Photo Bloggy Day

Have you heard about “Photo Bloggy Day”? Well, in case you haven’t, let me fill you in. It’s this cool thing where you’re supposed to take a photo of yourself every 2 hours. I tried, but I admit, I forgot a few times. Nevertheless, without further ado, here’s the photos from Friday and there might be a little of Saturday in there.

The first thing I want to see when I wake up (well, after Terry, of course):

coffee addiction

Then a quick photo outside my window as I’m waiting for my car to warm up. We live right by a lake so we do get these HUGE mosquitos! And are they humping on my window? Yuck!


Here’s what I see through my car during my commute to work. That’s Lake Harding (or as the locals call it, “The Backwater”).

Lake Harding

This is the bridge over the Chattahoochie River. I love my commute! Such beautiful things to look at on the way.

Chattahoochee River

This is what passes for Traffic in Columbus, GA. But I’m from Los Angeles – so I scoff at you Georgia!

Traffic - Georgia Style

Here I am surveying my kingdom at work. Notice the pug calander on the wall?

My desk

Here’s my boss and my coworker…hard at work…

Boss version 1.0

This is a usual occurance at work. Coworker usually does things that need to be chastized by boss. Not sure why she looks so happy about it. Probally because she’s ignoring him like we usually do.

Boss version 2.0

Here I am excited about leaving work. Yes, I work at a TV station. And we regularly send signals out of my head. And look how curly my hair is in the humidity!

Hooray! Work over!

This is a beautiful little pond I drive past every day…it has a picturesque barn on the property next to it and a horse that’s always outside munching on the grass. I’m not sure if I got the horse in this shot…but he’s there!

Horse by lake

Here’s the view of sunset over Lake Harding on my commute home:

Sunset over lake

Here I am rockin’ out during the commute home. LOVE MY iPOD!

Alabama Idol

Another one of me practicing for Rockband.

Glamorous Life..Flossy, Flossy!

Peace out. West-side 4ever.

Peace out

And how we spent our night…World of Warcraft. Here’s Terry kickin’ ass and takin’ IP addy’s.

Elrich FTW


~ by Nevis on April 21, 2008.

9 Responses to “Photo Bloggy Day”

  1. Ooh I love seeing people’s desks and work places. So, what’s the ladder for? And no pug pics? All day?! For shame! 🙂 Thanks for playing along!

  2. Oh, the ladder! The engineers left it there after changing out the flickering light bulbs over my desk area.

    And I know~! I actulaly took some pictures of the puggaroos, but I was saving them for a different post. I know, selfish. However, wait for them until tomorrow. You must learn patience, young padowan.

  3. Ooh, great post! That was fun. I LOVE the singing in the car – hee hee. I like to get into music when I am driving too and play it VERY loud. I not only sing along but have little gestures that go along with certain songs (i.e. I do the kissing action to Prince’s “Kiss”)

  4. What a wonderful post to read — you are so dedicated to be taking so many pictures. You are right — those mosquitos are HUGE and gross! Blech!

    Um, your coffee maker says 10:29 — is that the time you get up on an average day? If so, Mommy is quite jealous . . .

  5. Our power frequently flickers on and off…which means I’m frequently going around and resetting the timers on everything. I don’t remember the last time I reset the coffee maker’s clock. I’ve given up at this point, with the exception of the timer on my alarm clock.

  6. Mom thought you had to take a picture of YOURSELF every two hours. That was pretty cool, though. How did you manage the photos while driving? Never mind, mom doesn’t really want to know.

    In other news, Mom and Auntie got HUGE laughs over your comment about the quilt going to the wrong person. Mom laughed out loud and called Auntie to tell her to read it. She laughed to, and said, “I don’t think so!” ha ha
    Anyway, mom is working on a quilt with Asian fabrics that she thinks you might like. Photos will be coming soon.


  7. Okay, those mosquitoes look scary!! I love the pics of you rockin’ out in your car! I am guilty of this too. Ooooh, that is so cool that you are going to Japan for your honeymoon – I love it there! 🙂

  8. That was so fun!! You do have pretty scenery to look at on your drive!! nice.

  9. Dude – if the idea is you take a picture every two hours.. then how long is that commute of yours 🙂 hehe… I like the idea I should try it one saturday!

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