. Oh fun!!

  4. WooHoo…congrats!! It is beautiful.

  5. Congrats!! Nissans are such good cars…they last forever! Enjoy!

  6. Woof,

    You know, a couple of wet doggies would take care of that new car smell

    Desert Pups

  7. Congrats! I have an Altima too. It’s been an awesome car.

  8. Is there any dog hair on the seats yet?
    Ozzie & Rocky

  9. Hahaha… it’s soon to be the pug mobile! I suggest blankets and car harnesses.. once there is pug hair.. there will always be pug hair! lol

    I know huh? He is about 3x her size – 23lbs and she is 9lbs!! He is my monster pug machine. 🙂

  10. Congrats! And I’m totally jealous that you got Shozu to work. Can’t make it work for me. Oh, btw, nominated you for an award. Check out me blog!

  11. The cats are doing very good at adjusting. Herbie kind of makes them mad sometimes and Ricky sometimes barks at them, but they’re all learning.

  12. The stephanie meyer books? They are good…

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