How Nerdy are you?

Momma said knock you out!I have always considered myself a nerd. Even before I knew what a nerd was! When I was seven I wanted to be a writer when I grew up so my parents bought me a typewriter so I could practice. I spent my youth reading Nancy Drew books instead of playing in the sunshine. I spent years taking every anthropology and archeology class in college as electives instead of taking ceramics or something easy. I took greek as my language in college because I thought that it would be cool read The Iliad and The Odyessy in their original text. I have listened to progressive rock. I identified with Weird Al’s ‘White & Nerdy’. I have reformatted my own hard drive. I have a good friend who speaks Klingon. We will not go into my World of Warcraft addiction except to say that my Night Elf Druid would totally kick your Blood Elf Warlock’s ass! Burn! 

However, I took this “How Nerdy Are You?” Quiz and I’m ashamed to say that I only got an 80%! Maybe there is still hope for me yet. Maybe there is a cheerleader hiding inside me, just waiting to pop out and go clubbing or whatever. Do people still go clubbing? I have no idea.

Want to know how nerdy YOU are? My friend Mercedes was only 32% nerdy. Ha-ha!  What a loser! (just kidding, Mercedes, you know I loves ya, babe) – Check out the quiz HERE and let me know what you got. Just know that I shall use the Comic-Book guy voice and mock you should you get less than I did. Finger pointing may also be involved.

In other news I’m vaugely concerned that Rukia is part something else. I’m not sure WHAT, just not 100% pug. First of all, she’s ridiculously tiny. She’s probally…4-5 lbs tops. And she’s 4 months old. Poley was like 11lbs at her age. She also doesn’t listen to a word I say. I call her and she runs in the opposite direction. Or she’ll look at me and proceed to pee on the carpet. Napoleon doesn’t do this. He runs to me with a happy smile. He is also potty trained. He doesn’t pee on our socks. Could she be a chug (Pug + Chihuahua)? I have researched what chugs look like, and she doesn’t really look like that. My new working theory is that she’s a dwarf pug. Aparently it’s somewhat common with German shepherd’s but I can’t seem to find anything about it in pugs. Am I just being overly paranoid?


~ by Nevis on April 18, 2008.

17 Responses to “How Nerdy are you?”

  1. First off.. I am only 20% nerdy.. I’m kinda sad.
    Second off… Indy was only 6lbs at 6 months. In Indy’s case, we have no one way of tracking her history, only that she was born in a puppy mill in Quebec. She might have chiuwawa in her (like a grandparent or something) atleast that’s what we think as she has a very clear and high forehead, typical to the chiuwawa breed.

    Don’t forget pugs are really really really stubborn. Lika at 6am and I know Gus has to pee, so I take him out and tell him to go pee, he sits at my feet and stares at me.
    Or Indy wearing her little pink raincoat, been in the house all day, hasn’t gone to the bathroom at all. We go for a walk and she refuses to go to the bathroom with the jacket on. They are stubborn and can be very defiant.
    Rukia sounds like she is defiant peeing, like Zoe was doing on pug farm. Is there is something that’s happening that she doesn’t like? 🙂 Don’t despair, they do get better.

  2. Oh my I’m only 4 percent nerdy…but I’m not pretentious like that girl’s picture it showed! I think your little one is pure pug! All of mine have moments that they never mind and all have pee’s in the house! It could be that I am not a good parent.

  3. Gah! I’m only 24% nerdy. I thought for sure I was more nerdy than that!

    I think Rukia sounds ALL pug behavior wise. They are very stubborn. I think they can completely understand what we’re saying and STILL do exactly what they want.

    My only concern for her being mixed is her size. I’ve actually wondered if my pug Pearl is not pure because she’s a bit heavier than what the breed is supposed to be and she didn’t come from the most reputable place (I didn’t know until later). My friend also has a pug that weighs over 30 pounds and we’re pretty sure she’s not pure bred. It’s really hard to know I guess.

    But pure puggie or not, Rukia is major cutie!

  4. I think Rukia looks like a pure bred pug. Maybe she’ll just be really small…and her attitude sounds just like my Winston (minus the peeing) so I think she just has a totally different personality from Napoleon.

