My Pugs are Lazy

I was watching videos on YouTube in a stream-of-consciousness way, where you go from one inane video to the next and I was struck by the thought that my Pugs are Lazy. I watched videos of Pugs driving cars, skydiving, swimming, attacking cats, going through obsticale courses, rapping humorous songs, humping strange stuffed animals, immitating a blender – the list goes on and on. What do my pugs do? They sleep. They fart. They chew up their bed.

Oh did I fail to mention this? We woke up monday morning to find Napoleon on the ground snoring, and Rukia in a giant puddle of stuffing. What stuffing, you ask? Well, the stuffing from the inside of their brand new bed. We bought the pugs a new bed ($22) from Walmart on Sunday evening and it didn’t even last one day. Rukia broke the zipper, ripped out the stuffing and completely demolished it. She had the audacity to sit in the middle of all that mess, wag her tail at me and look completely adorable. With peices of the stuffing fuzz, still sticking to the side of her face. She’s pure evil – I’ve come to realize this. No, I did not take pictures. I was too busy yelling and punishing her with the claw hand. I know she’s just teething (she’s 4 1/2 months old) but she has like three different chew toys and a bone in her crate. Why the bed? The brand NEW bed!?!!

My pugs may be lazy (why are the dishes and laundry not done when I come home..!?) but aparently their breed is intelligent when it comes to food. Check out this hilarious japanese video of one smart pug!


~ by Nevis on April 23, 2008.

18 Responses to “My Pugs are Lazy”

  1. Our girls went through a couple of beds too. Miko learned how to unzip the zippers and they would dig out all the insides. I wouldn’t bother with expensive beds until they are older and maybe even try double zipping the pillow (maybe find big pillow covers at Walmart with zippers and then double cover them with one zipper on the opposite side of the other. Then they might not get into it. Worked with us!

  2. Haha – we posted comments at the same time!!

  3. Haha.. of course she looked cute.. who me mommy?
    Indy mastered the zipper on my backpack.. I was very embarrassed to go to class with the final version of my assignment/paper and have her chew marks on one corner because she did it the night before it was due. My class thought it was hilarious and it proves dogs do eat homework…
    Haha my guys chased the cats until Misfit turned around.. that was the end of that! But no dishwashing or laundry…. sigh…

  4. Oh, no! Yeah, that’s not good. Daisy chewed up an Ikea chair in the living room when she was smaller. I was not a happy camper.

    On the bright side, your pugs aren’t that lazy if they are chewing their beds up. hee

  5. Guido is lazy too, but I totally blame myself for that. I like to read a lot, so he doesn’t have much chance to play. There is no other option for him but sleep 😉

  6. I really enjoyed your site. Your pugs are adorable, and yes mine tears up everything she can get in her mouth.

  7. haha..our pugs are extremely lazy as well!!! I think they take after their owners b/c when i’m off i’m on the couch all day 🙂

    Just be happy Rukia is chewing on beds not shoes…Bella destroyed half my shoe collection when she was a puppy

  8. Hello! Mummys compawter is better now, we think! We;ve missed you 🙂 Mummy loves that video, what a clever puggy 😀

  9. Hi!
    oh that story is hilarious. Emmitt has been known to do that too. he know i can never get mad at him.
    your babies are so cute!
    🙂 melissa

  10. Well, I mean you DID leave the bed lying there, didn’t you? How was Rukia to know it is off limits . . . ?!

  11. My chihuahuas don’t do anything cool either. I always complain abou this. That little pug in the video is adorable and oh so smart.

  12. Pugs are not made for skydiving, driving cars and the like, though I do chase the evil intruder cat that has been coming into our yard. Mom has to be careful of the beds she buys for us because I chewed up at least 2 or 3. It has nothing to do with chew toys and everything to do with annoying you. Just so you know.


  13. I don’t have pugs, but my dog just licks carpet all day.. for real

  14. Eli and Bitsey still chew up stuff. I’m proud to say that they have had their current beds since October. A new record for them. The worst time was my brand new king size comforter. Eli dug a hole right in the middle. By mistake I left one of his favorite stuffed animals under the covers when I made the bed. He got it back by digging to it! Bitsey tore up the couch slip cover for no reason. Unfortunatly she has a habit of digging on the couch before she circles 10 times and lays down! We will just live with that couch until we redo that room -then out on the curb it goes!

  15. Have we really advanced so far that a canine chauffeur is a soon-to-be reality? God, I hope so. Being driven about by a dog in a uniform is one of my dreams.

  16. They are cute pugs 🙂

  17. Do your pugs use a litter box?


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