Van Redd and the Return from Oblivion

\"Spidey in the Sky with Diamonds\"Journal Entry # 23

I have found myself, by chance, in the midst of a precarious situation yet again. First it was the knife fight with a bear on a trapeze wire and now this. It seems I have stumbled into some sort of fisticuffs between Spider-Man and his Ne’er do well friends. Shame on that bloke but at least it give me a chance to write faux british like with my daper sunglasses!

On the topic of comic books what is with Marvel these days? It is a constant up and down battle with them. I love the Skrull Invasion but I hate the Brand New Day for Spider-Man. Oh well.

In other news I am now done with my first full year of teaching and I have been rehired for another year. WOOT! Stay tuned as I am preparing the sequal to An Interview with Dr. Doom with…..



~ by vanredd on May 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Van Redd and the Return from Oblivion”

  1. Does anyone really care about Namor?

  2. Marvel?! Marvel?! We all know DC rocks!

  3. When I was into comics, I basically only read Image comics and DC Vertigo stuff, things like Spawn and Transmetropolitan. Ah, fond memories.

    Anyway, congrats of finishing off your first year. An analog buddy of mine (as opposed to all my digital buddies) also just finished his first year and I must say, I’ve a bit awed by the amount of work you guys do.


  4. Congrats on the re-hire! I’m sure the kids will have another wonderful with you as their teacher. I really want to get back in the comic book scene, but they’re so expensive!

  5. Good for you! The first year is the hardest, next year will seem so much easier- still hard- but now you have been there and done that! Each year will have new and different challenges! Year #8 and year #20 were my most challenging years! The “Swan Song” was year #25 and they were my favorite and best class!

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