Darth Thruster

Nothing new to report, however I did see this video and it cracked me up. I mean, c’mon….What’s more hilarious than a hip-thrusting Darth Vadar?

And to answer someone’s question where this took place? Surprisingly…Disneyworld!

Edit: No, still haven’t heard on biospy. Will advise at soonest.


~ by Nevis on June 17, 2008.

12 Responses to “Darth Thruster”

  1. OMG~this is so good! Love it!

  2. ahh! I cna’t watch it at work.. boo.. youtube is blocked here. So I will watch it home…
    Remember, no new is good news right?
    Yes, it was horrifying, all I could think of was someone stole her or she had been hit by a car!!! I was that close to crying when she ran out of the bushes (they are building some houses behind the houses across the street.. that is where she ended up!)

  3. Funny and cute! 😀
    Still praying.

  4. That’s really cute and all but I’m still worried about you!!! You keep us posted young lady! pleeeease? 🙂

  5. I stumbled onto your blog this afternoon, so fun! This is hilarious.

  6. Oh, that is funny. Just too funny. Mom has no words for it, it is so funny. Keep us posted. We are waiting too!


  7. Hilarious. I love how the crowd is screaming too. It’s practically like Darth and buddies are going to strip.

  8. hi allison!
    just checking in. 🙂 i hope your mouth is feeling much better today!
    i am thinking about you!

  9. That clip is too funny . . . I wonder where that is? Any news on the biopsy?

  10. Just checking in honey. I will tell you this, when it takes time for them to get back with you its often a good sign. Trust me if it was really bad they would’ve called you in already. I’m still praying for you and thinking of you. Please keep me update.

    Your layout is awesome. I love how you added the doggie. Great job

  11. Just wondering if you’ve heard. I’m keeping you in my prayers.

  12. Just catching up on blogs. Praying all is well with you! C had same thing happen earlier this year….

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