Ewok Band: Make This Game!

In this day and age everything is about cross promotion in the gaming world. Sometimes that means ads, other times it means combining two properties. You see it all the time. Star Wars Transformers, Lego Indiana Jones, and of course all the different versions of Monopoly (Simpson’s, Marvel,  & etc.). Since music and rhythm games are all the rage these days I present to you the next gaming hit:

Ewok-ing the Suburbs

* Combine your love of Rockband and your love of Star Wars all in one game.

* Take on the Galaxy Tour as your favorite rocked out Star Wars Character! Including: Hard Rockin’ Han, Luke Drumbanger, ElectroniLeia, Darth Axegrinder, Vocalizing Vader, R&B2D2, C3PrOdigy, Chewrocka, and many more!

* Play though Carrear Mode as you choose…take the Light Side path by pleasing the fans or the Dark Side path to quick success by pleasing the suits. The choice is yours!

* Expericence the greatest track list in the galaxy, Star Wars Style, including:

I Kissed A Wookiee (Katy Perry)                     Love in this Cantina (Usher)          

Island in the Cloud (Weezer)                         Smack My Bith Up (Prodigy)

The Real Slim Solo (Eminem)                         Like a Floating Stone (Rolling Stones) 

Drops of Tatooine (Train)                             Werewolves of Dagobah (Warren Zevon)  

Womp Rat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent)          Touch My Tauntaun (Mariah Carey)

Wookiee Wrench (Foo Fighters)                     Fight For Your Right to Jedi (Beastie Boys)

Shock the Ewok (Peter Gabriel)                     Dewbacks in the Cradle (Harry Chapin)

Blitzkrieg Bantha (The Ramons)                    Rockin The Outer Rim (Ben Folds)

Tom Solo (Rush)                                           Everything I Do, I Do It For Yoda (Bryan Adams)

Back In The Falcon Again (Aerosmith)          Born in the Old Republic (Bruce Springsteen)

Video Killed the Nerf Hearder (Buggles)       She Blinded Me With Carbonite (Thomas Dolby)

Pour Some Spice On Me (Def Leppard)         No Sleep Till Dantooine (Beastie Boys)

Don’t Fear The Rancor (Blue Oyster Cult)     Dancing in the Darkside (Bruce Springsteen)

Working Han (Rush)                                     Orange County Gammorean (Gwen Steafani)

Come On Feel The Force (Quiet Riot)           Naboo Dreaming (The Mamas and the Papas)

Death Stick Blues (Johnny Cash)                  Pretty Fly, For A Jedi (The Offspring) 

Sweet Home Alderaan (Lynard Skynard)       The Boys Are Back In Bespin (Thin Lizzy)

Paranoid Protocol Droid (Radiohead)           Hold On My Throat (Phil Collins, Darth Vader)



~ by vanredd on June 5, 2008.

12 Responses to “Ewok Band: Make This Game!”

  1. I LOOOVE this, baby. And I think “Touch My Tauntaun” is my fav song.

  2. Nice one Van, that was pretty damn funny. You however the best song of the all. Suck My Sith (Red Hot Chili Peppers). 😀

  3. I want one.. but I would need to have “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al… lol

  4. hilarious. you must be quite the life of the party ?

  5. Oh nevis… it does surely cut down on hobos as well as the ‘children who are sent to pet the pairs while their parents take pictures’ population.

    i think someone fed the bear so they could take pictures… friggin people. 🙂 last week in the news it was reported grizzly bears were SWIMMING to vancouver island for no real reason. lol

  6. oops sorry not pairs, bears.

  7. I’m too old for most of those songs. I think I’d like…. Ewoks With Me (Merle Haggard) or Chewbacca Road – (Eric Burdon and the Animals)

    That is really funny!

  8. I also love, “Everything I Do, I Do It For Yoda”…!

  9. We miss you too! we’re sorry for the lack of postings and comments, one of my dear friends passed away last week and i have been a bit of a hermit ever since, i didnt really want to make a fuss but feel bad for not staying in contact… much love to you, terry and of course the puggelehs.
    Weeny,Daisy and Livvy xx

  10. I’m so sharing this post with my hubby. He has slowly converted our innocent babies to the ‘dark side’…wink-wink. Very cute post.

  11. Oh, I love Star Wars too! Rather, I should say, everyone in my family does. I fell in love with French Bulldogs because they reminded me of Yoda, even. Yeah, I’m corny.

    Anyway, I’ve seen you on other blogs and thought I’d check yours out. We seem to like the same scrapbookers and blogs-LOL ! So, Hello!!!

  12. How about:

    ‘I would do Anakin for love (but I won’t do that)’
    ‘Qui Gon Jin & Juice’

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