Caption Contest #1

CAPTION this PHOTO and win something!

Your caption could go HERE!

Contest ends 6/27/08.


~ by Nevis on June 19, 2008.

22 Responses to “Caption Contest #1”

  1. Muhahaha… my evil domination of the Pug-verse begins now… with a pug-which.. yumyum! I mean.. muhahahah

    (totally cute picture!!)

  2. I told you… if you bite me again I will bite you back!

  3. I have nothing for the caption-lol-but I do have a post you might like. Come on over when you can. 😉

  4. Mike Tyson, eat your heart out!

  5. Dogs get to chew on Pig Ears… I wonder if Pug Ears are as good?


  7. Those are funny comments. Mom has nothung. Oh well.


  8. Chomp, chomp, snug, snug that is how we eat our pug!

  9. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, me Pug head………

  10. Polly: “Can we just get this over with so I can watch the Bitch Channel.”

    Poley: Yeah, yeah… you’re a tough one. Oh right, I mean, “Help, I am so afraid. Please do not eat me, Mr. Doom.”
    Doom: AAARGH! EAT PUG!
    Poley: …
    Doom: YUMMY PUG!
    Poley: Oh, and while you’re back there, can you scratch behind my ears. Yesterday I was rolling in some particularly pungent trash and I think I might have picked up some fleas… or a tick or two.
    Doom: YUM YUM YUM… wait, what? That’s gross. I can’t eat you now.
    Poley: No? Darn. Maybe tomorrow.
    Doom: Stop rolling in that trash, yo. It’s not very appetizing.
    Poley: Tell that to Rukia. Bow-chicka-bow-wow!
    Doom: I think I’m gonna be sick!

  12. Hahah those are all some pretty funny captions, I definitely can’t top them!!

  13. Bitter ear wax? Bet ya wish ya never started cleaning?

  14. Dad, really…stop whispering about Mom! She can hear you!

  15. *sigh* Go ahead, do your worst. I have nothing left to live for.

  16. Those are great captions! I’ll give it a whirl: “Don’t pee on de cawpet no mowe? Ok. OK. I hear ya.”

  17. “When he said ‘you’re so cute I’m going to eat you all up’, this isn’t what I expected”

  18. Wouldn’t you prefer a manwich?

  19. Can you see the headline now??

    “Man-Eating-Pug Strikes Again”


  21. Woops, I should have read the captions first before I commented. Looks like Checkers and I have the same comment. I guess great mnds think alike.

    I’ll have to think about it a little and get back to ya!

  22. Weren’t you listening in class? It’s mouth to mouth, not mouth to ear!

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