Litterbox Jitterbugs

Me? What? I don\'t poop on bricks!Well, we finally broke down and did it. Ever since we got the pugs, Terry has been wanting to litter box train them. I resisted.

I resisted because…well, I have cat sat before and sometimes litterboxes can get rank. And I was really hoping that after 6 months or so, the pugs would be able to “hold it” and we could just walk them in the morning, when we get home from work, and before bedtime. But, they can’t hold it. Or well, maybe they could if I could reason with them and tell them to let me know when they have to go…but well, that isn’t a possibility unless Terry is Mr. Magoo and he’s keeping this from me.

So we’ve been using peepee pads. And don’t get me wrong. They work. The dogs pee and poop on the same one and it does work. But it’s expensive. And it smells. We change them three times a day and even then they will be sopping wet with pee and we have to scrape up the poop under them. Us? No...that was some other dog peeing on the bricks...It’s a lot of work and kinda gross. And worst of all, they seem to like chewing them up. Why they want to chew on something they’ve peed/poooped on, is beyond my ken, however, it is a reality. Are solution was to buy bricks and cinder blocks to hold the edges down so they don’t tear them up and chew on them. Well, that worked. It did.

But they sometimes “miss” the pee pee pad and end up pooping and/or peeing on the bricks. (Yes, really). So now we’ve got a bunch of disgusting bricks, we’re spending $20 a week on peepee pads and mopping up the floor daily. It’s A LOT of work.

So after four months, I decide to go with a litter box…in the hope that it’ll smell better, let us get rid of the disgusting bricks, and it’ll be cheaper in the long run.

The first day we tried the litterbox, they pooped and peed all over their bed and we found them sleeping in the litterbox. Yes, seriously. I will spare you photos, but you can imagine what this looked like. Their crate was…in a word…foul.

But we persisted. We went slowly..putting the peepee pad inside the litterbox, so they’d get used to getting in it to go potty. Then we slowly started adding litter ontop of the peepee pad. And it worked. There were a few hiccups along the way…Rukia seemed to like eating the litter. But we seem to have broken them of that, and now they’re on 100% litter and it WORKS! Now that they’re on litter, we do have one last problem. It makes a mess. They spill litter all over the floor of their crate and get it into their water bowls, in their bed, all over the floor. Ugh. We have to sweep it up every night. But I’d rather sweep up litter than scrape up poop!

Now we have plans for getting a larger litter box, one with sides. Hopefullly this will minimize the “spilling” of litter all over the place. If you’re curious what I mean when I say it makes a MESS, check out these pictures. And NO, no pugs were harmed during these pictures. Oh, and that’s a baby gate sitting ontop of their crate-pen. We had to start putting a lid on the crate because Napoleon was climbing the fence to freedom. I came home from work one day and found him sleeping on the couch in the living room.

Pug Stye

That is the DAILY mess that we have to sweep up. And yes, Napoleon is sitting on Rukia in that picture. And don’t send me hate mail. We are good pug parents. And they make this horrid mess every day. And everyday we clean it up.

Mommy..! Rukia who? Look at ME!!!

Does anyone else have pictures of the daily messes we clean up after our pugs? I’m not ashamed of Napoleon & Rukia. They’re dogs. They make messes – especially when Mommy & Daddy are at work. 

I call out to you…POST those pictures. Life with dogs isn’t all adorable pictures. They do make messes and it’s a fact of life. In fact, I take that away as a message. Life is messy. But it can be wonderful, too. Sometimes it’s the messy things (love, life, pugs, etc) that are the most wonderful things.


~ by Nevis on April 10, 2008.

22 Responses to “Litterbox Jitterbugs”

  1. LOL – your post has me laughing, especially the part about being good pug parents. Daisy sits on Pearl too. There’s only so much you can do! hee

    And oh, yes, messes. It’s what we sign up for, right ? Or no, I guess we sign up for the cuteness and get messes. LOL

    That’s great that the litter box work. Pearl would totally eat the litter too.

  2. Thanks! I admit I was vaugely embarassed posting the pictures of their mess. I mean, honestly, they get rambunctious and they make a mess everyday. We clean it, and THAT’S when we usually take pictures. But I figured today we’re letting it all hang out. AHhhhh…nothing like the smell of dirty pugs in the afternoon…!

