Who do you trust? Video Game Reviews

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by Van Redd

We live in an uncertain world. One uncertainty is ethics. All of the websites, magazines, and podcasts about gaming say they have intergrity and that their reviews should be trusted. The bad news is that many of these places can’t be, at all.

The most notorious recent example has to deal with Gamespot firing Jeff Gershman over his review of Kane and Lynch. They claim he was fired for other reasons but we all know that is bull****. Another even more recent examlpe is Atari trying to bully some smaller review sites into keeping their so-so reviews of Alone in the Dark quiet. They claimed it was because they were breaking a street date on reviews…yet they also admitted that good reviews could go ahead.

The fact of the matter is that gaming is a bussiness. I understand that. Game publishers need to make money to publish more games. However what cannot be allowed is the buying and selling of game reviews and out and out lies to the public.

The movie industry has gone though similar growing pains. We have all heard the stories of movie studios coming up with fake reviewers to give a movie a tag line. They got caught a few years ago so that practice stopped. The problem with video game journalism is the ease at which people can be tempted. Game studios might fly you up to their offices, let you play on their really nice gaming rigs, and even provide you with awesome food and drinks. You would kind of feel bad to give a ****ty review then huh? A game studio can also pressure a magazine by giving them an exclusive only if they guarantee a great review. Another tactic they use is to pull advertising if you give a bad review. Just ask Ubisoft about that one.

The point I am trying to make is to be cautious and be more then willing to rent a game if your concerned about your gaming dollar. Look at your favorite gaming magazine really close and see if their reviews are consistant. I also recommend that you not support Gamespot in anyway.

**Now, to be fair, I don’t really know if EGM or Gamepro have any corruption. I was just using their images transposed with that of the Skrulls from Mavel Comics recent Secret Invasion storyline to make a point. That being said though, the recent shake-ups with Dan “Shoe” Hsu leaving EGM make me worry.


~ by vanredd on June 26, 2008.

One Response to “Who do you trust? Video Game Reviews”

  1. Dan shu Leaving upset me tremendously. And the review things are bad. I noticed the other day that Gamespot had an ad for Alone in the Dark. But could not find a review anywhere. So is it just as bad to not do a review because a game gave you money. Shouldnt you have some respect for your readers.

    Also I notced heavy promotion on gaming blogs like Kotaku and Joystiq. These are companies that have bogs that rarely have reviews. My thoughts are this. If your game is crappy dont release it. Its not fair for the game market for us to buy crap like Kane and Lynch if it is not that good. You can make more money on a game that is good than throwning it out in November when 90,000 other games are there.

    Or you can listen to our opinions on the distributed failure podcast… distributedfailure.com

    I know shameless plug

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