Rock You Like a Scrapbooker!

Okay, so I’m really getting into two new hobbies. Scrapbooking and World of Warcraft. I know what you’re thinking. These seem like very disseperate hobbies. However, I am a woman of contrasts. And talents! But we won’t go into all my talents because that would take too much of our time.

Now here are some new pictures of my latest scrapbooking page. The pictures are from a Fall Out Boy (FOB) concert that Terry and I went to last June. It was one of our first dates and Terry’s very first concert. I used to work selling insurance to rock bands and FOB was one of my clients so I scored us some free tickets in the 3rd row. We were actually sitting next to the drummer’s family. Anyways, here’s the layout. Sorry the pictures are blurry. I need a new camera. A sexy little birdy told me I’ll be getting a new one for my birthday next month. And that means Terry can’t keep a secret. Have I told you lately how much I love him?

Rock you like a scrapbooker!

And a few close ups:

Highway to Scrapbooking

One more, because I’m a picture slut:

Hotel Cropifornia

Also Terry and I are addicted to this World of Warcraft (WOW) thing. It’s SO much fun. I’m playing a Blood WOW I have no life now...Elf Mage and I love it. If you’re on the server “Shadow Council” – let me know! We can go on a raid together! Or we’re also looking for a Guild and we’d love to join yours.

It’s very fun. And addictive, but I’m forcing myself to put the game in its place and not let it take over our lives. We still go to work, eat, walk the pugs, play other video games, scrapbook, etc. WOW will not take over my life! I won’t let it…! But it’s SO much fun, though.

Oh, and here’s some pictures of a baby card that I made for my friend Pher and his wife Jen to celebrate the birth of their newest daughter, Lily:

Baby Card front

And the inside:

Inside of Baby Card


~ by Nevis on April 16, 2008.

17 Responses to “Rock You Like a Scrapbooker!”

  1. LOVE your FOB scrapbook page.

  2. That is so neat! Concerts are fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love the baby card.. i may just copy your idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ii the elephant a stamp?
    I will post more pics of the house in time.. there are boxes everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. One of my husband’s friends is or was(?) addicted to WOW. He confessed to playing it for 13 hours straight once.
    I adore that baby card….it looks great! Nice job.

  4. Up the elephant pull-toy is a Stampin’ Up! stamp part of a set with all sorts of stamps that are holiday/occasion appropriate like a wedding cake, birthday present, christmas tree, pumpkin, etc. Probally the set of stamps that I use the most.

  5. My youngest son was addicted to WOW, we had to have a parental intervention! After 8 months he is still in withdrawal! Yes, I’m that mean Mom. Other games he plays, masters , and moves on. But WOW had a hold on that boy and he HAS to go to SCHOOL!!!!

  6. Can you say JEALOUS?! I LOVE Fall Out Boy and would LOVE to sit in the third row. Heck, I would just love to go to one of their concerts!!!

    Love the card, too!

  7. Hey You!
    The pages are awesome and I love your elephant!
    You are soooo talented!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Melissa & Emmitt

  8. WOW! You are very talented. Your page doesn’t look like a scrapbook – it looks like art.

    I’ve never played WOW but it sounds like fun!

  9. you guys are so cute! love your scrapbooking!

  10. rusty’s mom here: I like this new layour, you have a real talent for this. I like your card as well. I make cards, have a lot of stuff from Stampin’ Up. As far as relaxing, I like to read, make caards, play games, watch movies….

  11. Wow, your scrapbooking and cards are great! You have a true talent. I don’t have an artistic eye and struggle with layout and measuring. I don’t measure well at all!

  12. You could combine the two hobbies and start making scrap books about your adventures in World of Warcraft.

  13. No, stay away from WOW. Its like Crack. At least that is what i hear. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 is much safer and less addicting.

  14. Scrapbooking! — also like crack!

    Between your pugs pics and your art skills, you could definitely start your own greeting card lines. The elephant’s very sweet.

  15. I *love* the scrapbooking. I swear I am so deep into it! It’s all I think about sometimes!! Scrapbooking definitely = crack.

    Man, I wish I would have known about your blog so much earlier. I love reading. And also, thanks for reading mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. LOL! You are kidding yourself if you think WoW is a hobby. It’s crack. Plain and simple. Unless you think crack is a hobby, which I guess you might. My People have been off the WoW pipe for almost two years now. Woman still gets the shakes though.

  17. Great job on your layout. Isn’t that paper awesome? I love the cards too.

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