Weekend Warriors

Happy Monday everyone! Well, what did we do this weekend at the Manicdote house? Well, my Dad is coming to visit in 20 days (for my birthday) so we’re in high gear for cleaning. This weekend? Our task was simple. Clean the bathroom. We armed ourselves with rubber gloves, bleachy cleaning products and sponges. We worked our ass off for about two hours scrubbing that bathroom clean. Cleaner than it’s ever been. It’s still ugly, but at least it’s clean! So clean I don’t want to use it. We are weekend warriors…!!!

Next weekend – our target shall be laundry room/mud room and living room. They’re not dirty – just cluttered and need attention! I keep telling the pugs to clean while I’m at work and they’re not listening. Lazy mutts…they’re not earning their keep. Pug kissies don’t pay the bills, baby.

We also played some Grand Theft Auto 4 and World of Warcraft. I’m almost up to lvl 20 so I’m pretty stoked about that. I also scrapbooked. I finished a page I recently did as part of a challenge at a scrapbooking website I frequent. It’s a layout of pictures taken while at Disneyland last summer; Terry on the teacups:

Spin me round, baby!

And a close up:

Van Spun

Also – we finally decided on where we’re going for our summer vacation: DISNEY WORLD!!! Of course, we’ll also go to Epcot and all the other parks there. I’ve wanted to go there my whole life so I’m totally excited!


~ by Nevis on May 5, 2008.

16 Responses to “Weekend Warriors”

  1. The Scrap Book page looks wonderful, you are getting really good.

  2. My People are going to Disneyworld too. They’re leaving the week before Memorial day. I have to stay home though 😦 Your scrapbook page looks great!

  3. Boy do I know all about cleaning!! Yuck! My fav product right now is the oxy clean fantastic! It is my miracle cleaner, from wiping the floor down with accidents.. to cleaning out .. well everything in my old apartment for my final scrub down!

    Oooh disneyland! Very jealous! I think we may hit vegas up in july again (when its super hot and dirt cheap!) I love the scrapbook page, I need to start doing some more. 🙂

  4. Here’s the thing about cleaning – after we do it, we should NEVER use the kitchen, bathroom, stairs again. It’s just too much work.

    And yeah, what’s up with puggies who don’t do any chores?! We keep telling ours that they need to earn their keep but do they? Oooh, noooo…they think looking cute and snuggling is enough.

    Another wonderful scrapbook page…can you come scrapbook my photos? I swear, I wouldn’t even know where to start to make a page like yours. LOL

  5. My Mama needs to work on our bathroom too. She promise to get to it after her finals. Wow, Disneyworld! Your parents are super lucky! I hope the Puggies get to go along!


  6. I lived in a mobile home for a year, at the end of which I decided it was high time to fully scrub the bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, I cleaned it regularly during the year but only the basics – toilet bowl cleaning, sweeping, wiping the sink, etc. But actually getting down to scrub? Sigh… what a job. I salute you and your brave efforts.

  7. Yay for Disney! You’ll have a blast.

  8. It seems like everyone is cleaning latley!
    Mom is getting ready to start a HUGE cleaning project as we are having all of the mothers in our family over for Mother’s Day brunch. Mom does this every year – she lets the cleaning go for loke a month before Mothers Day, and then does one huge eight hour cleaning session on the day before Mothers Day.
    Its a pain in my piggy butt.
    Jemima Jones Beck

  9. You guys are getting an early start on the cleaning . . . in our household cleaning-for-guests does not start until 48 hrs before the anticipated date of arrival. Mommy says it makes life more exciting that way.

  10. That is good about the cleaning. Good for you. Mom should have done that this weekend, but she didn’t. She will be getting it together, soon. Real soon. And then, after you cleaned, you played. Good for you for that, too.


  11. We love Disneyworld! We went in January (before I started blogging)! My husband is the biggest kid in the park! Have you decided where you are staying? Let me know how your Angel’s trip goes?

  12. I am so excited that you guys are going to Disney World!!!!!! You will LOVE it–I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  13. cleaning sucks!!! but atleast you’re getting it done! disney world is so fun! i went there on my honeymoon, we are hoping to take the kids in the next year or two.
    oh! and BTW the paper i used in my lazy days lo is made by fancy pants

  14. What a great vacation that will be! I love your scrapbook page! Good job.

  15. Woohoo~Weekend Warriors! Did you see the song I posted for ya?
    Check it out here:

  16. p.s. I have been to Disneyland but NOT Disney World~and I am closer to Disney WOrld-lol! You are awesome with the scrap booking!

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