  3. Oh Nevis! you are good pug mommy! Gus doesn’t only sit on Indy, he grabs her by her back leg (her bad leg) and wheelbarrows her across the room in an attempt to flip her over.

    Haha how graphic do you want these ‘life is messy’ pictures? I still come home daily to presents on the floor!!
    And Indy does eat kitty litter complete with kitty poop….. :p I think its a rare pug delicacy! Bleh!!

  4. Oh the joys of parenthood. I’m glad to know the litter is working for you. I’m sure the boys would love to eat it. I’m lucky that Aaron is home all day with them to let them out. Henry still has plenty of accidents though. We tried the pee pads with him, but Wilson would tear them up. I can show you pictures of the pillow I found last night with a little yellow Henry sized stain. Sometimes when I come home the house is covered in stuffed animal fuzz. Other times its little bits of chewed up toilet paper. I can’t keep books on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf because Wilson will pull them out to munch on them. I can’t keep anything on the coffee table because he pulls everything off when he’s feeling neglected. The little tiny hole in the arm of my couch is now an ever-growing medium sized hole due to digging puppy paws. So there. A whole list of horrid pug behavior – AND they have a stay at home daddy! I post adorable pics to remind myself that they are cute boys, and they really do try to be good. Most of the time. Or at least I think they do. I hope.

  5. It’s so true…pugs are messy. Dogs are messy. Heck, cats are messy. Even though the pugs are potty trained really well, Sela still has poop accidents every now and then to clean up. Plus, Boo Kitty occasionally has a hair ball to clean up, and he gets his litter all over the place and I have to vacuum around his litter (even though it is enclosed). And, Boo also gets his litter on our tables (gross, I know) and I have to dust the living room and dining room nearly every day. And sweeping?? I live to sweep pug and cat hair (most of our floor is tile). And I admit, sometimes I see a ball of hair tumble by and I don’t even bother to clean it because I’m too lazy. So, there. I burn a lot of candles in my house!! LOL!

  6. Oh yes, dogs are messy! Our back yard is melting and Clover is loving playing in the mud. I carried her into the house after one such play session, to clean her feet off. What followed was a disaster! I couldn’t get her to stop squiggling while I wiped her paws off – I am sure she covered every inch of my freshly cleaned yellow PJs with her muddy paws. I got fed up with that and realized that her paws were completely caked with mud, so I tried running her feet under water to clean them (what was I thinking??!) and she tried to escape, getting me even muddier and flinging muddy water all over the place (walls, floor, etc)… I gave up and put her down, trying to hang on to her, but she is so small and quick that she took off running around the house with her wet and muddy paws!! Argh! Thankfully she did not jump up on anything before we caught her!!

  7. I’ve had dogs-sometimes several at a time-for the last 24 years, and I just accept the fact that “it’s always something.” A dog can, and eventually will, make the biggest mess they are capable of. The trouble always stems from the fact that they have so much free time on their paws. We think of a solution to one of their problem behaviors, and they have nothin’ but time to figure out a way around it. However, as encouragement to all the pug owners (I now am a pugaholic myself with my pug Bennie) I think pugs are about as easy as they get. They don’t have size to help them out, and they have to take so many puggie naps that it cuts down on their available mischief time! hehehe

  8. well, if pugs are anything like frenchies, the housebreaking part is…challenging. but you’re right they ARE worth it! and you’ll get there with them eventually!

  9. That is so funny that he is sitting on Rukia! I sit on the kitties all the time…I am not sure that they appreciate it.
    The odd thing about litter boxes in our house is, I started using the kitties litter box on my own. But then, when Mom noticed, and tried to capitalize on it by buying me my own liter box, I responded by crapping all over everything. Seriously. Everything. I even got Mom’s cell phone which was on top of the coffee table. Yep, I am talented like that.
    As far as the mess goes… I don’t make any mess at all, ever! But the cats – well! Those little monsters practically destroy the house everyday. And Mom has to vaccume, FREQUENTLY.
    Jemima Jones Beck

  10. This post is too funny! Sometimes the pug mess gets to me (like the HUGE pile of stinky poo I came home to today caused I am sure by the bun-eating incident) but I then remind myself how much joy my puggies bring, and the mess doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I am glad the litter box is working for you guys. I have thought about it but Daisy LOVES to eat poo, so I am not sure how it would work out.

