Etsy Lust

PugbotHave you heard of “Etsy”? Most of you probally will have heard of it. It’s basically a place where you can buy handmade stuff online. Rather like an online version of a craft fair. Except it actually has tons of really cool stuff. And the prices really can’t be beat. I’m obsessed with this place. Are you?

Here are a few things that I’m currently loving:

Pugbot, the most awesome pug-shaped patch EVER! I must buy this and sew it to a tote bag or something, dosen’t matter. Must have Pugbot!!!

This chic Elemental Necklace. I just love the color combo. And how the turquoise is very raw looking next to the posh pearl and the faceted quartz. Love it!

I love Polar Bears. How can you tell? Well, they were the subject of my Christmas Card. I named my dog after them “Poley”. And I loooooove this awesome Polar Bear Picture. I think this would look very chic in my media room.

A neat Pug Charm that my friend Melissa used in an altered notebook. I was totally jealous of it and sought it out on Etsy, will purchase and use in a scrapbook layout. I’m totally stalking her. She’s just totally creative. I can’t help it!

This cool Japanese Glass Dogtag necklace is very neat to me. I love the fact that it’s glass and the pattern is amazing. This lady sells tons of different variations of this same theme. And I have a hard time picking a favorite. And they each come with a matching tin! How cool is that?

I love the idea of this: Custom Name Pendant, because I love custom anything. It makes me feel like I’m getting something one-of-a-kind and also something infinately cool and YOU CAN’T HAVE IT because it’s one-of-a-Kind. I have the idea to get this and have Terry & the puggies names put on it. With a green bead because that’s my birthstone.

Check out these Mushroom containers. I have no idea what I’d put in them or what I’d need them for. But how adorable are they!?

Easter Necklace – I love this necklace because the colors are pretty. Also, it’s made out of real semi-precious stones. You can’t beat these prices for the quality.

And I must be obsessed with Owls at the moment. Because I also want these adorable Whoodunnit earings. They just feel…vaugely vintage and completely chic.

Currently my budget is a little tight but maybe with some tax refund money I might pick up one or two of these things. Don’t I have awesome taste? What are you obsessed with on Etsy? Or if you haven’t heard of the place – well, now you have. And welcome to my obsession!


~ by Nevis on April 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Etsy Lust”

  1. Mom thinks the pugbot is very funny. She has heard of Etsy, but she hasn’t gone on it yet, silly mom. She’s been a little busy lately. Maybe soon. Mom also says she knows all about tight budgets! Hope things get better soon. They are here.
    Thanks for sharing your wish list.


  2. Wow – those Japanese dog tags are amazing! I love Etsy but I haven’t bought anything there yet. I buy too many things already so it’s probably just as well. LOL

  3. I LOVE those mushroom containers! I have no counter space, or money, but they would go great with the mushroom clock I got on ebay. I can’t link to it for some reason, but it’s from the 1976 Sears & Roebuck catalog!

  4. I Know! I am totally addicted to Etsy too. You found wonderful things! Those mushroom canisters are to die for!
    I love your post and seeing all the things you like. We have the same taste!
    🙂 Melissa

  5. Hi there! I love to look through Etsy places and I like the things you have listed here. I bought a necklace and earrings from Knuckles mom at her shop. One thing that I keep looking at are those weird looking stuffed toys. I’m going to get one of those some time.

    PLEASE forgive me for the unfortunate event at my blog. I feel undeserving of the award myself now. However I have tried to explaine myself and would like you to accept the Excellent Blog Award! 🙂

  6. hey! check your talaan yahoo email for password info 🙂

  7. Etsy looks like great fun, but I have no money right now. I peed on something naughty this weekend, and I have to work it off 😦

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