Pug Tuesday!

I haven’t posted many pictures of the pugs lately…mostly because I don’t think I’d taken any and also because there always seemed something more imporant to discus. But today it’s wall-to-wall Pug action. Prepare yourself for total cuteness. Are you prepared? Are you!!?!

Anyways, Here’s a few shots of them begging for treats. We’re working on a new “trick” – the sit and stay. They have a very hard time with this but cheerios and cheese are good motivators.

Here’s Napoleon looking adoringly at his Mama:

Crazy tongue action-shot!

Rukia’s version of “down”…pug-rug style. That’s how she rolls.

Pug Rug!

Here’s Poley licking his chops after eating a few cheerios. Aww..he’s so cute!

Poley lickin his chops

Today on Maurey Povich: Suspicious Pug. Are the Cheerios real or the Wal-Mart knockoff. DNA tests are in!

Suspicious Pug

Here’s my most recent layout…of Napoleon. Isn’t he adorable? I’m starting a seperate scrapbook just for layouts of the pugs. I know, I’m aparently one of THOSE people. But I haven’t started carrying pictures of them in my wallet, so I think I’m only like…HALF one of those people. I do talk to my pugs though. And have conversations. No, it’s not crazy at all. Don’t you judge me!


Poley scrapbooked

And a close up of the layout for your enjoyment:

Suspicious Pug #2


~ by Nevis on May 13, 2008.

20 Responses to “Pug Tuesday!”

  1. I pray the humans will drop some Cheerios for me.

  2. The pictures are so cute! You have darling puggies! And as for me, I feel quite comfortable being one of “those” people. Why don’t you consider succumbing to it completely? I am known by my pugaholic personality, and for those who consider it excessive……oh well.

  3. Those are some good looking Pugs. Your scrapbook page looks great.

  4. Great pictures!
    I always love seeing your puggies! Emmitt loves cheerios too~
    🙂 M & E

  5. They photos are so sweet. So cute. Mom talks to us too. I just don’t answer her in ways she understands.


  6. those pics rock! love the page, too!

  7. It’s okay, I am one of THOSE people too. I don’t have a scrapbook of Oscar yet, but Daisy has a HUGE scrapbook of just her.

  8. Love how Rukia does “down” – Bitsey refuses to do that. She only does “sit” if there is a pillow handy. Sometimes a rug will do, but absolutely not on a wood floor!

  9. Well you had better catch up and START carrying pictures of them in your wallet, missy!!:)

    Love the pics and your pages. That Rukia really gets me…what a CUTIE PIE!!

  10. Adorable pictures and I love the scrapbook.

    Hey, not only do I talk to the pugs, I make THEM talk to me. I mean, I give them voices. It’s very popular with my friends’ children but something I try to avoid around other sane adults.

    BTW – I had no idea what AIG was. My hubbie’s shirt is a soccer shirt – Manchester United I think. It says “Giggs” on the back for Ryan Giggs. I guess (I learned since asking him what AIG was) that AIG owns the team.

    Is that tmi for you? LOL

  11. All the pictures are adorable but that first picture of Poley is so adorable! 🙂

  12. Haha why thank you!

    One vaccumm cleaner is the roommate’s. 🙂 and i am a lazy cleaner.. i wait till i have tumbleweeds. :p
    yea i have caught Gus doing that too… indy goes and hides cause she is ashamed. she is truly pathetic when she is sick.

  13. They are so precious! Not sure if you knew or not, but I have some bad news about my precious Patch:

  14. Thank you for sharing Pug Tuesday. Who needs a swiffer when you have a reliable pug or three?

  15. Thanks for Cliff’s birthday wishes. I enjoyed seeing the pugs again today. Rukia’s down is so adorable. (All the way down.)

  16. I think I’ve said this before, but …How the heck do you get anything done? If I lived with those dogs, I’d be laughing to the point of incapacitation.

    You’re scrapbook pages are great!

  17. . . . and I’m typing in homonyms again. @#$%!

  18. LOVE the puggies! We are excited you’ll be joining us in SNPM!

  19. Your pugs are awesome x 10! Just wanted to know how much I enjoy your visits to my blog. To quote my friend cody bear, “It makes me wag.”

    I like your banner at the top. That’s Richard Diebenkorn, right? Didn’t know corgis could be art historians too, didja?

  20. Your puggies are such cutie patooties. Love how Rukia does the spread out.

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