Missing: One Bed Hog

Lots of news! Let’s see…my laptop should be here wedensday. I’m crazy excited about that as my current one is just dying by leaps and bounds lately. It’ll be Vista so there will be a small learning curve from that and I’ll have to reinstall all my programs and transfer over data, etc. But, I’m very excited about all of it. And Terry will help me with all that jazz.

Terry is actually currently, off at 4H Camp – he’s a chaperone. It’s a work thing. Although from what I hear from other teachers who will be attending, it’s a lot of lazing around, a lot of pranks and sitting by campfires telling ghost stories. This, of course, means that myself and the pugs have the house to ourselves. The remote control to ourselves. The ENTIRE bed to ourselves. And what I mean by ‘ourselves’ is really just me. The puggadoodles sleep in their crate. I cannot sleep with them. They snore too much, move around, fart – and I’m afraid of waking up in a “gift” of some odiferous nature.

I also entered a contest to be the “Guest Designer” for the month of June at Paper Popsicles. I don’t know if I won or not yet but the last day to enter was yesterday, so it’s all up to them, to choose. Nevertheless, I really liked the cards I created for the contest – here’s a picture of all four of them together.

Card contest

I don’t know if I won yet, but since no one can enter anymore, I thought I’d throw up my entry on my blog. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I want the trophy. Okay, there isn’t an actual trophy – but there should be.


~ by Nevis on April 28, 2008.

16 Responses to “Missing: One Bed Hog”

  1. The cards are beautiful! I can’t sleep with my chihuahuas either. Mandy snores and Tuffy is too clingy.

  2. Good luck with your cards! They’re lovely, and the colors are so pretty. I hope you win!
    And I have tried several times to have “sleepovers” with my pug. His snoring and snorting are the best parts of sleeping together. The hard part is the way Bennie walks around on me all night long. The last time we tried, he walked across the top of my pillow, stepping on my hair as he went. Which pulled my hair HARD and woke me up. LOL

  3. Wow, the cards are wonderful.. I have pictures of the ones I made for my grandmothers craft show, I should post them and show you.

    Yea, as for sleeping with the pugs, it is always better to wait til they are older and are able to hold it through the night! Indy doesn’t snore (usually), just Gus!!

  4. love your cards and good luck w/ the gdt.

  5. Hey, those are pretty nice cards. I think they should send you a huge, tacky trophy!

    Evil woman! How could you not let your pugs sleep with you? My parents used to not allow me to sleep with them, but I whipped them into shape pretty fast . . .

  6. I am about to order a new laptop too! What kind did you say you are getting? I am still in the decision mode-trying to narrow down my decision. I have a dell desktop and I believe I will go with a dell laptop-that is what ind you are getting-correct? What model are you getting? My brother in Chicago is ordering it for me. He plays the video game you guys play-I think you guys play it-something like World Craft or whatever-lol. I told him about how you two met. He was like “really-wow”!

    Good Luck on your contest! Beautiful cards! I’ll take some of those!

  7. All your cards are gorgeous but mom really really loves the sun one. Are you going to print them for anyone? Especially quilt making pug owning people like her?


  8. Have you taken card making classes? I like scrapbooking so I think I’d like to take a class. Maybe…Hobby Lobby? I need ideas before I can take it to a creative/original level like you have! No pugs in my bed either. They want to sleep on top of me and under the covers!

  9. Wow – I think I’ve said it before but you are so talented! Those cards are amazing. Do you sell them? Do you have an Etsy store?

    There’s no sleeping with puggies around here except sometimes in the morning if hubbie gets up early and I’m still sleeping, I let Pearl come in the bed. She’s pretty good for a short period of time – unless it’s cold. Then she gets under the covers right next to me and twitches and snores so much, I have to kick her out.

  10. Beautiful cards! Best of luck in getting the guest designer spot!

  11. so nice to have the bed all to yourself once in a while!

    your cards are fantastic! you’re really good at it!

  12. Hi!
    I LOVE your cards! You just have to win! And i love the art on your banner. you are too cool!

  13. Hello! I believe you will enjoy my Hump Day Humor/Wordless Wednesday post (all in one). There is one particular dog I believe you will likey-lol! Check it out here:

    p.s. thanks for the computer info~World of Warcraft-that’s the name of the game-hehe!

  14. you did a great job with these cards! Truly! I dont think I could sleep with dogs. Kids are enough for me, and I think dogs like their crates. Our dog had one for years, and always prefered over anywhere else, even leaving the door open, she would still wander in there. dogs are funny.

  15. Your cards are beautiful, hope you win!

    Paisley and Smokey sleep in their crates, Bandit won over sleeping in bed with us right before he turned a year old. It took some time to get used to the smoring, but now if it is to quite and he is not snoring loud enough, I can’t sleep.

    You’ll love your new lap top with Vista. I so love mine!

  16. ps……I hate it when I make a typo….lol. I know how to spell, honestly.

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