Indiana Jones and the Review of Awesome!

If you can’t tell by the title that I loved the new Indy movie then there is no help for you. Go on! Get now! Go read some article about pink sissy socks or something because we have offical man bussiness to talk about. This movie was like becoming twelve years old all over again and anyone who says it sucks is falt out stupid, wrong, and probably a douche.
First we are going to do a checklist to make sure this movie is 100% pure awesome:
The Hat                                                      ü

Communists being devoured by ants             ü

Nuclear Explosions                                       ü

Swordfights on moving jeeps                        ü

Indy using a rocket launcher                         ü

Indy and Marion bickering like dogs               ü

Secret Warehouse                                        ü

Jock vs. Greaser action                                 ü

Indy crying like a girl because of snakes         ü

Indy vs. Skull staring contest                         ü

Shia vs. Cate Blachet WWE Style                    ü

Monkeys!!!                                                   ü

FBI AGENT: Janitor (Scrubs)                          ü

Ark of the Covenant                                      ü

Brain Melting                                                ü


There you go, proof positive that this will be THE movie of the summer now and forever. The man with the hat is back!



~ by vanredd on May 29, 2008.

13 Responses to “Indiana Jones and the Review of Awesome!”

  1. I really loved the movie, too, baby. My main problem revolved around that totally CHEESY plastic looking skull with it’s absurdly oblong shape. But I did love a lot of the movie. And Harrison Ford looked pretty damn good for an old guy!

  2. Great movie. We saw it this weekend with my parents. As we walked out of the theater, I told H that I wanted to own this as soon as it comes out. 🙂

  3. Ahhh I can’t wait to go see it!!!!

    I also can’t wait till the orginal movies come out on bluray!!!

  4. mmm…. the smell movie theatre popcorn and Bengay ointment! heavenly!

  5. To answer your question, YES we LOVED San Francisco!!! Did you love living there?!

  6. mom hasn’t seen it yet, so she can’t read your blog. WAAAAAAAH


  7. Haha – awesome review! It does sound good. We are waiting for it to start playing at the Drive-In!

  8. Very funny! I loeved this review. I thought the movie was great – I’d love to see Shiah in a sequal…as long as they don’t call him Indiana Jones. your thoughts?

  9. I’m waiting until cheap night on Tuesday because I’m cheap. 😉

  10. hi allison
    we hope to get to see it this weekend. we saw ironman last weekend and loved it!
    hugs to the pugs! oh! and thanks for the link yesterday. i love that site!
    🙂 m & e

  11. I haven’t seen the movie, they won’t let me in! But I have a poster spoof on my blog, I’m the star of course.
    luv ‘n’ slobber

  12. LOL – I loved it too. The first in the series is still one of my all time top 5 favorites evah!

  13. Saw it! Loved it! What’s not to love?

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