Pug 101

Here’s a video from a recent training session Terry teaching Napoleon & Rukia to go sit and then “lay down”. How do you think it’s going? Let me know what sort of tricks you’re teaching your dogs to do! Oh, in case anyone is curious – the treat that the puggies are doing tricks for in our video is American cheese. They love it!


~ by Nevis on May 21, 2008.

19 Responses to “Pug 101”

  1. HIGH-larious!! Where’s the dungeon?

  2. Mom laughed for 5 minutes! That is too funny. Looks like it’s going…..good?

    I know how to sit, sit up pretty, bow, stay, be road kill, roll over, spin, and a couple of other things. we went to class at PetSmart. My teacher was a real nice lady.

  3. OMG!! Love it! Especially the maniacal laugter, very evil.
    Rukia in all her evilness seems to catch on quicker, but she doesn’t go all the way down. I say no cheese untill her lil belly hits the floor! 🙂
    With Gus we had use his leash and step on it close to his collar to force him… he is stubborn.

    PS LOVE the accent! 😉

  4. too funny! looks like they are learning pretty well. henri knows how to dance, sit, stay, wait, down, off, and his best trick is “take off my socks!” and he will remove them for you, very gently! it’s sooo cute!

  5. CHEESE! Ahh glorious cheese– I love cheese and will bow for some— please give me some cheese!


    PS I am teaching my peeps some new tricks such as give me whatever I want!

  6. Wow, I really wish my puggies could do ANY tricks!!! They told me they’re too old for that.

  7. Aww Napoleon & Rukia are soo cute. I think they’re good at learning tricks. American cheese …i’ve never tried that before, i don’t even think we can get it over here must say to ails to look out for it.

    Thank you soo much for coming to visit me at my site and for leaving a nice comment. Thank you again.

    lots of licks


  8. I mean the faint southern accent that I think I hear.. I could be off.. it could just be WOW accent 🙂

  9. I love the accent! 😉 heehee

    I sent my husband over hear to check out the video too! I will have to look at it later :p, youtube is blocked at work.

  10. This just in: Puggies Replace Doombots! Enemies no longer terrified!

  11. Eli will obey down and speak for raw baby carrots. I’ve been working on leave it, but he is so stubborn. Bitsey will only do sit and only if there is a pillow to sit on. She does not beg when we are eating- she goes and sits on her pillow and looks pitiful. It works- she has us trained to give her a treat when she sits on her pillow! Angel’s is open Sunday (1-6 I think)

  12. OMGosh! How adorable are those dogs! Thanks for the smile!

  13. That is very funny. PlusOne thinks it is hilarious. Mom says it was easier training Lucky to lie down than me.


  14. Your puglets are extremely adorable I can almost smell how pugalicious they are!! Thanks for stopping by to visit me and the Sausage. Here are a few from his repertoire of tricks:
    High Five
    Jump (up into human arms)
    Give Kisses
    Sit Pretty
    Give Paw
    Leave it
    Take it

    Of course being a pug he will only work for food, when he feels like it 🙂


  15. Awww..they are so adorable. Perogi and bella do sit, laydown, shake and stay. That’s about it, but they too are crazy about american cheese and peanut butter.

  16. OMG, I have tears of laughter in my eyes. Nice work Terry. 😀

  17. Great video!
    Have a safe and Happy Holiday weekend!
    🙂 Melissa and Emmitt

  18. haha my dogs were loving the noises coming out of my computer just now! love your blog!!


  19. BOW BEFORE MEEEE! Hahah so funny, and i LOVE the cackle. A mazing 🙂 Weeny can sit and lay down and daisy does an awquard half crouch which is supposed to be her version of sit.
    Love Olivia (weeny and daisys mummy!)

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