New vacation haircut!

Posted by ShoZu


~ by Nevis on July 8, 2008.

11 Responses to “New vacation haircut!”

  1. oooh i like!!! very sexie!!

  2. Oh I like it a lot. You really got it cut a lot. What prompted that, it has been years since you have had it that short. Nut it looks good. Must feel good with the heat and will be nice on Vacation.

    Have fun, and remember to call me when you get to your destination.

    I love you and had the best time and give my love to that man of yours.

    Love and Kisses Mom
    (And Drive Carefully)

    can’t wait to see more pic’s of you and Terry and your trip. I Love you both to pieces..

  3. Have a great vacation! Hey…I like the new “doo”!

  4. Very cute!

  5. That haircut compliments your visage quite nicely. Have a safe drive and enjoyable trip you two. 🙂

  6. Hi Allison!
    I love your new haircut! You and Terry are going to have a blast!
    m & e

  7. Looks like the hair thief that Jemima was talking about has struck you too. Looks like they took a LOT from you! 🙂 It looks GREAT! Enjoy your vacay!

  8. Love the new do!

  9. got it cut short! Looks great.

  10. OMG girl!!! You cut it off!!! You look amazing!!! Totally LOVE the new do!!! How does it feel????? Very refreshing, huh!!!

  11. Looks cute but I wish you still had your long hair.:(
    I can’t grow my hair long any more…not thick enough.

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