Temple of Doom was the best movie EVER MADE!

Best Thing EVER!

A lot of people have been complaining about the new Indiana Jones movie. They say it is the worst movie and now makes Temple of Doom the second worst. People who prefer Raiders and Crusade have only one valid point, that they are stupid. I am here to tell you that those people who put TOD down are turdburglers and are not to be trusted.


Temple had a much darker story then any of the other films. It delt with an evil cult, child slavery, and asian sidekicks. The main villain, Mola Ram, pulled a guys heart out with his bare hands…his BARE HANDS! If you don’t think that is awesome you obviously have no idea what awesome means (FYI: It means pulling someone’s heart out with your bare hands). This is also the film that created the PG-13 rating. So suck on that G and PG!


I will now show you with indisputable proof that Temple was the very best of the Indiana Jones films and had it all. Including:


All the rage in Bangledesh this season.

Have a little help from my friends!

Is it just your helmet or are you happy to see me?

Yet the rates are to die for!

He no nuts, he's crazy!

Hold on my Heart. (Mola Ram = Phil Collins)

007 never had it so good.

So there you have it. If this is not enough to convice you then you are hopelessly lost.


~ by vanredd on June 22, 2008.

22 Responses to “Temple of Doom was the best movie EVER MADE!”

  1. We will do the usual~watch it when it comes out on DVD! Thanks for the preview!

  2. Actually, my dear Mercedes, this movie came out in 1984…so you can totally go rent it right now! Hooray!!!

  3. I still haven’t seen the new one (yes yes i know.. and no I don’t know what i am waiting for! lol) I loved the crusaders mainly because I would eagerly drop everything to have a wild affair with Sean Connery and bear many of his children.. well maybe until he hit 70 (I am not Anna Nicole!!)
    But the movies are all great.. how can I compare 1, 2, or 3??? It would be like comparing regular shreddies and the *new* diamond shreddies… wait I think I would really like the diamond shreddies better!! lol oh dear..

  4. I LOVE these films, they are fabulous and I could watch them over and over!
    Loved the new one too 🙂

  5. good morning allison!
    i love this series too. i have not seen the new one yet, but it is next on my list. how could anyone not like harrison ford! 🙂 we saw the hulk this weekend and it was fun.
    🙂 melissa

  6. Except that TOD is consistently rated as the least favorite of the three. Not even George Lucas liked it.

  7. Then George Lucas is a turdburgler!

    Exhibit A: midicloreans

    Exhibit B: He didn’t like Temple of Doom

  8. haha – now I MUST see it! (Can you believe that I haven’t before?)
    To answer your question, the lattice on our fence was there when we moved in (we rent) and we just left it there – Clover could definitely fit under if we didn’t have it there. There’s a beagle in our area who always crawls out under her fence when Clover walks by. And Clover is smaller, so she would fit under. Anyway, works well for our purposes! (Even though it looks ugly!)

  9. The reason that George Lucas and Steven Speilburg act like they don’t like it is because they made it so dark compared to the other Indy movies. They both were going though either a break up or a divorce and let themselves go to a darker place. T

    Personally to me TOD had some of the best lines of the series and I liked that it was a bit darker.

  10. Temple of Doom is definitely my favorite Indiana Jones movie by far. My grandparents had it at their place and I used to watch it at least once every visit. My best friend and I used to play Indiana Jones sisters in the backyard with skipping rope whips. We made our Vietnamese friend be Shorty’s sister. lol! Ah the prejudice of youth…

  11. Did you like the new one? Mom’s friend Blondie didn’t like it at all.


  12. Ha-ha! Thanks for the laugh. Now I’m off to Netflix to rent it!

  13. TOD does rock the house, but it’s still my least fave of the four. Sorry. I guess I suck – LOL!

  14. Norman = Turdburgler 😛

  15. I actually liked the new movie. TOD..not so much though.

  16. At first I was going to argue with you, but you convinced me. Now the best chick flick I have ever seen was The Joy Luck Club.

  17. Hi. Re – the robbery. I was at work. My neighbor called and asked if I was expecting three young men. Punky looking men. Her husband went to the fridge to get a drink on his one day off and saw them walk into my entryway. They called the cops after I told them I wasn’t expecting anyone and the husband went to my doorway and found the screen door locked, They should have called the cops first, then me, but what can I say. They did call the cops and the thieves left sooner rather than later because the husband was yanking on all the doors. They got caught, that is what was imoprtant, and they didn’t hurt the pugs. They all told the D.A. that I had a really friendly dog (Lucky) who came up to them to say hello. That is probably why they didn’t hurt them, especially when they both started barking. I figure Roxy was stuck on the table because otherwise they would have mentioned her, and they didn’t, just Lucky.

  18. I have seen the original-of course. I was with my Dad. But I will wait for the new one to come out on DVD.

  19. Is that your baby Rukia on Pug a Day?

  20. Short Round = Best Sidekick EVER
    He also spawned the best catchphrase ever…”That’s not very funny Dr. Jones”

  21. Yeah, I love TOD. I can put up with Capshaw’s incessent screaming and her inherently nepotistic casting because I will never tire of hearing Short Round refer to ‘rich stuff’ and I will never tire of hearts being ripped out. Bridges getting cut is also cool. It’s still no ‘Crusade’ though.

  22. Actually Oscar George Lucas DID like it. It was Steven Spielberg who didn’t. George Lucas defends this film from all teh bashers saying he isn’t sorry about the way it turned out. At the time they were under a lot of pressure to admit that tearing out hearts and sacrificing people in a kid’s film was wrong. Again Steven admitted he was, George didn’t – and hasn’t to this day. Bt teh way I love Crstal Skull and Temple Of Doom and HATE last Crusade. I love your review, it’s awesome just like you!!

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