  11. WOW! I have never heard of litterbox training a dog. too cool! My aunt has 4 yorkies and does the peepads. Like your doggies-they hit it but they also miss it-lol! She has finally rid of her carpet and went to hardwood floors-helps a lot. We won’t talk about Patch’s messes. He is really a great inside dog and can hold it-but since he has been sick~we have had some doozy messes-from both ends-bless him! Good luck! BTW~we believe we have actually pinpointed his problem-I need to post about it. I’m still confused, but we believe he has Erlichiosis (tick born disease). Crazy! Just got back from the vet again. Cha Ching~another $95.00-but he is worth it!

    Mad with bark love!

  12. Oh man, we litter trained the girls and there are good sides and bad sides to it. They still use the box for emergencies but also because Miko doesn’t seem to want to hold it at all. One thing though – I don’t think using cat litter with clay in it is good for dogs. There is recycled newspaper litter that is supposed to be better.

    Don’t worry about messes! They are both still so little with both of them it’s totally expected. I honestly thought I was going to be cleaning up pee and poo for the next 16 years… but things get better over time.

  13. Hey – did your parcel arrive yet? I am getting worried because it has been a while now, and I don’t have a tracking number to see if it got lost in the mail!

  14. We don’t have any pictures of the messes I used to make, but I was a pain in the butt to potty train too. Woman came home every day at lunch to take me out to potty, but still I would pee and poo all over the place. They tried to crate train me, but got so sick of cleaning poop out of the crate twice a day that they then confined me to the kitchen. I ate the linoleum. I ate the wallpaper. I ate the baseboards. And I kept crapping all over everything. Woman just kept cleaning it up like a trooper. I am seven now, and I still pee on things sometimes when the people leave me alone for too long. Lucky for the People, they both work from home now, but I still hate when they go to the store or the gym. Stay home with me people!!

  15. OMG! That is too funny! Silly pugs! I love the shots of Poley hugging Rukia and chewing on her ear and of course him using her as a cushion. That is too cute. I love your potty training stories. Your puggies are figuring it out. Have a great weekend!
    🙂 M

  16. I have never heard of dogs being litter trained. This is a new one for me! I am home all day, so during the potty training period, I was able to teach Guido to go exclusively outside. Thus, we never used pee pads. We don’t clean anything in the winter because no one is walking through the backyard. During the summer, about every two weeks, we will walk around with a shovel and a Wal-Mart bag and scoop poop. It’s not bad at all.
    I congratulate you on litter training your pugs. I am amazed that this can be done.

  17. I have a larger cat that doesn’t fit in your normal-sized litter boxes (even the covered ones) so we ended up simply purchasing one of those plastic storage totes to use a litter box. Not only can he fit in it, but it prevents him from peeing over the side and us having to clean it up. I know you have dogs but I thought the idea of getting a storage tote might be useful if you were trying to prevent the litter and poo from getting everywhere. Just an idea I thought I’d pass on.

  18. I have only heard of one dog that was litter box trained . . . personally, I think it a little odd, but hey different strokes for different folks. I usually go out about three times a day, and my parents also keep little pads around the house (just in case they don’t make it home in time). I love to pee on the pads, but I pooping is another story. I am just like Nappy and Rukia — I like to claw, chew, and tear up those chucks also!

    How just like a big brother to sit on his little sister! You just wait until Rukia tags along with Napoleon on his dates . . .

  19. Aww we’re glad that the toilet training is getting better, we sometimes cant hold it in all day, so we go pee pee on the floor and mummy has to clean it up when she gets home from work, but we dont do it often. LOve Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  20. Love the fourth picture. I’m gonna have to try that. I’ll sit on either Nash or Scruff!

  21. Wow- i didn’t know you could do that? I’m learning things from this blog….Now, can I litter train my kids…smile! Your doggies are just adorable.

  22. Thats one crazy looking pouch!

    Hey, you need me in your blogroll, NOW!

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