Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

4H CampToday has been a weird day. Lots of drama at work, on various message boards and friends via email. It’s like the world has PMS.

Here’s picture of Terry and his friend and co-worker, Belcher at 4H Camp last weekend. I put it through photoshop in this cool new feature I just learned how to use where it makes pictures look all old and very saturated or whatnot. Cool, huh? I’ve been doing it to all sorts of pictures but this is the first one that I’ve put up on here.

In other news not much is happening. Terry is obsessed with GTA4, I’m obsessed with World of Warcraft, scrapbooking and our upcoming vacation.

heart vacation planning…! There is something infinately wonderful about planning for a vacation. I love the entire process. Choosing hotels, dates, activities, budgeting, reading books on topic, surfing the internet about the topic, compiling notes, making lists, plans, etc. It’s intoxicating. It’s (almost) more fun than the vacation itself.

Too bad I can’t do this for a living!


~ by Nevis on May 6, 2008.

15 Responses to “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces”

  1. You have always been a planner, and your’e right sometimes it can’t equal the vacation, too many expectations. But I know you will have a fabulous time not matter what.

  2. Maybe you could become a…travel agent! But I guess you wouldn’t be planning your trips every day.

    Cool photoshopping. ? I think I’ve made things look all saturated but by accident! I really need to take a photoshop course…oh, yes, I would love that.

  3. Sue – there are TONS of free tutorials on photoshop on the internet. Check into it! Everything I know I got from tutorials and from trial & error.

  4. Allison, hope the drama abates some in the next little while.

    My vacations usually amount to no more than sleeping in and not getting fully dressed throughout the day. Hope yours and Terry’s ends up being more exciting than that. Although… not getting dressed does have its benefits 8)

  5. hi allison!
    you would be the best travel agent ever!
    missed ya while i was away!

  6. I love vacay planning! I think that’s the most relaxing part of the vacation half the have you decided on your destination??

  7. Nevis,
    My Mommy is a Travel Agent, and she says that she thought that it would be a ball because she has traveled a lot and LOVES it, and because she likes the planning stage and is good at the organizing, but it is NOT fun…her clients are mean, and have unreasonable expectations about travel – the prices and capabilities of certain airplanes, etc.
    Just FYI!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  8. I loved your line…”it’s like the whole world has PMS”! HA! I’ve definitely had days like those!

  9. What a great picture!

  10. A fair portion of my world had PMS today, too. I hope tomorrow is more sane the whole world over!!!

  11. LOVE the pic! So excited about you going to Disney! I want all the details- how long will you stay? Staying on property? My friend Lisa is a Disney specialized travel agent (or however you say that) and she can hook you up with stuff. This is just gonna get long so I’ll email you!

  12. Nev,

    If I had anything to do with ya leaving I apologize. Miss ya on the forums, But I understand if ya don’t wanna come back. Thanks for always having something nice to say to me!


  13. I love vacation planning too!! I am in the middle of planning ours right now — we are going hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I am so excited you are going to Disney World. We have been several times (and are HUGE Disney fans) so if you need any advice let me know!!

  14. I, too, LOVE to plan vacations like you do! Love it!

  15. Cool pic! As for vacation planning~you would get along with Jedd’s SIL. Well not sure if you would get along with her-she is a difficult person~but she too loves all of the aspects of planning vacations too!

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