School of Redd

Goooooood morning, people! Happy Friday! I got my wonderful new Dell XPS Laptop in the mail…! It’s SO awesome. Pictures of it’s awesomeness to follow…

5th Nurve PainI’m especially happy today for a couple of reasons. #1 – my Dad suffers from a disorder called Trigeminal neuralgia (causes episodes of intense pain in the eyes, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, and jaw) and has suffered from it for almost 20 years. He has taken various medicines over the years to try and squelch the pain…to no avail. It’s gotten a lot worse over the years and the medicine just isn’t working.

So yesterday he underwent Stereotactic Radiation Therapy which is a treatment that sends concentrated bursts of radiation at three parts of the nerves in his head/face. Well, the surgery went awesome yesterday and he’s doing great..! It should take 1-3 months for any effect to be noticable and if all goes well the statistics say that 83% of patients were pain-free at 12 months, with 58% pain-free and off all medications within a year. So everyone – please continue to keep him in your thoughts/prayers.

And as an update – I did not win the scrapbooking contest (the one where I showed you guys the cards that was my entry). While I personally feel that my entry was waaaaay better than the girl who won – I realize that I might be biased. However, it hasn’t soured me on that site (Paper Popcicles). The people who choose the contest winners may have bad taste when it comes to choosing a winner who has creativity, artistic vision and oodles of talent like myself – they do have a good website and I like the ladies on it. Also I love their montly scrapbooking kits. Good stuff.

Speaking of scrabooking kits – I used some of the stuff from the kit and I created a layout of Terry…it’s talking about this being his first year as a teacher. Here are some pictures of the layout:

School of Redd

…And a close up of it:

Science Project Gone Wrong

Also I’m just happy because I love Terry, I love my parents, I love my puggies; I’m just happy and loving life today. It’s ALSO a friday and tonight I get to play World of Warcraft! Hooray! Saturday we’re going bowling with friends and more World of Warcraft playing. And Sunday we’ve got chores to do, but I’m also pretty sure that the day will include some World of Warcraft!


~ by Nevis on May 2, 2008.

15 Responses to “School of Redd”

  1. Oh yea… they were totally on crack. You should have won! 🙂
    Aww that is so sweet, I love those pages!
    Yes, GUs still has his bad days, I think it all depends on his amount of excercise he gets. His thing lately is pooping everywhere. And managing to get into the spare room and eat the cat food which is making him poop everywhere. Plus the gas. Wow.. I am surprised he isn’t crapping himself! Haha too much info I know, but I had to share!
    Enjoy your new laptop and your WOW this weekend!

  2. I loved the pages of Terry, and it was nice to hear that you love me and your Dad.
    Can’t wait to see more of the pages..

  3. Allison, I’m glad the surgery went well for your Dad. I hope it was a real success and that he’ll start to live pain-free sooner than expected. God bless.

  4. That’s a really cool scrapbook page! I like it…watch out for Rukia though, because when I was a tiny puppy, Mom was just finishing her scrapbook of her trip to Egypt. She didn’t notice that one page had fallen on the floor when a big gust of wind came along, but I did, and I peed all the heck over it!
    We are glad to hear about your dad!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  5. aww we think you should have won.. the cards you made were so pretty 🙂 We are very happy that your daddys surgery went well and we will keep all 8 paws crossed that he sees some improvement.

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  6. You definitely should have won that contest. I can’t believe anyone’s cards could have been better than yours, because yours were just so great. I’m glad to hear your dad is doing well. I really hope that procedure works for him. I can’t imagine living with pain like that for so long. Your scrapbook page looks really cool. I hope you have fun bowling. I’m glad my people don’t play WoW any more, because they never paid any attention to me in those days. I was lucky to get fed 🙂

  7. I’m so glad your dad’s surgery went well! Hopefully it will help him feel better. I totally understand about a WoW weekend – I’m looking forward to a weekend of Wii MarioKart myself! Let the shit talking begin!

  8. Your page is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  9. Nice picture of the trigeminal nerve you got there! I dissected that out of a real person’s face once. He was dead at the time so he didn’t seem to mind. Did complain when I sawed the head in half though. Anyway, hope your dad finds some relief.

  10. What grade does Terry teach? He looks like he really loves it. We hope your dad does well and will keep him in our thoughts. Sometimes artistic people and their art are not understood at all by people. Sometimes you are just way too ahead of them. It is very hard. Consider this when you think of the contest.


  11. Best wishes to your Dad, hope this is the answer! I wondered where Terry taught. I’m retired after 25 years in 3rd grade, but I still do contract work or substitute-usually at the school next to the Monkey Park! You asked about a scrapbook store- the big one in Auburn went out of business last year- it was behind the mall. Isn’t there one in Columbus? We went to Big Lots tonight and they had a bunch of scrapbook supplies on clearance- from scissors to ribbon and charms. Most stuff $.25 -$.50. I bought a pile …now I just need time and ideas!!!

  12. Hi Allison!
    I LOVE this post! You are just the coolest! Your new page is wonderful and your enthusiasm for life is contagious!
    🙂 m

  13. Sounds like a good day on all fronts. Hooray for enthusiasm!

  14. I am so glad that things are looking up for your dad. I couldn’t imagine dealing with that kind of pain for all those years.
    sorry you didn’t win the contest, but your work is fabulous, as evidence by your layout..have fun on your fabulous computer.

  15. Dang, woman. Your scrapbook pages are awesome.

    That’s such good news about your dad. I will definitely keep him in my thoughts.

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