Chicken it Forward

Watercolor PugsHello dear readers. Guess what? No, I did not win the lottery, but thank-you for your prayers in that endeavor of mine. Alas…one day!

Although I did win the lottery with Terry. He is a wonderful, smart, handsome man. I love him! And my puggy babies. Aren’t they adorable? I took this cute photo of them in their new bed and put it through the computers “watercolor” effect. Rukia is a little blacked-out but Poley looks adorable. And you can see their newest favorite toy, Mr. Loofa, which we won from darling Clover’s (Clover’s Adventures) Mummy during the Pay-It-Forward. They totally loved it. And I forgot to get a photo of the treats she sent. They inhaled them and completely loved them. ALSO, the best part of the gift was the gorgeous sketches!

Here are some pictures of the sketches. Clover’s mom, Jess, also has some pictures of the sketches up on her blog. They’re totally awesome! Mostly because they’re of my little darlings, but also because the artist was obviously quite talented: First Napoleone when he was a little puppy:


And then Rukia as a puppy:


Also, I wanted to post my recipe for Chicken Salad Sandwiches. Consider it my Pay-It-Forward gift to all my readers. These sandwiches are TOTALLY awesome! People would pay for them!

Allison’s Chicken Salad Sandwiches (2-4 people depending on your appetite)

3 Chicken breasts
1/2 cup vermouth (enough to make liquid around chicken)
Spice mix (Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, season salt)
Olive oil (just a little drizzle)
Mayo (enough to coat)

1. Put a drizzle of olive oil on chicken breasts, rub on with your fingers. Then put spices on: Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Season Salt – this will create a pinkish paste over the chicken breast.
2. Pour some vermouth over chicken – this will make some sort of sauce that is loose around the chicken.
3. Bake at 375^F for about 30 minutes, until chicken is cooked through (press with finger – meat should feel firm.
4. Cool chicken. Cube. Mix with mayo until desired texture. Add salt & pepper to taste.
5. Put on either a toasted hamburger bun or croissant. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures of the process:


Cooked chicken

Cubed chicken

Chicken Sandwich


~ by Nevis on April 22, 2008.

15 Responses to “Chicken it Forward”

  1. From the title of this post, I thought there would be some kind of offer to send me chickens through the mail. I will take consolation in the fine quality of that recipe.

  2. The sketches are darling! She did a wonderful job.
    The chicken sounds good. I love chicken salad!

  3. Those are beautiful sketches! Being a vegetarian…can’t sayz I like the idea of chicken salad…but can you make me a tofu chicken salad? Eeeewwww…maybe not!:)

  4. The sketches are amazing and your sandwhiches are making me hungry. 🙂 I will definately have to try them.

    That’s a shame about their bed, when they are younger, it is safer to buy something ‘less expensive’ because they will grow out of it and/or destroy it.
    I don’t even know how many times Indy’s baby bed had gone through the wash. She ended up shredding the padding in so I folded a small blanket up and put it in the bed.
    They can be so frustrating sometimes huh? Then you get that one little look and it’s gets so hard to stay mad at them.

  5. Oh, you will treasure those sketches for years to come, especially when the puggies are older. That chicken salad sounds delish!! I will definitely try that when my hubby gets home!

  6. Now you have made mom totally hungry. Ans speaking of chicken, no, I did not get ANY! You portraits are so cute and wonderful. Congrats on them.


  7. Sammiches on coissants are delightful!

  8. Those sketches are wonderful! You will treasure them for years. Now I have to copy the recipe and make sandwiches! I think I’ll use this for lunch at school on Fri. It is picnic day! Thanks!

  9. Yum! Your recipe looks delicious and those sketches and photos are amazing! I love them!
    I love visiting your blog! You always make me smile!
    🙂 Melissa

  10. Fantastic artwork!!!
    Thank you for the recipe!!! I have gathered all the ingredients and plan on making this!!!! My mouth was watering looking at the photos, YUMMY!!!!

  11. The sketches of your babies are precious! I’ve tried and tried to draw or paint mine -it’s not easy. Their faces have so much expression and character!

  12. sorry you didn’t win the lotto… that recipie looks divine. I am gonna try this this weekend.

  13. What awesome sketches! And boy, does that recipe look yummy!

  14. Those sketches are unbelievable. Wow I love them!!! Chicken salad sounds so good. I love chicken salad anyway.

  15. Totally cool sketches~ And.. I think I’m going to have to try your chicken salad this week.. YUM!

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