The Freshmaker

Manicdote has had a bit of a makeover. As Terry said in his last post – we were shocked to realized that people had no idea that (TWO) different people were the posters on manicdote. If a post was about the pugs, scrapbooking, cooking and random life stuff…it was probally by me, Allison (Nevis). However if it was crazy, about comics, Star Wars, movies or video games…it was probally written by Terry (Van Redd).

After months of debate we’ve decide to split out our two identities to two seperate blogs. Obviously each of us will continue to post the stuff were interested in, but now the posts will be on different blogs. I’m still here but Terry will now be posting on Van Redd Online.

Also I’ve got a new look to manicdote. Hope you like it! Personally, I can’t decide if I like this better or not. There are elements I like better than the old theme. Let me know your thoughts…


~ by Nevis on June 27, 2008.

26 Responses to “The Freshmaker”

  1. oooh pretty! 🙂

  2. Well I could tell the diff but since I personally know you both especially Allie, it was obvious whom was writing what but I can understand why you did it.

    Sorry but I like the black background but maybe I will get used to it in time, all I care about is the content anyway…

    Love Mom

  3. Hey, if everyone really preferred the black format better, I’ll go back to it.

  4. I like the white background better, I think… but if you like black better, then you should go for it! 🙂
    The magic bullet is awesome! I love it to make smoothies and guacamole. We got ours on sale, but it would be worth it even at it’s full price!

  5. WOW! Love the new look! What do you like? It’s your place.

  6. Neat change of pace . . .

  7. Well, not to sound stupid or mean, but mom just ignored the gaming stuff. She didn’t put it together that they were done by two different people. (Yes, even dad agrees that some times mom is incredibly DENSE!). Mom thought the black was sort of hard sometimes, but the white is so….. white. lol. Truly descriptive, I know.
    Anyway, that is cool. And it looks good.


  8. hi allison!
    i love the white and i always love the artwork you choose for your headers.
    how do you find such cool art?

  9. Hmmm … I may have to consider evicting my little brother from our blog for the same reason. Hopefully the faithful can tell us apart.

    The new layout looks good!

  10. I love your new layout. Don’t change it.

  11. Allie,
    I like it! Its bright & colorful. I preferred to have you both on the same blog, but I can understand why you both may have wanted to have your own style and identity. . . . Being able to read what is going on is the BEST. . .

  12. Two of you were writing this!? Wow. I just assumed you were some pug-crazy, comic-tripping, gaming schizophrenic! My bad!

    (I kid, I kid…)

    As for the new look… it kinda hurts my eyes. I liked the straight lines and the order of the last one. Also, what’s with the little smily just floating off to the the right beside the banner. I thought it was dust on my monitor and tried to wipe it away. It’s freakin’ me out, man!

  13. What are you talking, Zoyd…? There isn’t a smiley?

  14. What?! There totally is a smiley just floating there! It’s on Van’s site too, so maybe it’s a wordpress thing, or part of the theme you’ve chosen.

    Wait… am I on LSD? Uh, no. It’s there and it’s not a hallucination.

  15. Proof!!

  16. I just thought you were really into video games! 🙂 I like the new look! Very clean.

  17. Well, Zoyd, if that’s real and not something Photoshop’d….I have no idea what that is! *laugh*

  18. Well, I have to say that I love the white b/c the black was a little hard for me to read. But, whatev, as long as I get to see lots of pics of the puggies!

  19. me likes! I like the white background with black type. I’ve been thinking about changing my layout lately but I’m so indecisive.

  20. That is so funny. I totally thought it was Nevis posting all the time. I just thought you were a very well rounded girl with lots of interests! LOL!

  21. I like the white better simply because it’s easier to read. But I think it looks very nice, too, and the header is pretty.

    For the record, I figured out there were Terry posts and Allison posts. I love the pug posts (Allison) but also Terry’s Indiana Jones one!

  22. Cool,we could make out who was who.Looking forward to hearing more about the pup

  23. I had no idea both of you were posting. I just assumed it was you. Now that I think about it, some of the stuff about Star Wars and video games seemed manly. 😀
    I LOVE the white. It is easier for me to see for some reason. I liked the black too though.

  24. If Zoyd is talking about the little smiley face on your blog, it is on all WordPress blogs.

  25. Oh, um, okay. So I guess I’ll subscribe to Van Redd Online too, then. 😉

  26. I have to say I prefered the black background better. I found it made things stand out better. Still, there are some nice themes wordpress offers and in the end it’s you blog. 🙂

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