    BTW, I was 16% nerdy….BUT, my MAJOR in college was anthropology and I took Latin for five total semesters (my MIL is a Latin teacher). AND, instead of reading Nancy Drew, I play the computer games…SO MUCH FUN. So, whatev…we all have a little nerdiness in us…I prefer to think of it as being quirky. 😉

  5. Hi!
    I bet Rukia is just a tiny puggy. She may even still be getting control over her bladder since she is so little. 🙂 My sister used to tease that Emmitt is not 100% pug and part something else because he is like an inch taller than all of his pug friends.
    🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. Right now Lucky is a 13 pound pug, and she is FIVE years old. I would not worry about her unless the vet does. As for the peeing on the carpet, and not coming when you call her, well, Roxy isn’ really interested in listening to me unless food is involved. I was able to train Lucky to lie down, but Roxy? hahahaha NOT!
    I will go try the nerd quiz now.

    Roxy’s mom

  7. You crack me up-lol! I love that song-White and Nerdy-lol! Maybe Rukia is a mini-pug-haha!

  8. First, I scored a disappointingly 21%, and how can they say I spend too much time thinking about clothes when I said yes to the witty t-shirt question? I demand a recount.

    Second, from the looks of Rukia, she is all Pug. I think she just has a harder time getting potty trained, which is actually harder on you, not her. Hang in there with that, and try really hard to lavish praise upon her when she does her business outside. Throw her a party! Plus, I think warmer weather is more conducive to house-training success. And as far as her not coming when you call her, my son’s pug won’t come either. He just stands and stares as if he’s thinking “hmmmmm, what could she possibly want? oh well, who cares.” Maybe it’s just Rukia’s thing not to come.

  9. hahahahahaha!!!!! 92%! (finger pointing and laughing included here).
    Incidentally, when I was a baby, I once hopped up next to Mom on the couch, climbed onto the book that was laying on the couch next to Mom (Harry Potter, first edition, signed), looked Mom directly in the eyes and took the biggest pee of my puggy life…If I remeber right, Mom screamed something along the lines of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO”!
    She was paying way more attention to that book then she was to me, and I took an opportunity (Mom putting the book down long enough to look out the window at the approaching mail truck), to take my enemy DOWN!!!!!
    I was later forced to chew another one of Mom’s signed, first edition Harry Potter books, as she apparently did not learn the lesson the first time and continued to read that tripe.
    The lesson here? Pugs are stubborn, vengeful, and jealous. What are you doing to incite Rukia’s jealousy and thus require vengence of the stubborn variety?
    Jemima Jones Beck

  10. Mom is only 32% nerd. I wonder what the rest of her is.


  11. Bitsey is only 11 pounds and is almost 6 years old. She eats the same amount of food as Eli and he is 23 pounds! She is also prone to accidents in the house. Eli would explode before going in the house! Also she has a hard time keeping her tail tightly curled. Who knows what is in her ancestory…I still love her! And I think I am more nerdy than 20%!

  12. Great post. You are totally cracking me up. Nerdy and funny…what a hubba-hubba combo! Can you bottle that?

    Honestly, you are an amazing writer. You have to give me some pointers

  13. Score a mere 48%, I did. Pathetic, I am. Try harder, I will.

    Mmm! Yes!

    He he!

  14. I don’t think you need to worry about Rukia’s size – Clover weighed 5lbs from the time she was 4 months old and for quite some time! She weighs 11lbs now and she will be a year old in a few weeks!

  15. Our Maggie was small like Rukia, she topped out at 11lbs at just over a year old. I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you love her and she is healthy. I think you are experiencing defiant peeing as Lex said, but it may also be because she is so small (small bladder)?

    PS. I am only 20% Nerdy BUT I graduated with a Chemistry degree so I think I must be at least 50% nerdy!

  16. Ok, I’m ready to be mocked, I’m only 4% nerdy! I’m sure I’m a little nerdier than that!

  17. I am a lurker, but had to comment on you worrying about Rukia’s size.
    I used to show Pugs and also had a couple of litters. In one that was by one of the top pugs being shown at the time and out of my champion bitch (so the pups had a very imprssive pedigree), we had 5 babies. 4 of them finished their Championship. The 5th girl, Bana White, was the tiniest,cutest little thing you ever saw. She lived with me to age 15. Sh was most certainly purebred,and healthy. She was born the runt and stayed teeny. So don’t worry.
    As far as the housebreaking goes, well, I love Pugs to death. But they are absolutely maddening when it comes to this area. It is more a fluke to have a pug easy to housebreak than not….(I know,I know, just what you wanted to hear!) Hang in and good luck with that!
    I enjoy your blog.

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