Scrappy Doo

Love You I love scrapbooking. I love it for many reasons. Mostly because it records memories for the future, for others and myself to enjoy. It is like a wonderful adventure in my life, to look back through all the photos, the memories, and the forgotten smiles.

Secondly, I love how artistic it can be. I have been painting for most of my life (18 years now) and as much as I love it – unfortunately painting isn’t something you can do in the living room. It’s just not feasible.

So I love that about scrapbooking. It’s an creative outlet that is somewhat clean and easy enough to do in the living room. While watching tv. With a pug in my lap. I love that.

 So here’s a picture of my latest page that I worked on last night. It’s actually the very first page in the album that I’m currently creating. I’ve also included a few close-ups on the page so you can see some details.

Delight in Scrapbooking

And here’s another (albiet slightly different) close up:

Aren\'t we a cute couple?

Sorry, no puggie pictures today. Tomorrow!  Pinky swear.


~ by Nevis on April 9, 2008.

16 Responses to “Scrappy Doo”

  1. Oh that is so cool! And I love the picture of you two!
    I go to a class once a month given by a stampin’ up demonstrater. It lets me be creative because with stuff like that, I am not very good at. I have about 8 pages already, but no pictures on them since I don’t know what I should do with it. I am going to finish the book and then figure out from there.. maybe save it as a potential baby book? 😉
    Thanks for the website, it looks really cool! My living room will have one wall new brick and the other walls peanutbutter. (behr paint). I am doing the kitchen in limejuice, but it may need to go darker.. it looks very white. The bedrooms for now will be in peanutbutter as well. I want one wall of bamboo wall paper in my bedroom!! It’s a discussion in progress… i will wait till he goes out of town!! 🙂

  2. WoW! I love your new page! Your colors and composition are perfect! The love just jumps off the page.
    It is so fun to see your art! I cannot wait to see more.
    🙂 Melissa

  3. The funny thing about the chipboard letters is that they were green! I needed red or pink – so I used markers and ink pads in the pink/red family and just painted over them. I was pretty surprised how well they came out. And all the papers are pattered. Terry called me crazy for putting them together – but in the end – it totally works together. The paper right behind our picture is this really cool handmade Japaneese paper that I cherish.

  4. your name is allison?? who knew? 🙂 i wish i was the scrapbooking type, i’ve tried and tried, it’s just not in me 😦

  5. Hey, that looks pretty cool . . . but where are the pugs — shouldn’t they be on the cover also?

  6. I love the picture of you two, that in itself makes this layout lovely. I love the layering and the funky paper. Did you paint on the paper or is did it come that vibrant. Either way, its lovely. You should really combine both your love for scrapbooking and painting. I would love to see that project! Great job!

  7. I love this page. So creative!

  8. I love the page! I’ve tried scrapbooking a couple times because I have thousands of photos, but honestly I always felt guilty cutting pictures. Lame huh?

  9. I LOVE your page!

  10. So unique -love it! I love mixing patterns, I guess it is the “vintage quilt” look! I don’t live in Auburn-but close. Do you know where the “Monkey Park” is ?

  11. I love it! I wish I had the time to scrapbook…I hope once we get to the lake this summer I will have the time to start.

  12. great job on the scrapbooking page! I really love that photo of you both.
    Scrapbooking really appeals to my obsessive crafty nature but I’ve been trying to not get involved in the craft because 1) I already have way too much unfinish stuff and 2) I would so go overboard with all the cute scrpabooking items.

  13. That’s really cool. A very very pretty. Mom doesn’t scrapbook. Or rather, she has never tried. She may one day, but not yet. She will leave it to people better at it than her, like you.


  14. Nice journal work…even without a puggie!:)

  15. First of all, that is a really good picture fo you two. Your scrapbook page is VERY nice. It’s creative and pretty. I’d lvoe to see some more of your layouts!

  16. I’ve been working on my scrapbook lately! Love to decorate and design my scrapbook.. Love to remember those memories I have way back.

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