Infectious Mickey Mouse

Hello there! Well, we’re back from vacation…and we returned sick.

I don’t know if it was a combination of the long hours, the hoards of strange people, the lack of sleep, extraordinarily large amounts of exercise, extremes in temperature, or probally a combonation of all the above…….but both Terry and myself came back quite sick. Yesterday I actually had to call in sick which I hated to do because I was just coming back from being gone on vacation for 1 1/2 weeks. But it had to be done because I couldn’t think, could barely walk without stumbling because my head hurt so much. SUCH horrible sinus pressure.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time. So much was fun. So here are some pictures from our trip! I know, contain your excitement. Please, no…stop slobbering on your moniter. I’m taken. I know, the world’s loss is Terry’s gain. And yes, I remind him of this daily. Hourly, actually. I actually wake him up in the middle of the night to remind him. No, wait, that was my snoring that woke him up. Just kidding, people. I don’t snore.

Here’s a picture of us infront of Cinderella’s Castle. We had a difficult time finding a setting on the camera that had both US and the CASTLE in focus considering I forgot the tripod that day. This photo was the best of the batch…and I rather like the imperfection of it.

The Dark side of Disney

The Dark side of Disney

Here’s another one of the photos we took infront of the castle…this time a close up…some of the lights totally blurred..but again, I rather like it. I have no idea why Terry is smiling like that. I think it was because it was around 3am when we took this. Sleep deprivation and too many ice creams cones can do that to you.

Terry's Insanely Happy Smile

Terry's Insanely Happy Smile

Now, I had never been to Disneyworld before, but aparently it rains a lot there (central Florida) and man, did it pour during our stay. It rained every day! And not a light mist. I mean…RAIN! And lightning and thunder, the whole deal. Crazy!

But you know, you paid a lot of money for that vacation, the rides are still up and running…so they sell these ponchos at Disney and you just walk around in your ponchos. They’re not terribly comforable and you look silly but at least you get to keep going. Also a lot of people don’t want to brave the rain so they leave the park to those of us who have our ponchos and a sense of adventure.

So here’s a picture of us…being adventurous on the Teacups. C’mon, it’s a classic! Although unlike the Disneyland teacups, these are under a covered pavillion, like bumper cars. Which made it nice to get out of the rain, but it did loose some of the ambience.

Teacups aren't for Sissies!

Teacups aren't for Sissies!

Here we are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly, MGM Studios)…Here we are posed on the Return of the Jedi speeder bike. I’m playing Leia and Terry is playing Wicket. Ha ha ha. Just kidding, babe. Who loves ya?

The rebels are too cheap to pay for two speeder bikes.

The rebels are too cheap to pay for two speeder bikes.

Not sure if you’ve been to a theme park lately but they take your photo on pretty much every ride and then try to get you to pay for these photos in “souvenir” frames. And charge you $30-$40 for them. Seriously. So I took this photo of our photo off the computer monitor after we rode Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. That was a great ride…very similar to Disney’s California Adventure’s ride, “California Screamin”…? Or just my imagination…?

Theiving Photos for Fun & Profit.

Theiving Photos for Fun & Profit.

Final parting picture taken after riding Mission: Space at Epcot which was pretty cool. It simulated astronaut training…it has a centrifuge that achieves the illusion of speed by spinning and tilting where you’re sitting in sealed capsules during afour-minute ride. It gets up to 2.4G, more than twice the force of gravity at the earth’s surface if you elect the “INTENSE” training mission. There is a less intense one you can choose (Disney started offering the less intense version after two people died on the ride).

Vacation awesome. Sunburnt & happy. Roger. Over and Out.

Vacation awesome. Sunburnt & happy. Roger. Over and Out.


~ by Nevis on July 22, 2008.

20 Responses to “Infectious Mickey Mouse”

  1. welcome home!
    your vacation pics are too fun! i can see some great pages in the near future being created!
    i hope you are both feeling all better today. i know the puggies are happy to see you.
    m & e

  2. Welcome back! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I always get sick after a vacation. It’s probably your body telling you that you need a vaca from your vaca. It’s always a little bit better when you are sick with someone you love 🙂

    How did you puggies do while you were away?

  3. The PUGS did awesome while we were gone. I’ll have special post about them soon! (HINT!)

  4. Hi You guys

    It is good to have you back and keeping us updated as to your fab life.

    I know you had a good time, too bad about the rain though, guess you never had that problem at Disneyland in sunny California, that must have been a real pain at times.

    I really hope you are on the mend it sounds like you are feeling a little better than you were yesterday.

    Love You Both

  5. Welcome home! I’m so sorry you are both sick. That’s no fair at all! It looks like you had a great time!

  6. Missed you… glad you’re back. Sounds like a great time! I’ve never been and must get there one day. Love your picture on the speeder bike. 🙂

  7. Ohhh you have missed so much! They are the BEST harnesses for pugs ever. I am in love with them. Poor Sophie will get her rubbed-off neck hair back!!!!

  8. That sounds like a great trip. Too bad you are both sick. We hope you get better quick.


  9. Welcome back! Looks like your vacation was tons of fun . . . glad the rain didn’t damper your excitement.

    At least you didn’t get sick DURING the vacation . . . that would totally suck! Feel better soon!

  10. Welcome back! I used to have to go to Florida (Gulf coast) for work about once a year and it would rain every day, usually around 2pm. Big clouds would roll in, thunder, lightning, downpour, then it would all clear up after a half hour or so.

  11. Yeah, kids are really infectious. I wouldn’t blame it on the mouse, I would blame it on all of the snotty, grubby fingered ankle biters running around that place!
    Jemima Jones Beck
    PS which hotel did you stay at?

  12. Sounds like a great time! Glad you had fun!

  13. That sucks about being sick!! That happened to me at christmas too, had 2 weeks off and then had to stay home sick another week! Ahh… vacations! lol
    You sound (and look) like you guys had tons of fun even with the rain! Yay!
    Isn’t that crazy about the fence? I was thinking 600$… but no.

  14. Woof, Nevis

    Thanks for visiting Life Inside The Fence, we like the company. Disney looks fun but they wouldn’t allow a pack of desert dogs to visit so we’ll have to settle for your first hand account.

    Woof, woof
    Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby

  15. Looks like a great vacation! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  16. Looks like you had so much fun! Sorry you came home sick!

  17. So sorry you got sick! I love Mickey Mouse! I have never been to Disney World, but I have been to Disneyland once. My bf’s brother and his family go to Disney World every year.

  18. OMG you guys are sooo cute! LOVE Disney! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. Sorry you’re sick. Feel better!

  19. Now you made me really want to go! We leave in just a little under 3 months for our Disney Cruise Wedding and Honeymoon in WDW! What hotel did you stay at?

  20. I have the same picture of the rebel thing with my two boys on it. It made me wonder how many 100000’s of people have that picture. Course it also made me giggle!

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