Rock & Mineral Composition

Dear Moonwind...Did any of you guys keep diaries when you were a child? I did. I was a shitty diary-writer, too. I would go months on end forgetting to write, probally because I would loose my diary in the massive piles of clothing, toys, books and dirty plates that piled up in my room. I was an overachievingly messy child. (Did I just make that word up? I am not sure “overachievingly” is a real word. Well, I’m trademarking it, then! Mine!)

When I would ask to go to a friends house, the mall with friends, or various slumber parties, my parents used to use my desire to do something – as an opportunity to get me to clean my room. Very quickly I wised up to this attempt at parenting and I got to where I would ask to go to a friends house at like 7:55pm on a friday night.

My mother would say, “Clean your room first!” and I’d go up to my room in a vain attempt to clean it up. But it really was too much to do. Honestly, it was TOO messy. The room should’ve been condemmed. I would come down in a panic, “Mom, Mom, I will not get it done in time before I have to be there…!” So they’d relent…I could go, but I’d have to clean it up when I got home, or later over the weekend. And of course, that never happend. I’m sure they were wise to this trick of mine, but they usually let it slide because I was a good kid. Never did drugs, or came home plastered and pregnant.

Where am I going with all this? Well, I was going through some boxes (where is that yellow purse?!) the other day and I found my diary. Oh, it was sad. It had all my little dreams and girlish hopes for finding a boyfriend, lamenting over never having been kissed, all about how I liked my friend Nikki better than Kim (who was a total buttface monkey butt), discussions over wether or not I should wear the ruffled purple polka-dot top with the pink leggings? Gnarly! Radical! (Don’t you love the 80’s!?) The diary did bring back a lot of memories and it was fun to read, even if  Terry was reading over my shoulder laughing and mocking some of my silly girl thoughts. (Men!)

I thought I was so covert about the diary, too. I even had a faux cover calling it “Rock & Mineral Composition” with a little fake few pages at the beginning to deter readers. Although the fact that I usually hid it under my piles of clothing, magazines, stuffed animals, kudos wrappers, shoes, et cetera should’ve been enough of a deterrent. I mean, seriously? Who did I think was going to go searching through my room for my diary? The FBI? Was the president sending special agents over to gain insight into the innermost thoughts of myself? Did he want to know that the frozen yogurt shop in Rancho Penasquitos had the best yogurt ever. Yes, very top secret thoughts. Really.

My diary even had a name. For some reason I referred to my diary by the name…”Moonwind“. I cannot explain this or justify it. It is what it was. Where did I get that name? I have no idea. I was obviously an odd child. Possibly dropped on my head as a baby. And according to the diary, Brian Workman was like totally cute in his neon orange “Rusty” t-shirt. Rad.


~ by Nevis on May 15, 2008.

16 Responses to “Rock & Mineral Composition”

  1. I was never dropped as a baby. I dropped myself as a baby. 😀 Hey, where’s that chat feature?

  2. That stupid meebo thing kinda sucked. Zoyd and I test ran it yesterday or the day before. Ba Humbug!

  3. Ummm.. who is Brain Workman??? hahaha

    I tried the diary thing too.. I hid in my nightstand that was the equivalant to your room. One of those enter at your risk and you could plossibly lose your fingers type drawer. 🙂
    Ahh the 80’s I am sad that they are back with their leggings and big hair and neon colors. I am too young to be reliving my child hood.

  4. Hahah hilarious post. I kept a crappy diary too. It makes me embarrassed when I read back!!

  5. LOL. Yes, I had a diary too, but I didn’t really “get” the point of a diary. I put things in there like – got up, showered, went to school. There were a lot of entries like that. I guess I was never meant to be a poet 🙂 My room was probably just as messy as yours. My solution to cleaning was to jam everything under the bed, in the closet and in already-overcrammed drawers. My mom would come looking for missing dishes and silverware in my room when she began to run low on forks or glasses. She usually found what she was looking for too – sadly, it was usually covered in mold. I am such a man when it comes to housekeeping. I must admit that I am still very much a slob.

  6. Mom says you can’t be any weirder than she was as a child, and she was pretty weird. She was quite out there. Moat people didn’t get her. That’s why she thinks it is so neat to blog to people like you. And yes, mom cleaned the camera lens.

  7. Kudos….goodness when was the last time i had one of those? do they even make them anymore??

    “moonwind”..hahaha you are hilarious

  8. Allison, I know I have told you before, but I have to say it again…I love your blog! you are an amazing writer and communicator.
    How cool that you still have your diary. Hug the puggies for me!

  9. Not long ago I was looking for something and ran across a book that I wrote poems in when I was in high school. Good Lord…they were so sappy and stupid. It made for a great laugh though. Oh and yeah, I had a diary too. Funny how the perspective is so different now when you read it now.

  10. High school poetry! Ah…that would make a great post. At one time I wanted to be a poet when I grew up…

  11. I tried to keep a diary, but I was an disciplined enough to do it daily or weekly. It’s cool you found your old one, talk about memories.

  12. How strange.. we are just watchng indiana jones on the tele! The diary sounds cute, and exactly like the one i had when i was little, filled with stuff that seems silly now, but was sooo important at the time 🙂 Loved the puggy pics! xx

  13. Hi! I tagged you in a blog!! Check it out!

  14. Oh, man, the diaries…yes, mine were plural. And so dramatic. Sheesh! But, I have to say, if my parents or anyone was ever looking for it, it was probably pretty easy to find as I was a neak freak in my bedroom. I even used to label my hangers with what shirts they belonged with. I’m such a nerd….

  15. Now that was really clever to make a faux cover for your diary. I had a diary when I was a girl too and never wrote much until I got in my late teens.

  16. Ha! I used to keep diaries too–I cringe when I read them now! Funny to see what was going on in your life back then though. Cute post!

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